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13. Dr JP McMahon: Michelin starred chef, playwright and more

Episode 13. Dr JP McMahon discusses his early life, his education, Marina Carr, Tom Murphy Brian Friel, the three Lady Gregory plays, Brendan Kennelly poet, Samuel Beckett, Dadaism, Hugo Ball, bringing art into the restaurant, choosing music to match the restaurant, using photography in the restaurant, Food On The Edge, staging a performance with food, Hugo Ball, his Cava and Aniar restaurants, the seriousness of Michelin starred restaurants, how Michelin stars are awarded, how Aniar is a process, Irish brown flour, the black Irish bee, farmers market vs supermarkets, the state of farming in Ireland today and the challenges it faces, a message to the policy makers when it comes to farming as well as other topics. WARNING: This podcast discusses some adult themes.

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  • 84. Fun Lovin' Criminals: Musical Legends

    Episode 84 brings you a conversation between Fender Jackson and Fun Lovin’ Criminals as the guys play Monroe’s as part of the Galway International Arts Festival.Conversation includes: (re)introductions; Limelight nightclub in New York; Entourage Pro; Dermot Doran; Frankie and Naim joining the band; drum teaching; difference in audiences in Ireland and New York; Dominic De Luca from Brooklyn Projects; EMI; Gang Starr; Digable Planets; D'Angelo; Prince and First Avenue; the Fentanyl crisis; Purple Riddler; Frankie getting a call from Prince’s lawyer and David Kokakis the Head of Universal back catalogue at 2am; Dread Zeppelin; Easy Star All-Stars; those early gigs in the Limelight; Kraftwerk; Tramps venue in New York; Tim Latham; writing lyrics; ChatGPT; David Bowie; Bono; Michael Jackson; the different skills of different musicians; Chris Martin Coldplay; writing for clubs vs. stadiums; FLC as a mixed bag of snakes; folk bands; Green Day; Rolling Stones; where the suits came from; Michael Schnapp the A&R guy at EMI Records; getting Gucci suits; Ali G; Gas Coombes; Supergrass; Eamonn Dorans; DiFontaine's Pizzeria, Dublin; Monroe’s Live Music Venue, Galway International Arts Festival and other topics. Relevant Links Linkshttps://www.giaf.ie
  • 83. Seamus McGarvey: Cinematographer - Part 1

    Episode 83 is a forensic insight into the mysterious world of shooting movies from one of the world’s most accomplished and desired cinematographers, Armagh’s Seamus McGarvey.Conversation includes: introductions; early years in Armagh; meeting and working with Oliver Stone; Enda Hughes and his brother Michael Colgan and their bijou cinema in Keady; their movies ‘The Eliminator’ and ‘Flying Saucer Rock’n’ Roll’ with Ardal O’Hanlon; Panavision; meeting Steven Spielberg on the set of ‘The Soloist’; Stuart Neville; ‘Butterfly Kiss’ with Michael Winterbottom; ‘The Slab Boys’ with John Byrne and Tilda Swinton; ‘The Winter Guest’ with Alan Rickman; Eduardo Serra; digital vs. film; ‘The Avengers’ by Joss Whedon; working with Derek Jarman; the comparison of making movies and a mad fecking ceilidh dance; Seamus’s close friendship with Sam Shepard; ‘The War Zone’ with Tim Roth; meeting Stephen Frears and working on ‘High Fidelity’ with John Cusack and Jack Black; luck is the residue of good decisions; the joy of working with an improvising Jack Black; D. V. DeVincentis and Steve Pink tethering the script as Jack Black improvised his way along the movie; Tenacious D; ‘The Hours’ with Stephen Daldry and Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, Ed Harris, John C. Reilly; what he learnt from Meryl Streep; ‘The Actors’ by Conor McPherson with Dylan Moran, Michael Caine, Michael McElhatton, Aisling O'Sullivan and editor Emer Reynolds; Seamus’ favourite Irish cinematographers such as Suzie Lavelle, Piers McGrail, Robbie Ryan, Brendan Galvin, P.J. Dillon, Owen McPolin - the list goes on and on; ‘Bad Times at the El Royale’ with Jeff Bridges; accident in art being central; ‘The Night of the Hunter’ by Charles Laughton starring Robert Mitchum shot by Stanley Cortez; Gilbert McCarragher and other topics.Relevant Links LinksThe Mirror | FULL MOVIE | Directed by Andrey Tarkovsky Saucer Rock N Roll Michael & Enda Hughes Cult Movie Classics: The Eliminator
  • 82. Lillis Ó Laoire & Seán Ó hEaráin: Aodh Ó Canainn & Saggart Heron

