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Episode 220 - Hubergasm

Kaveh is joined by Rebecca Watson and Immunologist Dr. Andrea Love to discuss the immensely popular Andrew Huberman, his podcast, supplements and if it's possible to advertise health and wellness products in an ethical way.

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  • Episode 232 - Homeschool

    Kaveh is joined by Zach Van Nus (Grinding to a Halt) along with Eve Ettinger and Kieran Darkwater (Kitchen Table Cult) to learn about the Quiverfull Christian movement and the pros and cons of homeschooling.The GoFundMe discussed at the end of the show:
  • Episode 231 - Survivor

    Kaveh is joined by guest co-host Dr. Bobby Davari who tries to convince him why he should watch the show Survivor and what it can teach us about relationships, toxic workplaces and the world.
  • Episode 230 - Ozempic

    Kaveh is joined by Endocrinologist and Obesity Medicine specialist, Dr. Karl Nadolsky and frequent guest co-host Will Poole (aka Kristi Yamaguccimane) to discuss the latest in weight loss medications, including but not limited to Ozempic and Wegovy.
  • Episode 229 - Relationships

    Kaveh is joined by Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Elizabeth Hinkle and Entrepreneur/Sandwich Guru/YouTuber, Ike Shehadeh to answer listener questions about difficult relationship issues, as well as discuss dating, polyamory and common communication failures between partners.
  • Episode 228 - HPAI (The Bird Flu)

    Kaveh is joined by Virologists Angela Rasmussen and Jason Kindrachuk to have a high level discussion about the COVID lab leak hypothesis, the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, whether or not to stockpile flu medicines and large poops taken on the floor of a Blockbuster in the 90s. It's a deep dive is what I'm saying.
  • Episode 227 - Menopause

    Kaveh is joined by podcaster Naomi Laguna (Housewifery) and OB/GYN and author of The Menopause Manifesto, Dr. Jen Gunter to discuss Menopause, hot flashes, the truth about weight gain and the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy!
  • Episode 226 - Mailbag 2!

    Kaveh answers anonymous listener questions and discusses topics ranging from increasing COVID cases to why he walked out of the Surgeon General's talk.
  • Episode 225 - Marijuana

    Kaveh is joined by Harvard internist and cannabis specialist, Dr. Peter Grinspoon and show favorite, toxicologist Dr. Ryan Marino to discuss the health benefits and risks of marijuana and the new proposed federal changes to marijuana.
  • Episode 224 - Artificial Intelligence

    Kaveh and co-host Dr. Jason Rosenbaum are joined by Dr. Arturo LoAlza-Bonilla and Dr. Nasim Parsa to learn how AI is trained, what it can be used for and what the concerns about rapidly adapting AI in medical practice might be.