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A Talk with Helene Thibieroz, PhD, Founder at We Grow Green Tech

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Hélène Thibieroz, PhD Founder and managing partner at We Grow Green Tech, Green technology entrepreneur, Impact Investor

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We talk about the following

What exactly is a B Corporation?

What makes a company a green tech company.

We Grow Green Tech

Startups and entrepreneurship

Helene’s Bio

Helene is a driven technologist and business entrepreneur who thrives on solving complex puzzles unifying technology, business and environment.

Helene loves technology and strongly believe it can be successfully applied to create practical solutions to our environmental problems. She created the business consulting firm We Grow Green Tech.

Helene’s 20+ years experience combines advanced research for deep sub-micron processes, engineering management for leading high-tech companies, and executive marketing, sales and business development for large technology corporations. 

Helene focused her last few years in gaining expertise in the entrepreneur, impact investing and social capitalization scenes to develop business skills and methodologies targeted for Green Technology startup growth.

We Grow Green Tech is a boutique catalyst B-corporation. Our mission is to push green technology adoption to accelerate environmental, social and economic impact. We work with early-stage green technology startups to accelerate their transition from concept to market and lower risk.

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On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I am on The Dave’s Head Podcast as a Guest.I am a guest on The Dave’s Head Podcast. A great new podcast hosted by David EuwingscavnessHR website: https://www.cavnessHR.comJason’s email: social media@jasoncavnessHR across social mediaWe talk about the followingBunker LabsStarting a BusinessPerformance ReviewsBonusesLinkedInFinding a JobUnemploymentCertificationCollege MajorsVeterans in ResidenceLabor MarketsEqual Pay Jason’s Bio Jason Cavness is a retired U.S. Army officer who served for 25 years, to include 8 years as an enlisted member.He has previous startup experience with MyUnfold.He is currently CEO/Founder of CavnessHR. CavnessHR delivers HR to U.S. companies with 49 or fewer people across the U.S.He also hosts The Jason Cavness Experience where he talks to small business owners, founders and other interesting people.He has also taken on the role of Seattle City Leader for Bunker Labs. Bunker Labs is a national nonprofit that helps to inspire, equip and connect the Military community to entrepreneurshipHis personal motto is “Be Great Every Day”He does his best to add value, help to solve problems daily and to help others become better.He has a Master’s in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma and is SPHR certified.Jason’s Social MediacavnessHR Website. Blog: www.cavnessHRblog.comcavnessHR Twitter:’s Twitter:’s email: jasoncavness@cavnessHR.comcavnessHR Facebook Page:'s Facebook Page: Snapchat:’s Snapchat: YouTube: Twitch: TikTok:’s LinkedIn:’s AdviceJust get started.

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On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Laura-Beth Christensen Co-Founder Leverage Benefits·CavnessHR website: https://www.cavnessHR.comJason’s email: across social media@jasoncavnessHR across social mediaWe talk about the followingDomestic violence and homelessness.Her focus and fire to make something of herselfHer company Leverage Benefits.What small business owners are getting wrong about benefits.Laura-Beth’s BioCo-Founder and Owner of Leverage Benefit Consulting, since 2010.Featured in Courageous Women’s Magazine as one of the Top 25 Courageous Women in Business.Featured on the Bend and Sway podcast focused on people who lived or grew up in rural eastern WA.Featured in the National Outbound Conference by Jeb Blount, for success in business.Laura’s firm has ranked as the #1 agency for the past 7 years. She was personally recognized as the Nation’s Top Sales agent for one specific carrier in 2017 & 2018.Domestic Violence in the 90’s caused homelessness with 3 kids, sleeping in a car rest area on I-5.While homeless, started community college. First person in all generations of her family to attend and complete college.Graduated Cum Laud from Seattle University with Criminal Justice, Communication/JournalismWas a Lieutenant in a men’s detention facility, was the Director of Women and Children’s homeless shelter programs to include but not limited to: DV, Women out of Corrections and Human TraffickingVictims.She has been a Keynote speaker on Homelessness issues in Washington as well as a speaker on Courage to Change your life.After the recession of 2008 she decided to start her own business consulting for businesses on compliance and benefit trends, needs and solutions.She runs a multi-million-dollar consulting firm serving the entire country, and headquartered in Western WashingtonHer clients are companies with 10 to 10 thousand employees providing services that address the trends affecting their industries and employee needs.Laura-Beth’s Social MediaCompany Website:www.leveragebenefit.comCompany Email:LBC@LeverageBenefits.comCompany Instagram: lbc_leveragebenefitCompany Twitter: LBC_LeverageBenefitsCompany FB:’s LinkedIn:’s AdviceMy last minute wisdom is that when the sky is falling, and it seems like we're in a complete state of chaos, professionally, personally, nationally, it is not true. We are not in that state unless we own that state. Don't let the sky fall on you. Dig deep for some strength and reach out to people who can keep encouraging you when you start feeling overwhelmed in this time.