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Making Conscious Content with Emmanuel Itier

Season 1, Ep. 15
In this episode, we talk about making conscious content for a better world. Emmanuel is an experienced feature film producer and documentary filmmaker. A regular at all the major Film Festivals and Conventions, Emmanuel scouts for films for French distributors. We sit in line watching films together and talking about what's good and what's not for our clients. Of course, he has a ton of film credits. But I do want to speak about his documentary work because it's so meaningful and so needed today. I was involved in his Peace documentary THE INVOCATION narrated by Sharon Stone and starring Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, as well as many other worldwide peace activists. I got a little special thanks credit on that film, because I brought in some actors, and I brought in some really great spiritual leaders that contributed to the documentary. He's also on the board of the Santa Barbara Film Festival for a decade.During a spirited conversation, we opened the lid to the world of documentary production and the challenges of making content for a purpose and not for capital gain. Some highlights:Our actions need to speak for us more than our talks.Why Emmanuel started making documentaries.The distribution and growing popularity of docs today.Working with actress Sharon Stone.Having faith in what you believe in and how faith helps us to keep going.Meeting Desmond Tutu.And so much more!Connect with Emmanuel Itier:IMDbWebsiteInstagramWorld Peace ConferenceLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedIn

Charles And Vlas Parlapanides On Writing Commercial Screenplays

Season 1, Ep. 14
CHARLES AND VLAS PARLAPANIDESON WRITING ANIME FOR NETFLIX, AND THE AMALGAMATION OF CHARACTER AND ACTION IN IMPACTFUL STORYTELLING.Charles and Vlas Parlapanides are a true family business and a tight writing and producing unit. Not only they are siblings, but they are a successful writing team that has deals at Universal Pictures Warner Brothers Columbia, Paramount Pictures and Netflix. The first produced studio film Immortals open a number one in the worldwide box office, both domestic and foreign and earned over 250million dollars globally.I get to talk to them just as their Anime seriespremieres this week, “ Blood of Zeus, aka gods and heroes” on Netflix.In this honest, engaging and incredibly insightful conversation we speak about our Greek roots, the discipline of writing, finding the commercial elements of a script , the power of a family bond, and how Arthur Miller wrote the first act of Death of a Salesman while building a shed.Special Highlights:How features are beholden to the director while television is the writer’s playground.Theimportance of being open to notes.What makes a script a commercial property.How the story of the movie IMMMORTALS came about.How their knowledge of Greek Mythology helped the making ofBLOOD OF ZEUSWhy it is important to get an executive to truly champion your writing.Connect with Charles and Vlas:NetflixFacebookInstagramCharles ImdbVlas ImdbLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedIn

The Power of Yes with Gary Quinn

Season 1, Ep. 13
Have you ever had things magically come together in your artistic endeavors? Most of the time, though we call it magic, it’s actually happening in moments where LIFE says YES to our dreams and our needs.But is this luck, serendipity or do we magnetize it?My special very special guest today is Gary Quinn. Gary Quinn is an international motivational speaker, life coach, strategist, educator and best- selling author. Several of his recent books that become bestsellers in the self- help categories, and are acknowledged as essential tools for those seeking to improve their lives, business and relationships. Gary was also seen in theinspirational documentary the Invocation, narrated by Sharon Stone from filmmaker Emmanuel Itier.We discuss about the power of mission statement, getting published, meeting Roberto Benigni, and his passion for all things Italy.The need to transform ourselves- going from an Olympic hopeful to being invited on the Paramount Lot and making a mission statement to become a published author(2:28).The concept behind THE YES FREQUENCY BOOK and its connection to Jim Carrey (18:40)The importance of having a purpose(22:38).How money is energy (26:28) and how to choose your next project based on how it makes you feel.A daily practice to expand our hearts and connection to others (27:59)Appreciating those who help you on the way up (33.20)How anybody can be a "manifester" (35:10)Connect with Gary:WebsiteInstagramPodcastLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagram FacebookLinkedIn

