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Mary Rauzi Creative Director, Strategist, Brand Builder, Founder/Creative Embr Creative

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Mary Rauzi Creative Director, Strategist, Brand Builder and Founder/Creative Embr Creative

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We talk about the following

Embr Creative

Being a Military Spouse

Having a personal brand

Her passion for all things design

Mary’s Bio

Mary has served as an active-duty military spouse for the last ten years, and currently serves as a reserve spouse. During this time, she has learned a great deal about taking a challenge and turning it into a benefit. With each deployment, TDY, and training, she used the extra time to learn more, work harder, and expand her skillset. With over 11 years in design and strategy.

 Mary Rauzi has a proven track record of helping brands grow. After launching Embr Creative at the beginning of 2018, she is now looking to grow and expand Embr’s reach. It is her mission to bolster other creatives around her to dream bigger and work more on the projects they love.

Embr is a Seattle-based collective of designers, developers, videographers, musicians, and creatives. We thrive on brand challenges and working as your partner to build upon and achieve your goals through design. 

Embr Creative listens to the business objectives of a company, discovers audience motivations, and grows the visualization of a brand to give it a leg up. With a professional look that is strategy-driven, your company gets a foothold with its viewers turning them from acquaintances to evangelists.

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Mary’s Advice

For business owners, I would say really understand your values and what you're trying to communicate, before you go to a designer, and work hard to figure those things out. What's right for your company, the more you know about what you're trying to communicate, the better a designer is going to be at their job. 

If you already have that leg up, the more the better. Think about brand as you're developing your processes. What is your customer service and how does that pan out? How does that tie to your values and your brand overall? Is it all communicating together because it'll make that authenticy if you're very consistent in your communications both visually and your team members so culturally, culturally in your company.

For young designers, my advice for them is to try to get internships and opportunities to do design before you're out of school. If you're self-taught, use as many opportunities as you can to do more projects and to get more experience, even if you become one of the designers on 99 designs or Fiverr. 

That's what those are great for students that are trying to build up a body of work or get more experience working with clients. They can get on those. The more experience you have, the better because then your portfolio gets better. The way that you interact with clients are better and it's going to serve you well, in the long run. 

For military spouses, use all the time that you can when your spouse is gone, all of those extra lulls that you have to build that community around you. I would have never survived without my community, and especially if you can't afford to pay somebody else. 

There will be families that we have very close relationships with. Having that community of people you trust without relying on family because we don't have any family nearby. Use that and then use that time to really focus on yourself and build your dreams and what you want out of your life and career.

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