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Episode #10: Inclusion, culture development and program expansion with Shelly Bell of Black Girl Ventures

Season 1, Ep. 10

We’ve officially hit double digits and to celebrate, I invited one of my favorite ecosystem builders (I know I say that often, but this woman is really at the very top of my list)… shelly Bell.

She’s a computer scientist, a former high school teacher, a performance poet, a community organizer, a founder, and a CEO. She has two successful apparel printing businesses: MsPrint USA — through which she creates swag for clients like Amazon and Google with a team of women designers and printers — and Made By A Black Woman, which celebrates products made by Black women.

She now serves as the Founder and CEO of Black Girl Ventures, and is focused on creating access to capital for black and brown women through interactive pitch competitions. Shelly is a force of nature, and I’m so glad we were able to capture her thoughts around inclusion, business growth, training, culture development and program expansion and fundraising. We hit a TON of topics. Buckle up, and help me welcome shelly bell to the keystone!

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