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Volunteering for Kennedy Street

Season 1, Ep. 3

To kick off our focus on volunteering this month, we chat with longtime volunteer, James Lane of Future Sun Films, who helps us with all things media, marketing and communications. The chat covers how we coped with lockdown and James' thoughts and observations about the world of recovery and how it crosses over into the non-recovery world.

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  • 4. Anonymous but not Invisible

    This episode from The Snug is all about our visit to the AA presentation at the Houses of Parliament hosted by Dan Carden MP. Following on from his 'Choose to Live' speech in the House in 2021, this event was about helping professionals and Parliamentarians get a better understanding of Alcoholics Anonymous. One of their objectives is to dispel the myth that AA is in any way a ‘secret society’ - while members are anonymous, the organisation is most definitely not. Despite Emma's run-in with the scones, an inspiring day was had.The chat then moves on to some of the other fellowships that have grown out of AA since it started 75 years ago.Links for this week:Our own Kennedy Street Recovery Resource List has details of most fellowships mentioned (Al-Anon, Al-Ateen, Sex Addicts Anonymous, etc)Dr Sarah Flower - Pearl's story - ACOA laundry listBreathing Under Water by Richard Rohr
  • 2. Family Recovery

    Clare, Deli and Emma welcome young guests Liam and Georgie in this episode, who bring their very different recovery experiences to the conversation. Liam is a new staff member at Kennedy Street and we talk about his first impressions of the recovery world. We then hear about Georgie's upbringing as the child of two people in recovery and how her experience was so often misunderstood by teachers and friends as she grew up. These misconceptions are common and the chat moves on to how the education system only talks about addiction, never recovery, so misses vital opportunities to inform people at a young age about the true nature of substance and alcohol misuse.There are a couple of F-bombs that might offend more sensitive listeners.
  • 1. Celebrating Women In Recovery - IWD 2022

    What a time to start a new podcast! March is Women’s History Month, and we celebrate International Women’s Day by highlighting the incredible work of women throughout history who fought for equality and an opportunity to continue this fight to #BreakTheBias that we still see in our society today. At Kennedy Street, we want to do the same for women in recovery. Clare, Deli and Emma discuss their hopes and dreams for the podcast, a bit about themselves and their recovery journeys as well as all the highlights of our IWD party in Brighton. Enjoy!