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Raising a Vegetarian Family

Season 1, Ep. 7

Listen to Bhav get preachy about being a vegan. And we have The Green Queen herself, Sonale Figueiras talking about raising a veggie family in HK.

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  • 9. Working parents after kids

    Listen to hear about Bhav's revolutionary business idea. Our guest this week is Sam, a Mom who started her photography business after she had kids. She gives us advice on how to balance work and family life.
  • 8. Kids Parties ... sigh

    Over the top kids parties, present pressures and creepy Dads. In this episode, we discuss all the fun surrounding throwing a kids' party. We welcome our guest, Cassie Thomas - the founder of Chaotic Hong Kong Expats, part-time party planner and stand-up comedian. 
  • 6. Dating after divorce

    We loved Valentina Tudose that we had her on the podcast again. Talking dating after divorce, dating in Hong Kong and the magic word 'clarity.'
  • 5. Sex and relationships after kids

    Bhav and Justine talk about getting the spark back after having kids. Hong Kong's Sexpert, Valentina Tudose comes on to share her tips.
  • 4. Dad Bods

    Bhav and Justine discuss the 'Dad bod' and also talk to Simon Tasker, the founder of DB Dad Bods.
  • Adoption in Hong Kong

    Bhav and Justine ask this weeks guest Kirsty Curthoys, adoptive mother of two, all the questions about Adoption in Hong Kong you can't find on google.
  • 2. Sleepless in Sai Ying Pun

    If you're chugging down coffee and desperate for more sleep, then this podcast is for you. Hosts Justine and Bhav talk to Sleep Consultant Jade Dharmana, founder of the The Sleeep Lab. This sleep expert gives some major tips on getting your kids to dreamland.
  • 1. Getting Preggers

    Welcome to the Club! This is our first episode and you are our newest members. In this episode we start at the beginning - getting pregnant isn't as easy as you think. Today, Justine & Bhav tell us how they did it and catch up with a mum-to-be to discuss pregnancy during covid, the smells of Hong Kong, and the public vs private medical system.