cover art for The Inquest: Part 18

The Lady Vanishes

The Inquest: Part 18

Season 1, Ep. 48

The inquest into the disappearance of Marion Barter resumes, with two women in their 90s - the star witnesses. So determined are they to have their voices heard and their stories told, they get up in the middle of the night in Europe to recount their interactions with Ric Blum.

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Theme: Identity Crisis - Myuu -

Final Step by Rafael Krux



Rising Tide by Kevin MacLeod

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 A Darker Heart -

The Call - Mattia Cupelli at

Troublemaker Theme - Myuu

The Order’s Theme - Myuu -

Countdown by Alexander Nakarada

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Breaking News 2 by Sascha Ende

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  • 55. Kiss of Death

    Our deep dive on Ric Blum continues as we learn more about who he is and the trail of destruction he's left in his wake.Music credits:Theme: Identity Crisis - Myuu - thedarkpiano.comLook Out - Myuu - thedarkpiano.comWalking into Darkness - Myuu - thedarkpiano.comTroublemaker Theme - Myuu Unnatural Situation by Kevin MacLeodFree download: License (CC BY 4.0): Artist website: https://incompetech.comRising Tide by Kevin MacLeodFree download: License (CC BY 4.0): Artist website: https://incompetech.comThe Call - Mattia Cupelli at
  • Introducing The Man Behind the Rose

    Disgraced former Beattie Government health minister Gordon Nuttall was sentenced to 14 years for corruption and perjury. Until now he hasn’t been allowed to tell his story without the very real threat of going back to jail. Now he is lifting the lid on Queensland’s most high profile political scandal.
  • 54. The Beginning

    Evelyn retraces her steps to the beginning, when her mother met and married Willy Wouters, aka Ric Blum. And we chase down leads that yield stunning information about Mr Blum and about Marion.Music credits:Theme: Identity Crisis - Myuu - thedarkpiano.comThe Order’s Theme - Myuu  - thedarkpiano.comRound That Corner - Myuu  - thedarkpiano.comCountdown - Myuu  - thedarkpiano.comPoltergeist - Myuu -  thedarkpiano.comSilent Turmoil - Myuu -  thedarkpiano.comBelgian Folk Muisc - Belgium-StokkendansRising Tide by Kevin MacLeodFree download: License (CC BY 4.0): Artist website: https://incompetech.comIvory by Luca FraulaLink:
  • 53. Le Diabolique

    Alison, Evelyn and the Spotlight crew travel to Luxembourg, where colleagues Tom and Yannick reveal what they’ve uncovered, and we catch up with the brave woman who rejected Ric Blum’s advances and witnessed some very strange behaviour. Music credits:Theme: Identity Crisis - Myuu - thedarkpiano.comCrime Thriller Podcast by Dave DevilleFree download: License (CC BY 4.0): Look Out - Myuu - thedarkpiano.comInformative Pizzicato by Steven OBrienFree download: License (CC BY 4.0):
  • 52. The Debt

    Some parents leave their children an inheritance, Ric Blum left his daughter Evelyn a debt worth millions of francs. Plus, we feature the gripping interview of Liam Bartlett speaking to Ghislaine Danlois, who claims Mr Blum left her more than 300,000 Euros poorer.  Music Credits:Theme: Identity Crisis - Myuu - thedarkpiano.comMy Belgian Rose: Elliot Shaw-Charles Hart (1918)Unnatural Situation by Kevin MacLeodFree download: License (CC BY 4.0): Artist website: https://incompetech.comDeadly Sorrow - Myuu -
  • 51. Daughter

    Alison and Sally meet with Evelyn, the daughter of Ric Blum, before Alison and Evelyn travel to Belgium to unravel more of her father’s intricate past. Spotlight, Seven’s current affairs show, captures the incredible new developments. Music credits:Theme: Identity Crisis - Myuu - thedarkpiano.comDarkest Child by Kevin MacLeodFree download: License (CC BY 4.0): Walking into Darkness - Myuu - thedarkpiano.comNebula - Myuu - thedarkpiano.comTroublemaker Theme - Myuu Roads by Alexander NakaradaLink:
  • 50. Aftermath

    Sally reflects on the new evidence revealed in court; an old friend of Marion’s speaks out… plus could another woman have had a close call with Ric Blum?Music credits:Theme: Identity Crisis - Myuu - thedarkpiano.comTroublemaker Theme - Myuu - Myuu News 3 by Sascha EndeFree download: License (CC BY 4.0):
  • 49. The Inquest: Part 19

    A stuttering and stumbling Ric Blum comes under pressure, as lawyers seek an explanation about comments he made for the first time in court. Plus - Mr Blum's response to the evidence of new witnesses. Thanks to Alliance Française de Brisbane afbrisbane.comMusic credits:Theme: Identity Crisis - Myuu - thedarkpiano.comFinal Step by Rafael KruxLink: License: Tide by Kevin MacLeodFree download: License (CC BY 4.0): Artist website: A Darker Heart - https://audionautix.comThe Call - Mattia Cupelli at mattiacupelli.comTroublemaker Theme - Myuu Order’s Theme - Myuu - thedarkpiano.comCountdown by Alexander NakaradaFree download: License (CC BY 4.0): Artist website: News 2 by Sascha EndeFree download: License (CC BY 4.0):