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What Story Will You Tell? With Pitof Comar

Season 1, Ep. 7

What did you dream about doing with your life as a child? 

For Pitof Comar, his dream was to tell a story and provide an immersive experience for others. He started his career as a photographer, assistant director, and editor for films back in 1976, before branching out into musical scoring and graphic design for TV, music videos, and commercials. Then, in 2003, Pitof made his studio movie debut: Catwoman, a Warner Bros film starring Halle Berry and Sharon Stone. Now, he’s pivoted his idea of what “immersive storytelling” really looks like: multi-media virtual reality content. 

Throughout our conversation, Pitof shares with me the rollercoaster ride of directing his studio movie, what challenges he overcame, and how the story of that film developed over time. He also shares insights into how the filmmaking business has changed over time as audiences change their viewing habits, and why virtual reality is the future of storytelling. 

Tune in to hear more about Pitof’s journey and how the film industry has changed over time. 

Some Questions I Ask: 

  • What was it like to get the call to direct Catwoman? (4:12)
  • What challenges does working on a studio movie present versus an independent film? (12:14)
  • Tell me about your pivot to virtual reality. (24:11)
  • What advice would you give to an aspiring film director? (40:41)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • How Pitof used martial arts to depict a feline in a human body when working on Catwoman. (4:32)
  • How Halle Berry was cast in Catwoman. (10:48)
  • How the story behind Catwoman evolved over time. (12:28)
  • How the nature of film entertainment has changed. (24:56)
  • How virtual reality affects the brain’s perceptions. (38:04)

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How do actors cope when all productions are put on hold? When loved ones are being kept at a distance, in this episode, the Hollywood veil gets lifted to give us a glimpse of the real and raw emotion of an artist.Maeve Quinlan was in my premiere episode but there was so much more to share about how we all cope when our natural desire to be close is being put to the test and how to keep creating and working on our dreams even when all appears to be hopeless.In this episode, I have a freestyle conversation with Maeve Quinlan that will bring a smile to your face. She is a critically acclaimed Irish American actress, starring in over 40 features films, television series, and movies. She works with actors on all levels, both alongside them in front of the camera and from the producer’s point of view.Right here, Maeve talks about the reality of working as an actress: what “Hollywood types” are really like, why she nearly gave up on acting, and how she decided to stick with it. Going deeper, we continue on to have a really moving conversation about what Maeve ’s experience is like amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when it comes to visiting her mother in a nursing home.In This Episode You Will Learn:Why the myth of the “fake” Hollywood types just isn’t true. (4:05)Why Maeve nearly gave up acting and how Jon Lovitz inspired her to keep going. (8:59)How The Bold and the Beautiful started production again after pausing during the pandemic. (20:29)What it was like for Maeve to see her mom, who lives in a nursing home, for the first time in months and why it caught the attention of the press. (23:16)The story of how Maeve rescued a dog for her mother. (33:37)Connect with Maeve:FacebookTwitterInstagramLet’s Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInResources:Bichons and Buddies

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Ever wonder what the job of a production designer looks like?Production design is one of the most important elements in film and TV. It sets the tone, creating an immersive world for the actors and viewers alike.In this episode, I talk with Carolos Barbosa, an extremely talented production designer who has worked on the pilot of 24 – which nominated him for an Emmy – Lost, CSI Miami, Studio 60, among many others. Carlos was born in Colombia and moved to Los Angeles to work on an architecture project, but this is also where the world of designing for the silver screen became a real possibility for his career.Throughout our conversation, Carlos shares his story of how he transitioned to architecture to production design, what it’s like to collaborate with directors and showrunners, and how he sees the future of design in the TV and film industries.Tune in to hear more about the life and career of a production designer!Some Questions I Ask:How did you go from architecture to production design? (5:41)How does it feel when your production designs get torn down after wrap? (8:35)How does the production design process start? (12:50)Have you ever been tempted to leave a project after butting heads with the director or showrunner? (18:58)What directors are you dreaming to work with right now? (24:55)What is your life and career’s mantra? (31:08)In This Episode You Will Learn:What it was like on set for the television show Aquarius. (3:38)How Carlos got his first job in production design. (5:56)How Carlos evaluates his projects and picks what to work on. (13:17)How Carlos protects the integrity of his work. (19:24)What the future of production design and augmented reality looks like. (27:18)Connect with Carlos Barbosa:WebsiteLet’s Connect!WebsiteLittle Studio FilmsTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedIn

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