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David Meltzer's 2 Minute Pitch Competition Replay

This episode of the Jason Cavness Experience is a Replay of David Meltzer’s 2 Minute Pitch Competition

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Pitch Format

10 companies participated. With each pitching for 2 minutes and David giving 3 minutes of feedback and advice. David awarded prizes to the top 3. Spoiler alert, I finished in the top 3.

August Two Minute Pitch Competition

Here is the link to apply to compete in David’s two minute pitch competition on August 28 at 11 am PST

This is a great opportunity to get your company out in front of lots of people.

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Text David at (949) 298-2905

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Bernard Mendez Managing Partner and CEO Interco Industries

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk Bernard Mendez, Managing Partner and CEO of Interco IndustriescavnessHR website: https://www.cavnessHR.comJason’s email: across social media@jasoncavnessHR across social mediaWe talk about the followingHis company Interco Industries.Advice for new entrepreneurs.What is AI, Machine Learning, AR/VR and Blockchain.Importance of Product Market fit and Idea Validation. Bernard’s Bio Bernard started his first website as an 11 year old in the age of dial-up. He studied at the Illinois Institute of Technology where he was elected as the Student Government VP of Finance. On his time off he was a member of the motorcycle racing club and founder of the school’s martial arts gym. After graduation, Bernard joined the Army as a logistics officer where he deployed across the world and served as a parachute jumpmaster with the 1st and 3rd Special Forces group for 6 years before moving on to the tech world.He went back to his roots and began to re-learn the tech world where he found many new challenges. Bernard is a managing partner and CEO at Interco Industries. Interco provides clients with technology solutions through data analytics, AR/VR and custom hardware solutions that help reduce overhead, lower equipment, improve decision making and maximize efficiency.Bernard’s Social MediaCompany LinkedIn:’s LinkedIn: Website:’s GiftWe're launching our latest iteration of our website. We'd love to hear from you. We'd love to hear what kind of pain points you guys have going on. Let's see what kind of issues are coming in your business and see how we can helpbring the latest technology that develops products that are customized to your needs and see how we can help you grow, develop and use the latest tech to really get a step ahead of that competition.Bernard’s AdviceI would just say read some books. I'm a big fan of nonfiction man. I used to do the whole YouTube video and like reading articles and all the online stuff and I still do a little bit. But I try to focus more on published works and trying to get that that knowledge transferred and then see how I can fit it into business or my overall life.

Cynthia Del'Aria CEO/COO Raika Technologies

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Cynthia Del’Aria CEO/COO Raika TechnologiescavnessHR website: https://www.cavnessHR.comJason’s email: across social media@jasoncavnessHR across social mediaWe talk about the followingHis company Raika Technologies.Thunder Puppy K9.Advice for non-tech foundersImportance of Product Market fit and Idea Validation. Cynthia’s Bio I am a startup ninja.I know how to dig into any idea and find the gold, the killer feature, the thing users absolutely cannot live without... And I know how to help entrepreneurs turn their idea into a business that will make real money.I started coding when I was 8 years old, and over the past several decades have learned what great technology implementations look like from some of the smartest people in the industry. My first two companies were all about web design and development and finding ways to help companies come into the new era of promoting and doing business on the web, and it turns out, I have a natural knack for business.My past experience building my own startups gave me a lens through which to examine what would work for other business types in tech and how to apply those processes and methodologies for other people who have great tech ideas.I developed the curriculum for the Raika Technologies and Startup Program based on what I've done in my own companies and those of our clients, all for one guiding purpose: to help new app and tech entrepreneurs spend as little time and money as possible evaluating their idea, helping them get to a go-no-go decision quickly and efficiently. I also developed a process to help stakeholders, Project Managers, Product Managers and IT professionals at all size companies test new ideas without impacting their teams, road maps and corporate priorities.I help companies and entrepreneurs get things done!Cynthia’s Social MediaCompany Website: FB: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:’s LinkedIn: This Podcast:’s GiftOn there will be an offer where you can book a one hour free consultation with me. If you own a startup and you're struggling with something. Bring the challenges that you're dealing with, and we can work through those and come up with some solutions. If you're somebody who has been thinking about an idea and you just want to bounce it off me. I'll make myself available, give you a free hour of my time to just chat and dig in and see how I can help. So that's’s AdviceKnow thyself. Listen to your heart, listen to your intuition. Trust, that if you are called to do a thing or something resonates with you. Trust that there's a reason why we're given visions and there's a reason why we're given dreams and goals. Trust that and don't be afraid to do something new or different to go after something that you really want.Because like I said earlier, you own your future you own every dream that you have. It's up to you, whether you make it come true or not. Especially in this country, we're so incredibly lucky that we have the freedom to pursue whatever we want. That's the pursuit of happiness. So find your happy and go pursue it and don't ever stop. Don't ever let anyone else tell you. You can't. Because I'm telling you, you can.