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Ricardo Perez Military Veteran, Entrepreneur and Aspiring Author

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Ricardo Perez – Military Veteran, Entrepreneur and Aspiring AuthorcavnessHR website: https://www.cavnessHR.comJason’s email: across social media@jasoncavnessHR across social mediaWe talk about the followingHis fascination with plants.Doing things that don’t scale.OMX AnalyticsBeing comfortable with being uncomfortable. Ricardo’s Bio Ricardo grew up in a small town called Freer in South Texas, practically raised himself, barely graduated high school in 2004, and ultimately joined the Army in 2006. He served as an infantryman in a brand-new unit on Fort Lewis here in Washington, the Brigade 2nd Infantry Division, and was one of the first privates in the brigade. The unit deployed in 2009 as the first Stryker brigade to Afghanistan, and upon return, the unit deactivated.Ricardo voluntarily withdrew from a medical discharge and ETS’d in October 2010. Using his GI Bill benefits, Ricardo graduated from Texas A&M University Kingsville in 2016 with his degrees in chemical engineering and chemistry and moved back here to Washington State not long after graduating. From there, things in his life took a twist, and now, he’s a recent graduate of The University of Washington’s Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program offered by Foster BusinessSchool.Ricardo’s Social MediaRicardo’s Twitter: @therealchemjaRicardo’s FB:’s LinkedIn:’s AdviceOne more thing with the entrepreneurship part that you were asking about, I say it's really important to be fearless. Number one, you have to get uncomfortable. That was one thing that army taught me. The army makes you uncomfortable in many different ways and you grow as a result of it. You grow as a person, you grow as a soldier. You grow as a leader, get uncomfortable. It's going to help you grow and get to school.Whether you can afford to pay for classes and actually get a degree. If you can’t, there are a billion YouTube videos from Ivy League schools about business and everything you could ever want to learn. I highly recommend when Coronavirus is all over, go to your actual local universities and go to their business departments and just start talking to people.

Bernard Mendez Managing Partner and CEO Interco Industries

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk Bernard Mendez, Managing Partner and CEO of Interco IndustriescavnessHR website: https://www.cavnessHR.comJason’s email: across social media@jasoncavnessHR across social mediaWe talk about the followingHis company Interco Industries.Advice for new entrepreneurs.What is AI, Machine Learning, AR/VR and Blockchain.Importance of Product Market fit and Idea Validation. Bernard’s Bio Bernard started his first website as an 11 year old in the age of dial-up. He studied at the Illinois Institute of Technology where he was elected as the Student Government VP of Finance. On his time off he was a member of the motorcycle racing club and founder of the school’s martial arts gym. After graduation, Bernard joined the Army as a logistics officer where he deployed across the world and served as a parachute jumpmaster with the 1st and 3rd Special Forces group for 6 years before moving on to the tech world.He went back to his roots and began to re-learn the tech world where he found many new challenges. Bernard is a managing partner and CEO at Interco Industries. Interco provides clients with technology solutions through data analytics, AR/VR and custom hardware solutions that help reduce overhead, lower equipment, improve decision making and maximize efficiency.Bernard’s Social MediaCompany LinkedIn:’s LinkedIn: Website:’s GiftWe're launching our latest iteration of our website. We'd love to hear from you. We'd love to hear what kind of pain points you guys have going on. Let's see what kind of issues are coming in your business and see how we can helpbring the latest technology that develops products that are customized to your needs and see how we can help you grow, develop and use the latest tech to really get a step ahead of that competition.Bernard’s AdviceI would just say read some books. I'm a big fan of nonfiction man. I used to do the whole YouTube video and like reading articles and all the online stuff and I still do a little bit. But I try to focus more on published works and trying to get that that knowledge transferred and then see how I can fit it into business or my overall life.

