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  • 6. 6. The importance of access to quality content, with Armand Nel - THH Radio

    Armand Nel chats to us about the changing education landscape, and how content providers have been forced to adapt to accommodate the rise of homeschoolers. We also touch on technology as both a barrier and an enabler and the importance of QUALITY content being put into the hands of anyone looking to educate their kids at home, aligned with CAPS and/or IEB standards. Links & Resources:

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  • 5. 5. Interview with Haelene & Hannes vd Walt of Educ8SA - THH Radio

    Listen as we chat to Haelene and Hannes about the future and things to bear in mind to ensure you stay relevant in such a rapidly-changing job market!
  • 4. 4. Interview with Homeschooling Curriculum Guides creator Willemien Kruger - THH Radio

    We chat with Willemien Kruger about her Homeschooling Curriculum Guide Series, an excellent parent resource born of a need to help parents find the curricula that best works for their particular family's needs. Willemien is a 20+ year veteran homeschool Mom and has raised 3 kids from R-12 and is also the author of Omvattend Afrikaans, as well as the unique South African Art Series for Children program. You can learn more about these via these links: For access to the Curriculum Guide Series for FREE for 2022, check out the link below:
  • 3. 3. Interview with Anna-Mart Schoeman, the Traveling Teacher! - THH Radio

    Meet Anna-Mart Schoeman! She's known as the Traveling Teacher with 20+ years of experience in (and now out) of the classroom, and she shares some of her process with us. After traveling to different parts of the world, Anna has returned to her home country of SA just in time for the world to drastically change. Formerly a classroom teacher, she's now a "teacher on call" ready to help parents root out, and solve out, the pain points they may experience while homeschooling their children during the Foundation Phase. Join us we chat with the Traveling Teacher!
  • 2. 2. Veteran Interview - Willemien Kruger - THH Radio

    Willemien Kruger, 20-year homeschooling veteran and author of the Omvattend Afrikaans and South African Art Series for Children curricula, tells us why the mainstream school system was never going to be the right choice for her family, and tells about the tough decisions the family made for her to leave her successful career and teach their kids from home - from day ONE.
  • 1. 1. Introduction to The Homeschool Hub - THH Radio

    Our first episode EVER is a quick introduction to your hosts, homeschool parents Caleb and Elbie, as well as to The Homeschool Hub platform behind our show. In future episodes we'll be chatting with various curriculum providers about their unique offerings and approaches, as well as homeschool veterans and everyday homeschoolers just like you! All this to extract useful, interesting and inspirational content for you on your homeschool journey. You can check us out at and get in touch with us directly any time via email at