The Leadership Lessons


Kindness in leadership is power

Season 1, Ep. 2

How do you get heard as a young woman in leadership? Yasmin Poole has found a way, and it's doesn't require being the loudest person in the room or having "typical" leadership traits.

Listen to her excellent conversation on leadership with Kate Mills: sharing the leadership traits that matter, the need to get young people heard, the value of kindness and so much more.

Yasmin is just 21, but her list of leadership credentials is so extensive it’s almost impossible to image how she’s managed to fit it all in since leaving high school not so many years ago.

She’s the Chair of the Victorian Government’s Youth Congress that represents over a million young Australians, she’s led the global business development of 180 Degrees Consulting. She is Plan International’s Youth Ambassador, the newly appointed non-executive board director at Oz Harvest and has represented Australian youth at APEC and the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

You can read more on this interview here.

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