Cynthia Del'Aria CEO/COO Raika Technologies

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Cynthia Del’Aria CEO/COO Raika TechnologiescavnessHR website: https://www.cavnessHR.comJason’s email: across social media@jasoncavnessHR across social mediaWe talk about the followingHis company Raika Technologies.Thunder Puppy K9.Advice for non-tech foundersImportance of Product Market fit and Idea Validation. Cynthia’s Bio I am a startup ninja.I know how to dig into any idea and find the gold, the killer feature, the thing users absolutely cannot live without... And I know how to help entrepreneurs turn their idea into a business that will make real money.I started coding when I was 8 years old, and over the past several decades have learned what great technology implementations look like from some of the smartest people in the industry. My first two companies were all about web design and development and finding ways to help companies come into the new era of promoting and doing business on the web, and it turns out, I have a natural knack for business.My past experience building my own startups gave me a lens through which to examine what would work for other business types in tech and how to apply those processes and methodologies for other people who have great tech ideas.I developed the curriculum for the Raika Technologies and Startup Program based on what I've done in my own companies and those of our clients, all for one guiding purpose: to help new app and tech entrepreneurs spend as little time and money as possible evaluating their idea, helping them get to a go-no-go decision quickly and efficiently. I also developed a process to help stakeholders, Project Managers, Product Managers and IT professionals at all size companies test new ideas without impacting their teams, road maps and corporate priorities.I help companies and entrepreneurs get things done!Cynthia’s Social MediaCompany Website: FB: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:’s LinkedIn: This Podcast:’s GiftOn there will be an offer where you can book a one hour free consultation with me. If you own a startup and you're struggling with something. Bring the challenges that you're dealing with, and we can work through those and come up with some solutions. If you're somebody who has been thinking about an idea and you just want to bounce it off me. I'll make myself available, give you a free hour of my time to just chat and dig in and see how I can help. So that's’s AdviceKnow thyself. Listen to your heart, listen to your intuition. Trust, that if you are called to do a thing or something resonates with you. Trust that there's a reason why we're given visions and there's a reason why we're given dreams and goals. Trust that and don't be afraid to do something new or different to go after something that you really want.Because like I said earlier, you own your future you own every dream that you have. It's up to you, whether you make it come true or not. Especially in this country, we're so incredibly lucky that we have the freedom to pursue whatever we want. That's the pursuit of happiness. So find your happy and go pursue it and don't ever stop. Don't ever let anyone else tell you. You can't. Because I'm telling you, you can.

Rachel Druckenmiller CEO and Founder UNMUTED

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Rachel Druckenmiller of UNMUTED.cavnessHR website: https://www.cavnessHR.comJason’s email: across social media@jasoncavnessHR across social mediaWe talk about the followingHer company UNMUTED.Advice for new speakers.What people get wrong about culture.How to UNMUTE yourself and be heard.Rachel’s BioAs the Founder and CEO of Unmuted, Rachel is on a mission to humanize the workplace, ignite intentional leadership and empower people to use their voices for good. She is a nationally recognized thought leader and speaker with over a dozen years of experience in the field of workplace culture and wellbeing. She has guided numerous organizations to earn recognition as "top workplaces" and "healthy employers".Through virtual and live events, Rachel speaks to leaders at organizations and associations and teaches them to strengthen their power skills, resilience and self-care, so they can thrive at work and at home. When leaders are thriving, performance increases, trust is strengthened, creativity flows, and people are more fulfilled, connected and get along with each other better.In 2019, Rachel was recognized as a 40 Under 40 Game Changer by Workforce Magazine, and Employ Humanity named her one of "7 Wellness Leaders Making a Positive Impact" in 2018. She was named the #1 Health Promotion Professional in the United States in 2015 by WELCOA. Rachel is one of the founding members of the international nonprofit, Global Women 4 Wellbeing (GW4W), and speaks to women leaders about how to be more confident and courageous. She is also a Founding Member of the Baltimore Chapter of HackingHR, a global community of constructively disruptive leaders committed to rethinking HR.Rachel has worked with and spoken at organizations and associations including Deloitte, Under Armour, the National Wellness Institute, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, and dozens of others.She has a Master's Degree in Health Science and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Thriving Workplace Culture Consultant and Wellness Culture Coach. She was born and raised in Baltimore and lives there with her college sweetheart, Bill.Rachel’s Social MediaWebsite: www.UnmutedLife.comLinkedIn:’s GiftIf you go to you can find a resilience resource guide that will pop up. I've got a list of my 10 to 12 strategies for boosting resilience and they're very practical and actionable. Then I have like a reading list in there. So my favorite books on those topics as well and how to like be more resilient. That's a place where you can immediately get a freebie after listening to this.Rachel’s AdviceI would say if I were to leave you with one thing to walk away from this with, it would be to have a bit more grace and compassion for yourself. Then to have the courage to get curious about the things that you're doing well, and the things you could be doing better or differently. So that you can grow and to be committed to that journey.Not just at work, but also your other relationships, as well. Because there's going to be crossover and there's going to be spillover benefit. So be willing to be curious, be courageous enough to be curious. Then, based on the feedback that you get, I would say be willing to take action. Be willing to take those courageous action steps because confidence is the byproduct of action. So stop thinking about whatever you are thinking about and take action and go do something about it.

