The Leadership Lessons


How to (literally) change the game for women

Season 2, Ep. 1

Welcome to season two! Mary Konstantopoulos is the founder of the ‘Ladies Who’ sports media empire, and has lived and breathed sport for as long as she can remember.

She grew up playing a variety of different sports, and found a deep passion for rugby league. Watching the NRL was one of the ways she connected with her family and being an Eels supporter was a major part of her family life.

Women's sport has experienced massive growth in the past seven years, thanks to women like Mary advocated from the sidelines, and it's place in the future will be vital in determining community connections, getting more social issues heard and generally promoting healthier bodies and minds.

Mary talks to Kate Mills on the latest episode of The Leadership Lessons, a Women’s Agenda podcast supported by Salesforce, the growth of women’s sport over the past seven years has totally changed her relationship with men’s sport.

The Leadership Lessons is produced by Agenda Media, the publisher of Women's Agenda.

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