    Episode 82 is a conversation with An Feannadóir (Fender Jackson), his father Seán Ó hEaráin and Lillis Ó Laoire around a book written by the late Aodh Ó Canainn about Priest Heron which tracks the language shift from Gaelic to English in the south of County Derry just after the famine in the 19th Century.Conversation includes: introductions; a background to the book; Páidí Láidir Mac Cullach; Jane McCrory; Aodh Ó Canainn; Terence ‘Terry’ Heron; Saggart (Priest) Heron; Cardinal Paul Cullen and the Romanisation of the Irish church including the introduction of ‘Father’; Kitty clerkin and Éilis Ní Chléirighean; Katie Kelly’s in Portstewart; Anne Marie Kennedy; Charlie Conville; Biddy Donnelly, matchmaking and near misses; poitín; the conditions for a language shift; the famine; John Heron in America; Nóra Ní Chathain; Peter McNamee; Seán Mac Diarmuida and Miss McGuigan; Bridie Browne; Dr Wilhelm Doegen (1877-1967) Director of the Lautabteilung, Preussische Staatsbibliothek (the Sound Department at the Prussian State Library), Berlin; Gaelic in Ulster in 1930s; the Royal Irish Academy; John Carolan; Sarah Tracey; Francie Frank; Art Hughes; Fr. Mathew Pledge and the Pioneers; Seán’s aunt Brigid and how photographs in Draperstown came into existence; Patrick J. Heron; John O'Donovan from the Ordnance Survey visiting the area before the famine; Seán’s journey to gaelic; Francie Convery; Rosguill; Oideas Gael; Gleann Cholm Cille; Tomás Ó Canainn; Diarmuid Ó Devlin; the Aodh and Tomás’ nephew Neil Martin; Burns’ shop in Draperstown; the supernatural powers of the priest; Saggart Heron’s potatoes; the songs in the book; Tory Island; King Patsy Dan Rodgers;’ Prince Paul and other topics.Relevant Linkshttps://www.doegen.ie Links
  • 81. Dr. Patrick Collins: AI & UrbanLab Galway

    Episode 81 is another failed conversation between Dr. Patrick Collins and Fender Jackson as they get sidetracked on AI and UrbanLab instead of talking about Pat’s book from Orpen Press. Conversation includes: (re)introductions; recap on Episode 28; augmented reality glasses by Magic Leap; AR vs. VR; Ironman; Minority Report; Google Glass; Captain America: Civil War; AI safety nets; Sam Altman and ChatGPT; the challenges the arts industry are facing with AI; Suno; Lumalabs; Sora; Moore’s Law; legislating for AI; artificially generated content on social media; the erosion of truth; Jeremy Bentham and his panopticon prison; the famine and the famine relief scheme; Central Statistics Office; the advantages of the work being undertaken by UrbanLab; Science Foundation Ireland; Prof Ulf Strohmayer; Oisin Slevin; Lua Flannery; shared experiences; good planning; ‘The Man With 1000 Kids’; the Netherlands; the 1996 IRA Manchester bombing; Ireland coming second to Viktor Orbán’s state finances; Ireland spending 8% of its budget at the local level; the proposed bypass of Galway; Pat’s work in Moycullen; the proposed greenway from Galway to Clifden; Heather Humphries; a lack of interconnectedness and being underfunded; J. P. McManus; peer assists; a new Ireland and the opportunities that could arise for the cities of the whole island as well as other topics. Relevant
  • 80. Jake Burns: Stiff Little Fingers' Singer & Guitarist

