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The Insomnia Project

The Wooden Deck

Season 6, Ep. 18

On this episode Marco and Amanda describe in full and mundane detail how the deck was stained and they question whether the back space of their house is a yard or a garden. They try to figure out what the staining tool that looks like a broom is called. Amanda tells the tale of buying a birthday cake for Nidhi.

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  • 1. Holiday Episodes - Unwrapping the Past with Holiday Cards (2021)

    The Insomnia Project: Holiday Episodes - Unwrapping the Past with Holiday CardsThe Holiday's are back!! Welcome to The Insomnia Project Holiday Episodes! This December, join us every day for a festive treat as we bring you Holiday Episodes filled with cheer and relaxation. Whether you're a longtime listener or just joining us, these episodes are sure to add a touch of holiday magic to your insomnia-fighting arsenal.In this particular episode, we're throwing it back to 2021, where hosts Amanda Barker and Marco Timpano dive into the charming world of holiday cards. From heartfelt sentiments to quirky designs, Amanda and Marco explore the unique tradition of exchanging cards during the festive season. Whether you're a fan of classic cards adorned with snowy scenes or prefer a touch of humor with quirky illustrations, this episode has it all.As the hosts share their own experiences and anecdotes related to holiday cards, you'll find yourself immersed in the warm and cozy atmosphere of the season. So, grab a cup of cocoa, get comfortable, and let Amanda and Marco guide you through the delightful journey of holiday card traditions. Whether you're sending or receiving them, holiday cards have a special place in the hearts of many, making this episode a perfect companion for a peaceful evening during the most wonderful time of the year.Follow us:- Instagram: @theinsomniaproject- Twitter: @listenandsleep- Web: theinsomniaproject.comIf you are looking to get a special holiday gift for someone or yourself, consider subscribing to our Patreon page:- Patreon: in daily for more holiday-themed episodes, and let The Insomnia Project be your go-to source for relaxation and holiday joy throughout December!
  • 10. Boats, Decor and so much more with special guest: Kelly Lawrence

    Host Marco Timpano makes up for the missed episode last week by welcoming guest Kelly Lawrence from Norwell, Massachusetts. The conversation kicks off with a deep dive into Kelly's home decor choices, exploring the art of making a home feel both welcoming and warm. The spotlight then shifts to a unique element in Kelly's home—a giant wooden giraffe—and the discussion delves into the strategies of seamlessly incorporating such distinctive pieces into a home's decor.Moving on to the topic of wall hangings, Marco and Kelly share insights on how to approach them and ensure they harmonize with the overall decor. The focus then narrows in on a specific wall hanging—a whale above the fireplace. Kelly provides the story behind acquiring the whale (featured in our Instagram post) and sheds light on the prevalence of nautical items in Massachusetts homes.The conversation takes a scenic turn to Kelly's boat, where she expresses her love for being on the water. Boating routes, the allure of Scituate, and the intriguing meeting point of the ocean and river at "the spit" all become part of the engaging dialogue. Marco explores what brings Kelly joy, leading to discussions about good stories, cherished company, and the undeniable joy that dogs bring.Kelly generously shares her tips on facing adversity, bringing a touch of inspiration to the conversation. The focus then shifts to the three fireplaces in Kelly's home, prompting a discussion on her favourite and a segue into the world of leather couches.The episode wraps up on a delightful note as Marco asks Kelly about her favourite flower, leaving listeners intrigued and eager to discover her answer. As always, the hosts sign off by inviting listeners to connect on social media:**Connect with us on:**- Twitter: @listenandsleep- Instagram: @theinsomniaproject- Website: Patreon: you for joining us on The Insomnia Project, the podcast for sleep.
  • 9. Orange County and the SoCal Challenge