Adam Peddicord Founder and Chief Strategist at Customer Success by Design

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Adam Peddicord Founder and Chief Strategist at Customer Success by DesigncavnessHR website: https://www.cavnessHR.comJason’s email: across social media@jasoncavnessHR across social mediaWe talk about the followingWhat is Customer Experience and Customer Design?His company, Customer Success by Design.Importance of providing your employees a great experience.The advantages and disadvantages of being a Military Veteran Entrepreneur. Adam’s BioAdam Peddicord is the Founder and Chief Strategist at Customer Success by Design, a customer success solution organization that specializes in helping businesses grow their customer retention, loyalty, and satisfaction.He is also the host of Customer Success by Design - LIVE!!! stream series which aims to tell the tales, tips, and tricks of a Customer Success driven life.Prior to founding Customer Success by Design, Adam led Customer Success organizations for fast growth SaaS companies such as MediaPRO, PayScale, and WhatCounts and publicly traded organizations like Oracle and Market Leader.Adam is a U.S. Army veteran who holds a B.A. in East Asian Studies and Political Science from Western Washington University and an MBA with an emphasis on International Business from Seattle Pacific University.When not guiding organizations to greater growth and customer success, you'll find Adam volunteering as an Emergency Responder, jamming to KEXP, playing in the dirt with his family, and expanding his horizons as a suburban chicken farmer.Adam’s Social MediaCompany Website: LinkedIn: FB: Twitter:’s AdviceJust keep the faith. Everybody out there. Stay true to yourself, stay true to your customers, pivot and make it happen.The Jason Cavness Experience can be found at the following places.

