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Authors, Polly Horvath and Christina Uss, and Publisher and Editor, Margaret Ferguson talk PINE ISLAND HOME and THE COLOSSUS OF ROADS

Ep. 4
Publisher and Editor Margaret Ferguson (Margaret Ferguson Books / Holiday House) talks to Authors Polly Horvath and Christina Uss about their new books PINE ISLAND HOME and THE COLOSSUS OF ROADS. The discussion covers everything from why children’s books often feature orphans, to what it’s like finding out you inspired someone to quit college, move across the country and start working at a fishery, to car sickness and talking stomachs.PINE ISLAND HOME tells the story of four sisters who, after suddenly being orphaned in Borneo, are sent to live with their Great Aunt Martha on Pine Island off the coast of British Columbia. Upon arrival, they find out their Great Aunt has just passed away, and they are without a guardian. To keep social services from splitting up the girls, they come up with a plan to tell no one of their situation and struggle to keep the secret and stay together as a familyTHE COLOSSUS OF ROADS tells the story of Rick Rusek and his talking stomach, who decide to fix the worst traffic jams in Los Angeles in order to save Rick’s family’s catering business, and to prove that Rick has a talent that matters.Pine Island Home and The Colossus of Roads are available wherever books are sold. Follow Christina Uss @ChristinaUss on Twitter and Instagram. Polly Horvath is not on social media. Follow Holiday House on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @HolidayHouseBks for more about this series and for book giveaways. Subscribe to hear future episodes of The Guest Book with other Holiday House authors, illustrators, and publishing professionals!