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  • 8. Why is there so much wellness misinformation on TikTok? How to decide what’s true, and answering YOUR diet questions

    All that health and wellness content on TikTok is SO confusing - please, can we eat cheese or not!? In this episode, Mim sat down with Kate Hilton, RD, from Diets Debunked, to talk about why there’s so much misinformation on TikTok, how she approaches breaking these down and what YOU can do to make sure you don’t fall for it. Oh! We also answer some of your questions too!Liked this episode? Support TGM on Ko-fi! us!InstagramTikTokFacebookYouTubeTwitterFollow Kate!InstagramTikTokFacebookTwitterWebsite

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  • 7. What is preventive medicine? Why is it so important for your long-term health? (Ft Ragav Sharma, DO)

    There’s a misconception that preventive medicine is at odds with our traditional approach to health - but besties, it’s not! When it comes to our health, prevention is a complex concept that is both baked into how we can optimise our wellbeing, and in traditional medicine to help us be our happiest, healthiest and most fulfilled selves. In this episode, Ragav Sharma, DO, came on to talk about what preventive medicine is, why it’s not at odds with conventional medicine and the ‘risk-reward’ concept of prevention - i.e. how do we decide when a something is worth doing for our health?Liked this episode? Support TGM on Ko-fi! us!InstagramTikTokFacebookYouTubeFollow Ragav!InstagramTwitterFacebookWebsiteThe Preventive Medicine Podcast
  • 6. What is a practical balance? The need for balance for health and our soul, and finding practicality as a WOC (ft. Leena Abed)

    The most boring diet advice you might’ve gotten is to ‘eat a balanced diet’ - I get it, it’s easier said than done and it’s not what you want to do! But bestie, it truly is such a great way to reach your fitness goals AND soothe your soul. In this episode, Mim talks to Leena Abed - THE Practical Nutritionist - about why this approach is so beneficial, and how we can reach balance, especially as women of colour.Liked this episode? Support TGM on Ko-fi! us!InstagramTikTokFacebookYouTubeFollow Leena!InstagramYouTubeTwitterFacebookTikTokWebsite
  • 5. What is obesity? (Ft. Dr. Giles Yeo)

    Obesity is SUCH a complex issue and is so misunderstood - it’s not just a matter of calories in and calories out! Things like poverty, ethnicity and the environment play a huge role in its development and bestie, even clinical trials are…kinda rigged against people living in a larger body? In this episode, Mim sits down with Professor Giles Yeo to talk about some of the biological causes of obesity, why it’s so simple but SO complex, and how weight stigma is NOT the way to solve the obesity epidemic!Liked this episode? Support TGM on Ko-fi! us!InstagramTikTokFacebookYouTube
  • 4. What is disease? Our ever-evolving definitions, disease philosophy and using it to protect against social stigma

    Disease is something that you and I have a vague idea about - but do we really know what it means and why it’s such a big deal when something is classified as a disease? WELL there was a lot of ✨drama✨ about it in the early 2000s and like health, it’s a concept that is constantly changing. In this episode, I’ll take a brief look at the philosophy of disease but mainly, how we’ve tried to use it to combat social stigma around obesity. Yep - that’s a thing we tried to do!Liked this episode? Support TGM on Ko-fi! Follow us!InstagramTikTokFacebookYouTubeFull show notes:
  • 3. What is Health? The Evolution of Health in our Digital World

    Look - health is something that is important to you and I, right? We want to be our best possible, healthy selves and will try out all these different things to attain that healthy lifestyle. Honestly, most of the info we see on TikTok is probably not helpful, but it’s becomingly increasingly difficult to define fact from foe…and…wait what? A lot of isn’t aligned to what health is? Well, it’s only right that in this episode, Mim explores the concept of Health and how it’s evolved in our ever-evolving digital world. We go through the history of Health perception, healthcare provision and how it’s all come together to form our modern view of Health. So, shall we ask - ‘What is health?’Support us on Ko-fi! us!InstagramTikTokFacebookYouTubeFull show notes:
  • 2. What are the Big Questions?

    The ‘Big Questions’ sounds like a really meta and existential theme for a health and science podcast - but tell me, how many times have you been panic Googling those weird tummy aches you’ve been having, only to be unsatisfied with the answers you’ve been getting? I get it, you’ve got questions and Wikipedia isn’t cutting it anymore! That’s exactly what this season is about - not only answering those annoying questions, but also questioning pre-conceived notions we have around health and science. Make sure to have a coffee ready, because this season will be a rideee ;)Follow us!InstagramTikTokFacebookYouTube