The Lady Vanishes


The One Who Got Away

Season 1, Ep. 46

Monique Cornelius finally speaks out - revealing the terrifying admission which made her fear Ric Blum, plus the reason she believes she escaped his advances.

Also, an appeal for another possible victim in Melbourne. What an estranged daughter and cousin's widow had to say.

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Unnatural Situation by Kevin MacLeod

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Perspectives by Kevin MacLeod

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Friday, November 18, 2022

Tainted Love

Season 1, Ep. 44
It's an all too familiar love story built on a web of lies that left a woman heartbroken, humiliated and robbed of her life savings. Only this time, it happened in Belgium. More details of Ghislaine's affair with Ric Blum will leave you gobsmacked, as will the memories of other listeners who are now coming forward to detail their encounters with the `man of many names.' Thanks to Alliance Français de Brisbane Identity Crisis - Myuu Out - Myuu - Myuu Situation by Kevin MacLeodFree download: License (CC BY 4.0): Artist website: Unsafe Roads by Alexander NakaradaFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website: Step by Rafael KruxLink: License: Suspects by Tim KuligFree download: License (CC BY 4.0): Artist website: by Kevin MacLeodFree download: License (CC BY 4.0): Artist website: https://incompetech.comThe Question Is (Quizpackage) by Sascha EndeFree download: License (CC BY 4.0): Artist website: + more - contact The Lady Vanishes for details/
Sunday, November 13, 2022

The Catch-Up - 6

Season 1
For our new listeners, and our long time supporters who want a refresher, this 6-part bonus catch-up series of The Lady Vanishes provides an overview of the case of Marion Barter. It's been a long journey from where we started back in April 2019 to where we are today, and these catch-up episodes will get you up to speed, quickly.Theme: Identity Crisis - Myuu - thedarkpiano.comEp15 - Countdown - MyuuEp15 - Music from"Spy Story: The Agent" by Sascha Ende ( CC BY ( - A Darker Heart - https://audionautix.comEp16 - Music from"Perspectives" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY ( - What Could Have Been - MyuuEp16 - Ita - Cold ChiselEp16 - Countdown - Myuu Ep17 - Enter the Maze by Kevin MacLeodLink: - Rising Tide by Kevin MacLeodLink: - Final Step by Rafael KruxLink: - Troublemaker Theme - MyuuEp18 - Rising Tide by Kevin MacLeodLink: - A Darker Heart - https://audionautix.comEp18 - Final Step by Rafael KruxLink: - Enter the Maze by Kevin MacLeodLink: Look Out - MyuuEp19 - Countdown - Myuu