    Orange County, CA with Nima Kharrazi *Intro:*Welcome to another episode of [Your Podcast Name], where we dive into the fascinating corners of the world, one conversation at a time. I'm your host [Your Name], and today, we have a special guest joining us to unravel the wonders of Orange County, California. *Segment 1: Discovering Orange County*Our guest today is Nima Kharrazi, a local enthusiast with an intimate knowledge of Orange County's diverse landscapes. From the majestic mountains to the pristine beaches and the vast desert expanses, Orange County truly encapsulates the essence of Southern California. Nima shares his insights into the unique charm of each region, painting a vivid picture of the breathtaking natural beauty that defines Orange County.*Segment 2: The So Cal Challenge*Nima and I delve into the So Cal Challenge, an adventurous pursuit that takes you through the varied terrains of Southern California. From hiking trails in the mountains to surfing the waves along the coastline, and even exploring the serene desert landscapes, the So Cal Challenge promises a thrilling exploration of the region's dynamic geography. Nima breaks down some of his favorite challenges and recounts memorable experiences from these journeys.*Segment 3: Things to Do in the "OC"*Orange County isn't just about landscapes; it's a hub of culture, entertainment, and vibrant communities. Nima and I discuss some must-try activities in the OC, from exploring world-class amusement parks to indulging in the diverse culinary scene. Whether you're a nature lover, thrill-seeker, or food enthusiast, Orange County offers something for everyone.A huge thank you to Nima Kharrazi for taking us on this virtual tour of Orange County and sharing his passion for the So Cal Challenge. If you're itching for adventure or looking to explore the diverse offerings of Southern California, this episode is your guide.Connect with Us:- Twitter: [@listenandsleep]( Instagram: [@theinsomniaproject]( Website: []( Patreon: [](, the adventure doesn't end here. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes. Until next time, happy exploring!
  • 8. Queue to the KEW

    Embark on a tranquil journey with us on The Insomnia Project in our latest episode, "Queue to the KEW." Join Marco and Amanda as they recount their serene escapade to Montreal's Boata Boata spa, where relaxation takes on new depths.As the hosts share their spa experiences, they also explore the nuances of language, contrasting "Queue" with "Line." Marco's love for British expressions shines through, while Amanda keeps it closer to home, adding a charming twist to their conversations.Discover the shared passion for calm British shows that unites these hosts in late-night binges, creating the perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment.Follow us on social media for behind-the-scenes content and updates:Twitter: @listenandsleepInstagram: @theinsomniaprojectWeb: theinsomniaproject.comPatreon: dreams, and tune in for a delightful mix of spa tales, linguistic musings, and the cozy comfort of British television.
  • 7. Mitten Strings

    Mitten Strings: Welcome to today's episode of The Insomnia Project! In this cozy and lighthearted episode, your hosts Marco and Amanda delve into a delightful array of topics that will keep you entertained, whether you're trying to fall asleep or just looking for some easy listening.To start, Marco and Amanda share their recent adventures in pumpkin carving, setting the mood for the upcoming Halloween season. Amanda reveals a charming quirk as she admits to storing various items in her Moroccan poof, which is a storage ottoman that adds a touch of exotic flair to her home.The hosts then take you on a culinary journey as they recount their attendance at the Taste Canada Awards for Cookbooks. You'll get a taste of the latest in Canadian culinary literature.But that's not all; you'll also learn about the versatile uses of nylons, as Marco embarks on a journey to understand why we no longer call them stockings. It's a curious and fun exploration of everyday items and their evolving names.The episode takes a turn as Marco and Amanda discuss one-use items. Marco confesses his love for these convenient products, while Amanda leans towards a more eco-friendly approach and shares her concerns about excessive waste.And, of course, no episode is complete without a trip to the discount rack at the grocery store. Tune in as Marco and Amanda share their finds and discuss the joys of bargain hunting in the supermarket aisles.As the episode winds down, Marco divulges his secret for keeping his shirts looking crisp: starch. To stay connected with The Insomnia Project and never miss an episode, be sure to follow them on their social media platforms:- Twitter: @listenandsleep- Instagram: @theinsomniaproject- Website: Patreon:, whether you're battling insomnia or just looking for a relaxed and entertaining podcast to accompany your day, The Insomnia Project has you covered. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and drift off into dreamland with Marco and Amanda's soothing voices.
  • 6. Chorreador & Fall Gardening

