The Inkfully Podcast


4 Complete Strangers...1 Beautiful Conversation

Season 1, Ep. 15

On today's special bonus episode you are going to hear a LIVE recording on stage at Podfest 2020. In honor of International Women's Day this past Sunday, I sat down with 3 other woman and fellow podcasters. We discuss everything from our greatest achievements, biggest regrets, our childish tendencies, colorism, and even Kobe bryant. Lots of powerful nuggets in this episode!

Listen in!

You can find the ladies on todays show below (give them a follow and them I sent you!):

Martina Lindo - Full Bloom Podcast - IG: @_martinakristian

Ella Turenne - Fanm on Films Podcast - IG: @blackwomyn

Sheunopa - High Key Woke Podcast - IG: @noopaa_

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