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The Insomnia Project

Wipersnappers and Fireworks

Season 9, Ep. 12
The Insomnia Project: Lawns, Whippersnappers, and Fireworks, Oh My!

Can the rhythmic whir of a lawnmower and childhood memories of sparklers lull you to sleep? Join Marco Timpano and Amanda Barker as their conversation takes an unexpected turn from yard work (and yes, even a "whippersnapper" reference!) to a dazzling discussion about the best fireworks displays they've ever seen.

This episode, like all episodes of The Insomnia Project, is designed to be both calming and engaging, the perfect companion as you drift off to sleep.

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  • 14. Hung up and Ironed out -- Ironing tips

    Join Marco Timpano and Amanda Barker as they dive into the world of ironing. From mastering the perfect heat setting to conquering stubborn wrinkles, they share their top ironing tips. Get ready for a heated debate about starch and a hilarious discussion about the pronunciation of "hanger."Key Takeaways:Ironing Tips:Heat it up right: Match the heat setting to the fabric type.Work in order: Start with starched items, then delicate fabrics, and finish with cottons and linens.Master the moves: Use long, smooth strokes for wrinkle-free results.Iron inside out: Protect buttons, zippers, and embellishments.Harness the steam: Use steam for tough wrinkles, but avoid oversaturation.Tame stubborn wrinkles: Use a damp pressing cloth for extra help.Foil for faster ironing: Line your ironing board with aluminum foil for quicker results.Folding finesse: Hang or fold items immediately after ironing.Cleanliness is key: Iron only clean clothes.Fabric friends: Use ironing aids like starch or sizing for a crisp finish.Additional Highlights:Marco and Amanda's humorous banter about starch and the pronunciation of "hanger."Social Media: Twitter: @listenandsleepInstagram: @theinsomniaprojectweb: theinsomniaproject.comPatreon:
  • 13. Halifax Wanderers Take You to Dreamland (Maybe)

    The Insomnia Project: Halifax Wanderers Take You to Dreamland (Maybe)Ever wondered how a city could resemble a shoe? Tonight, we set sail for the Canadian Maritimes with guest James Covey! James gives Marco a geography lesson, transforming Halifax , Nova Scotia, into a footwear fashion show, so to speak.But wait, there's more! We lace up for another adventure, uncovering the history behind the intriguing name of Halifax's soccer team, the Wanderers. Get ready for a friendly match of mental wandering and a love letter to "the beautiful great equalizing game" from Marco himself.Never watched a soccer match before? Don't worry, James gives you some tips to become an armchair pro (perfect for those late-night games!). So, lean back, close your eyes, and let the soothing tones and fascinating stories lull you to sleep.Looking for more ways to connect with The Insomnia Project? We're here for you, night owls!Follow us on Twitter: We tweet like a lullaby - sweet dreams guaranteed. (@listenandsleep)Find us on Instagram: Sneak a peek into our sleepy world. (@theinsomniaproject)Visit our website: (But maybe not right before bed...unless that's your thing!)Support us on Patreon: Help us keep the sleep whispers flowing. (, drift off to the dreamland of Halifax, or wherever your cozy imagination takes you. Sweet dreams!
  • 11. Take me to the theatre

    The Insomnia Project: Take Me To The TheatreHosts: Marco Timpano & Amanda BarkerDescription: Calling all musical lovers (and tolerators)! In this episode, Marco and Amanda delve into the world of live theatre, with a special spotlight on the glorious (and sometimes groan-worthy) world of musicals. They discuss:Must-See Musicals: Get recommendations for shows that will have you tapping your toes and humming the tunes long after the curtain falls.Melodrama Misfires: We all have those musicals we just don't vibe with. Marco and Amanda share some shows that left them wanting more (like, way more).Water for Elephants Review: Fresh off their recent experience, they give their honest take on the new musical "Water for Elephants."On the Horizon: What musicals are they dying to see? Get the inside scoop on their dream theatre outings!Connect with The Insomnia Project:Twitter: @listenandsleepInstagram: @theinsomniaprojectWebsite: theinsomniaproject.comSupport us on Patreon: grab your popcorn (or beverage of choice), settle in, and let The Insomnia Project take you on a journey through the dazzling (and sometimes disastrous) world of musical theatre!
  • 10. Deep Diving and explore

