The Leadership Lessons


Challenge assumption & push to set the record straight

Season 1, Ep. 8

At the helm of the legal profession in NSW, Sonja Stewart knows a lot about the need for truth telling.

And she says it's essential that we push to set the record straight.

A Yuin woman, Sonja is the newly appointed CEO of the Law Society of NSW and the Chair of the GO Foundation.

In this episode, she describes her "baptism of fire" in school. It was where she learnt to deal with bad behaviour, racism, and unconscious and blatant bias. As she's become more senior in her law career, she says the attitudes from other people haven't gone away, but she has become more equipped to deal with it.

"The thing that I found most challenging is confronting people’s negative biases and assumptions and perceptions that they have about Aboriginal people and what we can do," Sonja says.

"That we could be the CEO of the Law Society, Chair of the GO Foundation or whatever it is that we aspire to be."

She shares more on challenging assumptions with host of The Leadership Lessons, Kate Mills.

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