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  • Introducing - The Lambo Lawyer

    This is the story of a yellow Lamborghini driving lawyer who had a very colourful life. He’s taken down triads in Hong Kong and then defended them. He’s saved lives and has a few ex-wives.He has friends in high places and some enemies that hate him. He’s rich and semi famous and he is a self-confessed narcissist …His name is Peter Lavac and this is the Lambo lawyer 

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  • 1. Meet The Narcissist

    Peter Lavac is a self-confessed narcissist, but don’t let that put you off.He has some stories that you’ll find unavailable , but they are all true. You’ll hear from people who hate him and people who love him, and that includes Peter himself.In this first episode hear how Peters life was shaped from an early age when he escaped communist Russia for a better life in Australia 
  • 2. The Lambo Lawyer Stole My Girlfriend

    How would you feel if while you were fighting for queen and country someone like Peter Lavac stole your girlfriend and had kids with her? That’s just one of the stories in this episode of The Lambo lawyer 
  • 3. Saving Lives And Ex-Wives

    In this episode of The Lambo Lawyer hear stories of Peter saving lives in the surf, in the courtroom and in a nightclub and hear how its not all good news when it comes to the Lambo Lawyer 
  • 8. The Lambo Lawyers Mate - Hedley Thomas

    In this episode we hear from Hedley Thomas from the Teachers pet Podcast. What is it about The Lambo Lawyer that he likes and why have they been friends for so long. 
  • 4. Narcissism Is Not A Dirty Word

    Have you ever thought being a narcissist is a good thing?Well, the Lambo lawyer is proud of the tag and wears it like a badge of honour.Hear what his friends and enemy think of it in this episode. 
  • 5. Lavac The Pro Bono Lawyer

    The Lambo lawyer has a nice side, in this episode hear how he has a helped a Tasmanian family with their grief and trying to seek justice for their daughter.And in true Lavac style hear how a school in that same town has set up a shrine to the Lambo Lawyer.