    Episode 80 is a conversation between Fender Jackson and his childhood hero Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers.Conversation includes: introductions; life in Belfast in the 1970s; moving to London in 1978; being stopped by the police in London; Jake’s early musical influences; the huge influence Rory Gallagher had on Jake; Motown; Led Zeppelin; Black Sabbath; Deep Purple; The Damned; Sex Pistols; John Peel; Bob Marley; Bob Dylan; Graeme Parker; Little Richard; The Clash; Henry Cluney; Gerry McAvoy; Deep Joy; the influence of ‘Career Opportunities’; being signed to Chrysalis Records at the same time as Rory Gallagher; Rory playing on ‘Human Shield’; ‘The Eliminator’ and ‘Flying Saucer Rock 'n' Roll’ by Enda Hughes and Michael Colgan; the Bafta-winning documentary editor Jake Martin; unwanted attention; Beach Boys; Elvis Costello; Blondie; Television; ’Now Then…’; New Wave; New Romantics; working at BBC; reuniting the band in 1987 as well as other topics.Silver Lining mash up with This Old Heart of Mine by Fender Jackson. Special thanks to Eugene Hamill who provided the horns. Eugene was recorded by Plunkett McComb in Starlite Studios Dungannon, County Tyrone. Also special thanks to Lina Goldbach who provided the violin part. Lina was working in luthier Paul Doyle’s workshop here in Galway when I went to collect one of my acoustics which required attention and she was treating a violin. Fair play to her for coming with me and recording the violin parts.Relevant Linkswww.slf.rocksAdditional LinksGoldbach Violins McComb on Facebook Cult Movie Classics: The Eliminator Saucer Rock N Roll Michael & Enda Hughes - Barbed Wire Love Life (Stiff Little Fingers) - Ken Tizzard & Music For Goats 80 playlist on Spotify
  • 79. Steve Hofstetter: Stand Up Comic - Over 1 Billion Views!

    Episode 79 is Fender Jackson interviewing Steve Hofstetter, a comedian and author known for his quick wit, sharp humour, and extensive presence on social media platforms where he has a combined total of about 3 million followers and over 1 billion views!Conversation includes: introductions; Steve’s Nobel Prize nomination; words that are and are prohibited from being used on The Ireland Podcast; Steve’s charity foundation; John Lennon; the average age of your average listener of The Ireland Podcast; Steve’s level of fame; being on show in public; seeing Taylor Swift in Dublin; being famous vs. being known; soccer moms; football vs. football; YouTube pricing models in 2024; Cost Per Mille; millipedes; the (non) relationship between American politics and standup; offensive material; Lenny Bruce; (not) being cancelled; Louis CK; Shane Gillis; Kathy Griffin; ‘After Life’ by Ricky Gervais; Steve’s favourite stand up comedians; Bill Hicks; George Carlin; Dick Gregory; meeting Robin Williams; ‘The Fisher King’ movie; Nigel Planner; the lonely life of a comedian; Tommy Tiernan; testing new material; why Steve is in Ireland; Irish vs. American vs. European heckling; why Steve is in Ireland and other topics.Relevant Linkshttps://www.stevehofstetter.comAdditional Linkshttps://www.steelcityaf.com credit: Taylor Reschka
  • 78. Jack L: All Round Music Man - Part 2

    Episode 78 is the second part of a two part conversation between Jack L aka Jack Lukeman and Fender Jackson as he completes his 'Echo On' tour in Town Hall Theatre, Galway.Conversation includes: a performance of ‘Echo On’ on the banjo; Jack’s small accordion; the seed of a new hit; how Jack writes music; Prince vs. U2; advice to other songwriters; ‘Amsterdam’ by Jacques Brel; ‘Guilty’ by Randy Newman; ‘In Dreams’ by Roy Orbison; Johnny Cash; Thin Lizzy; the music industry today vs. 1960s; Thomas Edison; songs becoming short again; gigging in VR land; the internet as the gutenberg press; a performance of ‘Superman 2’; ‘Superman 2’ movie; Tom Waits; Harry Partch; a performance of ‘The Piano Has Been Drinking’; Marc Ribot; being left handed; Mick Flannery; Wallis Bird; Django Reinhardt; Jack’s teams; the Truman Show way of showbusiness; Soothe2 plugin; Warren Huart and Produce Like A Pro; AI; the felt presence of immediate experience; ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’; future collaborations; Sting; Joe Sumner; selling tip; regeneration; consciousness; string theory; troubadour vs. makar; Joseph Campbell; Lord Of The Rings; Alan Watts; Jack Black; Johnny Depp; Jack Nicholson; becoming yourself; Yat-Kha; Polyphonic Overtone Singing by Anna-Maria Hefele; Cool Hand Luke and other topics.Relevant
  • 77. Bloomsday 2024: Part 2 - Drumcondra Performances