How to Sell Your Story in a Single Sentence with Lane Shefter Bishop

Season 1, Ep. 12
Ever wonder what the creative process looks like to create a movie based on a book?In this episode, I talk with Lane Shefter Bishop, a multi-award-winning producer and director. She’s produced feature films including The Duff and Assassination Games, TV series, and more. Many of her works in film were inspired by or based on books, giving her a unique perspective on how stories are told through both written text and film.Throughout our conversation, Lane shares the behind-the-scenes story of what inspired her book Sell Your Story in a Single Sentence: Advice From the Front Lines of Hollywood and why she feels it’s essential to sell your story in a single sentence. She also shares her perspective on how different directing is from producing, how to work with an author on a book-to-movie project, and what inspires her to keep driving forward.Tune in to learn more about how to get the attention of directors and producers and sell your story in a single sentence.In This Episode You Will Learn:How I met Lane Shefter Bishop. (3:13)The pros and cons of producing and directing. (6:03)The importance of being able to sell your writing in a single sentence. (9:51)The story behind creating The Duff. (18:16)How Lane involves the author in the creation of the movie based on their book. (24:00)How Lane inspires herself to continue putting out great work. (26:14)Connect with Lane Shefter Bishop:WebsiteSell Your Story in A Single Sentence by Lane Shefter BishopFacebookLet’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedIn

The Reality Check of Actors During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Another Conversation with Actress Maeve Quinlan

Season 1, Ep. 11
How do actors cope when all productions are put on hold? When loved ones are being kept at a distance, in this episode, the Hollywood veil gets lifted to give us a glimpse of the real and raw emotion of an artist.Maeve Quinlan was in my premiere episode but there was so much more to share about how we all cope when our natural desire to be close is being put to the test and how to keep creating and working on our dreams even when all appears to be hopeless.In this episode, I have a freestyle conversation with Maeve Quinlan that will bring a smile to your face. She is a critically acclaimed Irish American actress, starring in over 40 features films, television series, and movies. She works with actors on all levels, both alongside them in front of the camera and from the producer’s point of view.Right here, Maeve talks about the reality of working as an actress: what “Hollywood types” are really like, why she nearly gave up on acting, and how she decided to stick with it. Going deeper, we continue on to have a really moving conversation about what Maeve ’s experience is like amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when it comes to visiting her mother in a nursing home.In This Episode You Will Learn:Why the myth of the “fake” Hollywood types just isn’t true. (4:05)Why Maeve nearly gave up acting and how Jon Lovitz inspired her to keep going. (8:59)How The Bold and the Beautiful started production again after pausing during the pandemic. (20:29)What it was like for Maeve to see her mom, who lives in a nursing home, for the first time in months and why it caught the attention of the press. (23:16)The story of how Maeve rescued a dog for her mother. (33:37)Connect with Maeve:FacebookTwitterInstagramLet’s Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInResources:Bichons and Buddies

The Integrity of Production Design with Carlos Barbosa

Season 1, Ep. 10
Ever wonder what the job of a production designer looks like?Production design is one of the most important elements in film and TV. It sets the tone, creating an immersive world for the actors and viewers alike.In this episode, I talk with Carolos Barbosa, an extremely talented production designer who has worked on the pilot of 24 – which nominated him for an Emmy – Lost, CSI Miami, Studio 60, among many others. Carlos was born in Colombia and moved to Los Angeles to work on an architecture project, but this is also where the world of designing for the silver screen became a real possibility for his career.Throughout our conversation, Carlos shares his story of how he transitioned to architecture to production design, what it’s like to collaborate with directors and showrunners, and how he sees the future of design in the TV and film industries.Tune in to hear more about the life and career of a production designer!Some Questions I Ask:How did you go from architecture to production design? (5:41)How does it feel when your production designs get torn down after wrap? (8:35)How does the production design process start? (12:50)Have you ever been tempted to leave a project after butting heads with the director or showrunner? (18:58)What directors are you dreaming to work with right now? (24:55)What is your life and career’s mantra? (31:08)In This Episode You Will Learn:What it was like on set for the television show Aquarius. (3:38)How Carlos got his first job in production design. (5:56)How Carlos evaluates his projects and picks what to work on. (13:17)How Carlos protects the integrity of his work. (19:24)What the future of production design and augmented reality looks like. (27:18)Connect with Carlos Barbosa:WebsiteLet’s Connect!WebsiteLittle Studio FilmsTwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedIn