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Iron Butterfly

Stephanie LaRue: Mija

Season 4, Ep. 6

On this week’s episode of the Iron Butterfly, we are thrilled to welcome Stephanie La Rue, Esq. to the podcast. Stephanie is the chief of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) where she brings her passion for DEI strategy to the IC. Stephanie also represents the IC in several White House initiatives that pursue educational equity, excellence, and economic opportunity in underrepresented communities. She also founded the Latino Intelligence Network, a collective of Latinx research groups across the IC. 

Stephanie serves as the CIA’s Hispanic Advisory Council Chair, and is the recipient of IC EEO and Diversity Award for Exceptional Service and CIA’s Donald Cryer Award for exemplary contributions to the agency mission. We are proud to have her on the podcast and share her truly amazing story.

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  • 2. Sarah Mineiro: Plasma Unicorn

    On this episode, we are joined by Sarah Mineiro, a total bad-ass self-proclaimed space nerdand one of the funniest ladies we know. Sarah is the founder and CEO of Tanagra Enterprises,a defense, intelligence, space, science and technology consulting firm based in the DC area.Sarah has worked within the national security and defense sector for over 20 years. Over hercareer, Sarah has worked in private industry, and across both the Executive and Legislativebranches of government.Join us for a fun discussion ranging from Space Intelligence to Art, and Stand-Up Comedy.Show notes:●● (3:50) National Air and Space Intelligence Center○ (4:38) Chinese Weather Satellite FY-1C● (6:00) Strategic Forces Subcommittee for the House Armed Service Committee (HASC)● (25:35) All the “C” Words, Sarah Mineiro, Capital Fringe Fest 2023 Review● (31:30) The Butterfly Effect● (35:00) The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
  • 1. Teresa Shea: Jinx Johnson

    On our season 5 premiere, we are joined by the incredible Teresa Shea. Teresa has servedmore than 35 years in intelligence and defense within the public and private sector. She servedas Executive Vice President of Technology and director of Cyber-Reboot at In-Q-Tel. She joinedIn-Q-Tel after a distinguished thirty-two-year career with the National Security Agency (NSA,where she held several key leadership assignments during her career culminating as thedirector of Signals Intelligence. Teresa is currently the President of Oplnet, LLC. She serves onnumerous boards and is an advisor with a passion for a safer and more secure Nation.Join us as Teresa discusses the importance of trust as a leader, leading through difficultsituations, and the power of smiling through adversity.Show Notes:● (2:15) Barbie, The Movie● (2:20) Georgia Institute of Technology● (06:04) Edward Snowden, NSA Data leak● (06:10) Dr Geoffery Stone, University of Chicago ○ Report and Recommendations of The President’s Review Group on Intelligenceand Communications Technologies (Dec 2013), “Liberty and Security in a Changing World”● (7:34) NSA, Privacy and Civil Liberties Office● (25:10) The Character of a Leader: A Handbook for the Young Leader by Donald Alexander● (36:06) What Will Matter by Michael Josephson
  • Season 5 Teaser

    The Iron Butterfly Podcast team is back to share exciting updates and what to expect in the upcoming season premiering September 12th!
  • Iron Butterfly | Special Episode – Documentary Announcement

    On this special episode, the Iron Butterfly team returns to announce our new project, the first feature film documentary about women in the intelligence community. The team discusses how we got here, why this project matters, and when the podcast will return from hiatus. Tune in for some exciting updates!
  • 8. Season Finale: The Iron Butterfly Podcast Team (Beating Falcon, Wise Wisteria, Fierce Fire, & Bulldog)

    We close Season 4 with the Iron Butterfly team: Megan Jaffer, Cadie Naquin Hopkins, Amanda Young, and Liz Herndon.  We reflect on the themes of the past 4 seasons, unique moments, funniest memories, and other behind-the-scenes insights.  We also share a special message to our listeners about the future of the Iron Butterfly Podcast.  We hope you enjoy this special season finale!
  • 7. Nazaret Berhane: Khaleesi

    On this episode of the Iron Butterfly podcast, we are proud to welcome Nazaret Berhane to the show. Nazaret is a program manager on the IC Centers for Academic Excellence team within the IC Human Capital Office at ODNI. She brings years of experience from her time with FBI’s Foreign Language Program in addition to her service as the Directorate of Intelligence Diversity and Inclusion coordinator. She currently serves as the Women’s Intelligence Network Vice Chair.  Nazaret is passionate about creating an IC inclusive to people who are eager to serve in a variety of ways, bringing their whole selves to the community. In every role, she strives to extend kindness, mentorship, and vulnerability as an immigrant with an invisible disability, showing that no label precludes someone from being an integral member of the IC. We are so proud to share her story.
  • 5. Kristin Wood: The Conductor

    On this week’s episode of the Iron Butterfly podcast, we are thrilled to share the incredible story of Kristin Wood. Kristin brings with her 20 years of career experience from CIA, with service in the analysis, operations, and digital innovation directorates as she pursued transforming and building new capabilities within the agency. She was a President’s Daily Brief briefer for Vice President Cheney and his National Security Advisor, in addition to building and leading CIA’s Advanced Analyst Program, served as the Deputy Chief of a Middle East-focused operations division. She concluded her government service as the Deputy Director of the Innovation and Technology Group at the Open Source Center.  Kristin is now the CEO and President of The Grist Mill Exchange, which is a platform that allows commercial data providers and government customers to connect seamlessly to acquire data and information for the use within Federal government. We are so excited to share her story.
  • 4. Melissa Smislova: Bumblebee

    On this week's episode of the Iron Butterfly podcast, we are proud to welcome Melissa Smislova, the Senior Official Performing the Duties of Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis at the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A). Melissa brings decades of intelligence expertise with her, known for her work on the Soviet Union and North Korea. Prior to her service at DHS, she worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), earning several awards along the way such as the National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citation, the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement, and the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB) 1998 Killian Award. Melissa embodies what it means to be a selfless and unapologetic woman in intelligence, balancing both fierce yet nurturing attributes within the Intelligence Community.