Matt Boyer CEO/Founder Zylter

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Matt Boyer cavnessHR website: https://www.cavnessHR.comJason’s email: across social media@jasoncavnessHR across social mediaWe talk about the followingUSMA Prep School.West Point4th Industrial Revolution.Importance of having an advisory team. Matt’s Bio Matt Boyer is the founder and CEO for Zylter, a Seattle-based tech strategy firm that merges analysis, strategy and design to guide strategic development andadoption of emerging technology. Matt work closely with a diverse set of early-stage Tech Builders and enterprise Tech Seekers to guide design and adoption of emerging technologies that enable the Future of Work and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to include autonomous ground vehicles, unmanned aerial systems, extended reality (XR) and artificial intelligence (AI).Prior to founding Zylter, Matt spent seven years’ as a research leader for the RAND Corporation where he led strategic studies to guide adopt ion of emerging technologies for the U.S. Army, U.S. Special Operations Command and other Dependent of Defense organizations. Matt led studies to guide development of U.S. Army Leader-Follower and Squad Multi-Purpose Equipment Transport (SMET) autonomous vehicle programs. Matt holds a Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy and Master’s degrees in Urban Planning andPublic Administration from the University of North Carolina. Matt also brings significant practical experience as an Army Cavalry officer and enlisted soldier.Recently Zylter launch its Tech Strategy Tool Kit to provide a set of over 70practical methods and resources. The Tool Kit is currently applied by the Zylter team to deliver scalable tech strategy and is also applied by Tech Builder startups, such as Talespin Reality Labs, to offer tech adoption strategy consulting to their clients. Matt is excited about Zylter’s continuing growth and ongoing plan to scale its unique blend of analysis, strategy and design.Matt’s GiftI have the gift of free advice and help and discussions. I'm happy to just like we were just offer knowledge. Then you can take the part of it that. is valuable or you think is valuable and move on with it and the part that's not leave it.But we work with a lot of early stage companies, we do strategy, we do analysis for early stage companies. So I think we're in a pretty good position of helping people think through that, helping them put together their information and thoughts in a way that they could start to build consensus, build, support, financial and otherwise.Matt’s Social MediaMatt’s LinkedIn:’s Email: matt@zylter.comMatt’s AdviceThe transition we're seeing with emerging technologies and workforce future. My biggest concern is not about technology. Technology's going to progress. But my biggest concern is how are we taking care of a significant portion of our population that is going to be disenfranchised? Not intentionally, but they're going to be disenfranchised. What are the rungs on the ladder of social mobility that we're going to give? Because right now, I would argue, from my experience and talking to other people and looking around that we have not done a good enough job of giving people a way up.

Jared Wharton Founder and President of Forward Operating Base Brewery

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Jared Wharton Founder and President at Forward Operating Base BrewerycavnessHR website: https://www.cavnessHR.comJason’s email: across social media@jasoncavnessHR across social mediaWe talk about the followingHis company Forward Operating Base Brewery.How he is dealing with COVID-19 as a business owner.Some programs he has participated in as a business owner.What is a master brewer?Traveling in Europe while stationed there in the Army.His 11 year old daughter writing a book called “Strong, Bold, and Courageous: Words of Wisdom from a Fifth Grader From A to Z”Link to purchase is below:’s BioI DIDN’T COME FROM THE BREWERY WORLD: the taproom, the events, the bottle releases, in fact, just a few years ago I was wearing an Army uniform.Way back in 2002 I brewed my first beer with friends. It was horrible! We burned the bag the grains were steeping in, and messed up just about every step you could mess up. But we made beer! In 2011 while in Afghanistan I started envisioning a place our Military and Veteran community could recognize as a place for them. I had no idea of what I was signing up for but that seed planted then grew into a place where hundreds of people of all types of backgrounds would come weekly to have a beer and feel at home. Today you can find me working hard to make beer that honors our Military or trying to keep up with our 4 kids and my gorgeous vegetarian wife.A pitbull and a chihuahua and a reef aquarium as if we didn’t have enough to occupy our time on top of starting a new business.I’m probably sipping an IPA or trying to perfect my hotdog chili and dreaming of ways I can better serve our Veteran community.Want to know what gets me up and out of bed bright and early every day? Taking the few resources we have and figuring out how I can be better.If FOB can be the place that reminds you we live in the greatest country in the world and celebrate those who defend this great nation then I’ll consider it a success.We are just getting started.Jared’s Social MediaJared’s LinkedIn: FB: Website: Instagram:’s AdviceA lot of people think, I've got a great idea for a business.But they've never really done what I call personal inventory of who they are.Meaning looking at me, look at all the giftings I have received.What are you? What are you constantly focusing on what's always on your heart? If your business isn't one of those things, then that is probably not a good business for you. Because if you're going into it just because you think it'd be a good business instead of something you're truly passionate about, and you have to be careful when you say, follow your passion. Because we can all follow our passion but might not make any business sense to do that.