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I Had Postpartum Depression and Didn't Know It

Season 1, Ep. 17

Welcome back to The Inkfully Podcast

This episode is all about Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month.

So, if you are an expecting mama, new mama, mom of littles, (or you know of one...share this episode),

then this episode is for you!

Today I talk with Dr. Angel Montfort, Licensed Perinatal Clinical Psychologist and mom of 4

In this episode we cover:

What is Postpartum Depression and Anxiety?

What are the risk factors?

What are the symptoms?

What are some of the misconceptions we have as mothers?

What are some practical strategies you can use TODAY to start feeling more like yourself?

You don't want to miss this episode!

You can find Dr. Montfort

IG: @DrAngelMontfort

You can find me, Tania: IG @ink.fully


The website for Postpartum Support International is

They offer a wealth of resources including online support groups.

Dr. Monforts' website:

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