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The home cinema design podcast

Business at the front, party in the back

Season 1, Ep. 12

When it comes to styling, you can have whatever you want - up until the point it starts to affect the performance, and then we have to talk about it.

This week Tom and Owen go through some popular room styles, ideas about the process, and CPD training for our architect and interior design friends.

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  • 13. Deeper into RP22 - Dynamics

    This time around we go deeper into the RP22 metrics, which divide into Dynamics, Spatial and Timbre (or Timber, if you're from Stoke).We start off with dynamics - Sound Pressure Level, Low Frequency Effect, and particularly, Noise Floor. And Tom throws a bit of a tizzy. Awww.
  • 11. Rendered to perfection

    Tom and Owen both design in 3D, but very differently - Tom's Team Solidworks and Owen is Team SketchUp.Let's have a fight! No, not really. We talk about our processes and workflow with 3D modelling and how they help us create engineered cinema rooms.
  • 10. The Infinite Bullshit Generator

    This week Owen and Tom are back on our bullshit - there's a lot of it about and thanks to AI it's increasing to near-infinite levels. We examine some of the most egregious examples in the home cinema industry, and wonder whether we can drag our industry from being bullshitters to professionals.
  • 9. Tom's Takeover

    This time out Owen's the host and Tom is the special guest, to tell us all about a takeover project where having first got things working, he then made them work really well.
  • 8. Do better and bring money

    Back after a short break looking after the customers :) this time out Tom and Owen are joined by Louise Tarling of Louise Tarling Limited and Benjamin Pratt from B-Electrical and White Onyx Automation, talking about the recent two-day RP22 training course and setting the world of home cinema to rights
  • 7. Video calibration with Dr Julian Scott

    This week Tom and Owen are joined by Dr Julian Scott from to talk about video calibration, the Professional Video Alliance (PVA) and why white-walled projection rooms are (still) a really, really silly idea.
  • 6. Myths, misconceptions and excuses

    'Everyone knows that...' but is it true?Tom and Owen go over some of our least favourite home cinema myths, misconceptions, and bad excuses. Big thanks to Ben Pratt for the idea and to Peter Aylett for the longest list of suggestions! Bit sweary.
  • 5. Waveforming with David Meyerowitz of Trinnov Audio

    This week we're joined by David Meyerowitz of Trinnov Audio to explain their new Waveforming system. This technology really does seem to solve the long-standing problem of achieving great bass, for more listeners, in a small room. This could genuinely change the game. PS no Tom this week as he wasn't very well.