    Chorreador & Fall GardeningWelcome to "The Insomnia Project," the podcast that's here to soothe your mind and carry you away to dreamland. I'm your host, Amanda Barker, and I'm Marco Timpano, and today we're shaking things up a bit. We've left our cozy studio behind and are sitting on squeaky rattan chairs, surrounded by the ambient sounds of cars rumbling by and fridges buzzing. It's like an unintentional ASMR experience right here on the podcast.First up, we dive into the world of radiators, those reliable sources of warmth during chilly nights and their clanking sounds. But we don't stop there; we take you to Costa Rica's delightful Café Chorreado. You'll learn about the wooden stand required to make this traditional Costa Rican coffee, as well as the essential bolista that holds the coffee grind, ensuring a perfect brew every time.As we sip our coffee, we can't help but chat about fall gardening. Bulbs, squirrels, and skunks make their way into the conversation, and we even discuss Toronto's infamous black squirrels. Who knew gardening could be so relaxing?This episode is designed to lull you into relaxation and perhaps even send you off to sleep. So, sit back, let our chatter wash over you, and prepare to drift away into dreamland.Don't forget to connect with us on social media to stay updated on all things "The Insomnia Project":Twitter: @listenandsleepInstagram: @theinsomniaprojectWebsite: theinsomniaproject.comPatreon:, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the gentle ramblings of "The Insomnia Project" carry you into a peaceful slumber. Goodnight!
  • 5. Fashion and Book

    Welcome to a special, bite-sized episode of The Insomnia Project, the sleep podcast for insomniacs! Join your hosts, Marco Timpano and Amanda Barker, as they take you on a whirlwind tour of fascinating topics in today's compact yet content-rich installment.In this remarkably shorter episode, Marco and Amanda navigate through various intriguing subjects, showcasing their unique ability to engage listeners in the world of the sleepless. From the ever-evolving world of fashion spanning across decades to a literary gem that Marco has found solace in, "Breathe: The New Science of a Lost Art" by James Nestor, this episode is packed with delightful nuggets of insight and entertainment.As always, the hosts bring their signature charm and wit to the conversation, leading you down delightful tangents that keep you engaged from start to finish. Their dynamic banter and infectious enthusiasm ensure that even though this episode may be shorter in duration, it's definitely not short on entertainment value.Tune in and let Marco and Amanda's conversational zigzags transport you into the realms of fashion, literature, and all things in between. So, cozy up, relax, and enjoy this concise yet captivating episode of The Insomnia Project. Whether you're an insomniac seeking respite or just looking for an entertaining podcast to accompany your day, this episode has you covered. Connect with us on:Twitter: @listenandsleepInstagram: @theinsomniaprojectWeb: theinsomniaproject.comPatreon: in the loop and join the conversation on social media to catch the latest updates, behind-the-scenes moments, and exclusive content. We can't wait to connect with you! #TheInsomniaProject #SleepPodcast #ListenAndSleep
  • 4. Massage & Cologne

    In this episode of "The Insomnia Project" titled "Massage & Cologne," hosts Marco Timpano and Amanda Barker take listeners on a soothing journey through their preferences and amusing anecdotes related to massages and fragrances. The episode begins with a discussion of their favourite types of massages, including techniques, pressure levels, and the ultimate relaxation experiences. They also share their favourite scents that enhance the massage experience, offering insights into the olfactory aspects of this therapeutic practice. The hosts reveal some intriguing and unique places to get massages, adding a touch of adventure to the conversation.As the episode unfolds, Marco regales the audience with a mishap he had during a massage, injecting humour and relatability into the narrative. The hosts then transition to the world of cologne, perfumes, and eau de toilettes. They discuss their preferred scents, delve into the importance of bottle design and shape in the world of fragrances, and share more entertaining misadventures they've encountered in their perfume journeys.To stay updated with "The Insomnia Project," you can connect with the hosts on social media:Twitter: @listenandsleepInstagram: @theinsomniaprojectWebsite: theinsomniaproject.comPatreon: Marco and Amanda as they explore the realms of relaxation and personal scent in this engaging and lighthearted episode.