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The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show

Friday Five: The launch of The Menopause Charity, with Dr Radhika Vohra

Season 11, Ep. 2

In this week's Friday Five, Liz celebrates the launch of The Menopause Charity, as its first ever official Ambassador. She also chats to Dr Radhika Vohra about the importance of menopause awareness and education.

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  • 5. Get fit in just 11 minutes, with Lavina Mehta

    Struggle to find the time to fit in your workouts? Award-winning personal trainer Lavina Mehta joins Liz to share how you can get fit with just 11 minutes of exercise every day.Lavina talks Liz through exercise ‘snacking’ and why this can be a better approach for midlife women, plus why we should exercise for sanity not vanity and prioritise strength over cardio. Liz and Lavina also reveal a simple trick to help mitigate glucose spikes after meals, and try out a live exercise snacking session.Links mentioned in the episode:Purchase The Feel Good Fix by Lavina MehtaFollow Lavina on InstagramListen to our podcast on The midlife muscle crisis, with Gabrielle LyonListen to our podcast on Reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease, with Patrick HolfordListen to our podcast on Reversing Diabetes, with Eric EdmeadesPurchase A Better Second Half by Liz EarleEmail us your questions at
  • 4. Finding love online in midlife, with Garance Doré

    Have you ever used dating apps or websites? Beauty brand founder and author Garance Doré joins Liz to chat about how they both found love in the digital landscape. Garance reveals why she doesn’t fear heartbreak, and how our parents’ behaviour often influences our own with our partners.Liz and Garance also talk through their experiences of being in relationships with a significant age gap, and how this affects their perception of their own ageing bodies.Links mentioned in the episode:Follow Garace Doré on InstagramVisit the Doré websitePurchase A Better Second Half by Liz EarleEmail us your questions at
  • 3. Are weight loss drugs too good to be true? – with Johann Hari

    Can a 'magic pill' can fix the obesity epidemic - or are we creating even more problems? Author Johann Hari joins Liz on this podcast to discuss the benefits - and 12 potential risks - of new weight loss drugs, such as Ozempic.Johann reveals his motivations to use weight loss drugs personally, plus talks through shocking statistics on the realities of being overweight on our health.He also shares some of the positive effects that may come with these anti-obesity drugs beyond fat loss, along with the risks - including malnutrition and eating disorders.Meanwhile, Liz questions the true cost to our health here and whether we’re opening a Pandora’s box of unknown adverse effects when considering these drugs.CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains bad language and frank chat about suicide, sexual assault, and eating disorders, so please take care while listening.Links mentioned in the episode:Purchase Magic Pill: The Extraordinary Benefits and Disturbing Risks of New Weight Loss Drugs by Johann HariPurchase A Better Second Half by Liz EarleEmail us your questions at
  • 2. Why your UTIs keep coming back, with Dr Kate Stephens

    Do you struggle with urinary tract infections (UTIs)? Dr Kate Stephens, a doctor of microbiology specialising in the human microbiome, joins Liz to share how we can better support our vaginal microbiome and avoid recurring UTIs.In this episode, brought to you in partnership with Optibac, Kate and Liz discuss the common causes of UTIs and why perimenopause and menopause often leave us more vulnerable to them.Liz and Kate talk through the best bacteria strains for intimate health, and address old wives’ tales - like whether cranberry juice can fight a UTI.Links mentioned in the episode:Save 15% on the Optibac for Women supplement with code LIZPODPurchase A Better Second Half by Liz EarleEmail us your questions at
  • 1. Are we too shy of the sun? - with Dr Leland Stillman

    Have we become too shy of the sun or are we right to be extra cautious? Dr Leland Stillman joins Liz to share why he believes current advice about sun exposure is only skin deep.Leland discusses his perspective on how light impacts our eyes and our overall wellbeing, and Liz questions whether we can really avoid damaging our skin when seeking more sunlight.Leland shares how he keeps his skin safe in the sun plus how light may impact the gut, while Liz asks whether a vitamin D supplement is the same as getting it from light itself.Links mentioned in the episode:Follow Dr Leland Stillman on InstagramPurchase A Better Second Half by Liz EarleEmail us your questions at
  • 10. Healthy fats, weight loss and ‘reversing’ diabetes, with Eric Edmeades

    You’ve likely heard of pre-diabetes. But what about post-diabetes? Serial entrepreneur and Wild Fit founder Eric Edmeades joins Liz to share why we need to change our approach to type 2 diabetes - along with the practical changes needed to reverse it.Liz and Eric discuss why we should view type 2 diabetes as more of an injury rather than a disease with a life-long sentence, plus why it’s important to distinguish between pre- and post-diabetic in healthcare plans.They also cover the benefits of ketosis and autophagy, the importance of cutting down on sugar for our health, and other lifestyle changes that we can make to cut the risk of pre-diabetes.Links mentioned in the episode:Purchase Postdiabetic: An Easy-to-Follow 9-Week Guide to Reversing Prediabetes and Type 2 DiabetesVisit the Wild Fit website Purchase A Better Second Half by Liz EarleEmail us your questions at
  • 9. Is mould sabotaging your health? - with Dr John Kim

    Do you struggle with keeping mould at bay in your home? Functional medicine pharmacist Dr John Kim joins Liz to take a deep dive into the impacts mould may be having on our health.Inside this episode, John and Liz discuss whether everyday household mould might be the cause of sickness, and how mould could have even played a role in Liz’s daughter's own ill-health over the years.John and Liz also cover how to avoid mould getting inside food - such as coffee and grains - why juice cleanses can't actually detox the body effectively, and other endocrine disruptors that may be lurking in our homes.Links mentioned in the episode:Follow Dr John Kim on InstagramPurchase A Better Second Half by Liz EarleEmail us your questions at
  • 8. Reduce your risk of Alzheimer's disease, with Patrick Holford

    With one in 11 people over 65 currently suffering from dementia in the UK, Liz chats with Patrick Holford, founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, to learn how we can reduce our risk of Alzheimer's disease.Patrick, who is also the chief executive of the Food for the Brain Foundation, talks Liz through the role omega-3s and B vitamins play in protecting our brains, and they also discuss 30 factors associated with a heightened risk of Alzheimer's.Liz and Patrick cover foods to include in your diet, such as eggs and nuts, and the foods to avoid (spoiler: sugar!), plus key supplements that might help to protect our brains from cognitive decline.Links mentioned in the episode:Purchase Upgrade Your Brain by Patrick HolfordTake The Cognitive Function TestVisit Alzheimer’s Prevention.infoPurchase A Better Second Half by Liz EarleEmail us your questions at
  • 7. What are your dreams trying to tell you? With Dr Rahul Jandial

    How much thought do you give to your dreams? Neurosurgeon and neuroscientist Dr Rahul Jandial joins Liz to reveal what your dreams are really trying to tell you.Liz and Rahul unpack where our dreams stem from, what recurring ones actually mean, and how what we dream about at night can impact our capabilities during the day.The episode also covers 'sleep pressure', techniques that can enhance our dreams, and whether doctors can use our dreams as diagnostic tools.Links mentioned in the episode:Follow Dr Rahul Jandial on InstagramPurchase This Is What Dreams Mean by Dr Rahul JandialPurchase A Better Second Half by Liz EarleEmail us your questions at