    Deep Dive with UsAmanda Barker and Marco Timpano are back behind the mics after a refreshing (and slightly sleep-deprived) travels.This episode dives deep (pun intended) into Amanda's recent snorkeling adventure in a sun-drenched location. But beware, there's also a detour to the bustling streets of downtown Los Angeles. We won't spoil the surprise, but let's just say you'll need to listen closely (or maybe doze off a bit) to unravel the mysteries of their trip.This episode is perfect for:Travelers looking for vicarious sunshineOcean enthusiasts (with a taste for the unexpected)Anyone who enjoys a good mystery (revealed through podcast magic)So grab your headphones, drift off to dreamland, or stay wide awake - The Insomnia Project is back!
  • 9. A Relaxing Garden Stroll

    The Insomnia Project: A Relaxing Garden StrollJoin Marco Timpano and Amanda Barker as they take you on another meander through their (not-so-large) urban garden! Don't be fooled by its seeming vastness - this episode is all about maximizing a minimal space. They'll chat about their favorite blooms, including tulips, alliums, cedum, hostas, peonies, and even a majestic lilac tree. But wait, there's more! The conversation takes a delightful turn as they explore some creative (and maybe a little strange) methods to keep those pesky squirrels away from your precious bulbs.Settle in, relax, and let Marco and Amanda's soothing voices transport you to their green haven in the city.Follow us!Instagram: @theinsomniaprojectTwitter: @listenandsleepWe love your feedback! Please rate and review The Insomnia Project on your favourite podcast app.
  • 8. A Detailed Tour of The Insomnia Project Basement

    A Detailed Tour of The Insomnia Project BasementOverview:Welcome back to The Insomnia Project, where hosts Marco Timpano and Amanda Barker delve into the minutiae of everyday life to help you drift off into dreamland. Today's episode takes us on a serene journey through the depths of Marco and Amanda's basement, inspired by a suggestion from our listener Kischec. - Join Marco and Amanda as they embark on a meticulous exploration of their basement, unraveling the stories behind its treasures.- Discover the captivating tale of an auction-winning painting, as Amanda unveils the intricate details of its colors and the thoughtful process behind its placement.- Delve into the realm of interior design as the hosts discuss the meticulous selection of tiles, weaving a narrative around the aesthetic choices that define their laundry room.- Explore the personal touch of Marco's poster collection adorning the walls, as he recounts the origins and significance of each piece, offering glimpses into his eclectic tastes.- Experience the soothing ambiance of The Insomnia Project as Marco and Amanda transport you through the serene landscape of their basement, inviting you to unwind and embrace tranquility.We want to hear from you! Share your suggestions for future episode topics and join the conversation on our social media platforms:- Twitter: @listenandsleep- Instagram: @theinsomniaproject- Website: Support us on Patreon: us as we continue to explore the soothing world of The Insomnia Project, where relaxation meets revelation. Stay tuned for more tranquil tales and don't forget to hit subscribe for your nightly dose of tranquility.
  • 7. Tidy Hacks, Tulip Talk & Grocery Lists

    Tidy Hacks, Tulip Talk & Grocery ListsCan't sleep and looking for a calming distraction? Join Marco Timpano and Amanda Barker as they delve into the delightful world of... tidying up?This episode explores time-saving hacks to keep your home sparkling, including:Our hosts talk about an app they discovery called Tody! (not an ad or a sponsor)Upcycling your leftover coffee grounds (who knew they were so handy?) ☕️But wait, there's more! The conversation takes a delightful detour into the fascinating world of tulips and their surprising height variations.Feeling peckish? We've got you covered! Marco and Amanda also chat about grocery list hacks and the ultimate question: is a grocery list magnet the perfect Mother's Day gift (or maybe not?)As always, we hope this episode lulls you gently into dreamland.Follow us for more sleepy shenanigans:Twitter: @listenandsleepInstagram: @theinsomniaprojectWebsite: insomniaproject comPatreon:
  • 6. Montreal Misadventures & Shakespearean Dreams

    Montreal Misadventures & Shakespearean DreamsHosts: Marco Timpano & Amanda BarkerThis episode covers:Montreal Adventures: Marco dives into his podcasting workshop with the Quebec Writers Federation (QWF) alongside Linda Morra from Getting Lit with Linda. Amanda shares her experience at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal) and a relaxing bath-time read the one hundred years of lenni and margot By Marianne CroninBook Recommendations: Amanda spills the tea on a book recommendation from Linda, sure to spark your interest. Valley of the Birdtail by Andrew Stobo Sniderman & Douglas SandersonEclipse Chat: The hosts discuss their recent eclipse experience (details to be shared in the episode).Shakespearean Dreams: Marco and Amanda delve into their Shakespearean experiences and Marco remembers his lines from many many years ago.As always, The Insomnia Project wishes you a peaceful slumber.Connect with Us:Twitter: @listenandsleepInstagram: @theinsomniaprojectWebsite: theinsomniaproject.comPatreon: the word! Recommend The Insomnia Project to your fellow night owls.