cover art for Amanda's Solo Trip to Europe, Joey's Solo Week with Benny, and a Brand New Segment Called Artist Spotlight

The Joey and Amanda Podcast

Amanda's Solo Trip to Europe, Joey's Solo Week with Benny, and a Brand New Segment Called Artist Spotlight

Amanda is back from her workshop in Germany and shares how it felt to travel there alone. She gives advice to those looking to do the same and explains why Joey and Benny did not go with. Joey relives his week alone with Benny and shares what worked to make it a fun and stress free boys week. There's a new segment at the end called Artist Spotlight where the two give attention to an up and coming artist of their choice.

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  • Your Catfish Stories + Max Joseph (MTV's Catfish: The TV Show)

    One listeners catfish stories take Joey and Amanda on an emotional roller coaster. Later, Max Joseph (MTV's Catfish: The TV Show) joins to give out some catfishing insight. They talk about memorable moments from the show, the psychology behind catfishing, and his new documentary about cyberbullying on HBO MAX, 15 Minutes of Shame.
  • Lesson Learned: Potatoes Can Be Poisonous

    This episode is about a potato. One little potato that almost sent us to the hospital. We talk about how that happened, calling poison control, and other common foods we didn’t know could poison and even kill us.
  • How We Got Our Baby To Sleep Through the Night

    Joey and Amanda share what scheduling and techniques worked for them to get their baby to sleep 12 hours a night.
  • Navigating Postpartum, Night Terrors, and How It Feels to Now Be a Parent

    Joey and Amanda navigate through their postpartum journey with tips and stories.
  • Benny's Birth Story, 30 Hours of Labor, and Emergency C-Section

    We relive the weeks and days leading up to Benny's birth and go deep inside both of our experiences throughout the 30 hours of labor.
  • We're Back! Quick Recap of Being New Parents, Why No One Talks About the Realities of Childbirth, Plus the Podcast Plan Going Forward

    Joey and Amanda get back into the podcast groove with a quick recap of the last year and what's next for the show. They also dive into their new life as parents with balancing work and the horrors and beauty of childbirth.
  • Almost Parents

    Amanda is due any day now! Together, her and Joey reflect on the first two trimesters and how this third and final one differs. Joey talks about his favorite and least favorite part of Amanda’s pregnancy and Amanda shares how she is prepping for delivery. Throughout, they answer questions submitted by listeners about all things pregnancy that lead to discussions about the covid vaccine, diet, and so much more. Music by Phil Stevens
  • Fertility and Conception

    Joey and Amanda dive into how they prepared for baby making. Amanda shares what supplements and tests she took along with lifestyle changes in order to maximize conception. Then Joey reads questions submitted by all of you about Amanda's journey to conception including if she tracked her ovulations, if she took birth control, and how much time it took to prepare. Then they share different successful conception methods submitted by listeners and whether or not they did those too. BONUS announcement after the show outro. Music by Phil Stevens.