    Episode 77 is also dedicated to Gerry Enright, Kerryman, lover of life, literature and Dublin, with us from March 19, 1960 to July 8, 2019.Episode 77 is the final instalment of Bloomsweek 2024 (or should that be Bloomsfortnight?) and features performances from the annual Drumcondra Joycean Jaunt on the 120th anniversary of Bloomsday. It is the second part of the Bloomsday 2024 recordings with Episode 74 being the first part.Drumcondra Joycean Jaunters convened at the current day shrine of the Blessed Virgin in Our Lady’s Park on the banks of the Tolka, across from Fagan’s, to celebrate the day. They followed the short route taken by Stephen Dedalus to his home on Millbourne Avenue. There, under the shadow of the Drumcondra Library, they celebrated the day in the spirit of the first Bloomsday “jant” held 70 years ago in 1954, when amongst others, Patrick Kavanagh (whose first Dublin home was in Drumcondra), set out on a Ulyssesean pilgrimage.The Ireland Podcast would like to express huge gratitude to Jerome Corby and friends for their efforts in the recording of this podcast. Jerome hosts his own podcast called ‘Country - What It Is’. Definitely worth checking out for all you lovers of American Country Music.ContentsPaul Reardon - WelcomeDeclan Roche - IntroductionSeán mac Gabhann - "Stately, Plump Buck Mulligan..."Denis Kehoe - A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young ManJerome Corby - Oft In The Stilly Night (Thomas More)Declan Roche - "Mr Leopold Bloom ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls..."Paul Reardon - The original BloomsdayFiona Dalton - Down By The Salley Gardens (William Butler Yeats)Jane Kelly - Penelope Unbound (Mary Morrissy)Kieran Rogers - an appreciation of Finnegan's WakeClodagh Malone - Thunder words in Finnegan's Wake / A Letter from Martha to BloomMartin Groves - Dubliners - Gas From A BurnerCarl Lombard - Joyce, Ibsen & HemingwayJerome Corby - Going to Paddy Dignam's Funeral / Oh! Oh! AntonioDeclan Roche - Barney Kiernan's PubAntonio Argentieri - My WayJerome Corby interviews Carl LombardRelevant Links
  • 76. Prof. Orla Muldoon: Professor Of Psychology

    Episode 76 is the result of a recommendation from Paul Muldoon that Fender Jackson interviews University of Limerick's Orla Muldoon - no relation - and this is exactly what occurred.Warning: Conversation includes some themes that some listeners may find upsetting including death, suicide and abuse, however overall this is a very positive conversation with a lot of reassurance and advice.Topics consist of: introductions; Paul Muldoon; Orla’s day job; the impact of political violence on children and adults; Limerick regeneration; declining mental health in Northern Ireland post Good Friday Agreement; the “Disappeared”; political violence vs. ganglands violence; the Greysteel massacre of 30 October 1993 and the Loughinisland massacre of 18 June 1994; understanding trauma risk; educating young people not to get a box in the head and not to get sexually assaulted; blaming ourselves for trauma caused to us; Limerick; Frank McCourt; WHO’s Global Burden of Disease; Black Lives Matter; women who have been raped; being distressed because of circumstances; Orla’s diagnosis of depression; the stigma of depression; moving to a new place; being connected; the health benefits of joining groups; Dr Grace McMahon; the role of the collective in defining who we are; advice for people to get help; coping in difficult experiences; the stealthlike nature of depression; the Inverted-U theory; children and managing their emotions; making too much of things; life being stressful; the effects of Covid; the interconnectedness of global health and climate; WHO being unelected; conspiracists and inequality; Fender’s traumatic three months; post traumatic growth and other matters.Relevant LinksThe Social Psychology of TraumaI’ve Overshared and it’s too late to Retract