The Grindstone

The Grindstone is an interview podcast that gets to know the people who study and teach philosophy. Philosophy is undoubtedly an important academic subject, one we believe everyone should be exposed to and explore. But philosophy can also feel distant and abstract to many people.

Here at The Grindstone, we ask our guests:

  • what moment set them on this path to study philosophy, whether or not they are now a professional philosopher?
  • what is their current profession and/or area of research?
  • and if they are not a professional philosopher, how does their education in philosophy apply to, and how has it prepared them for, their current work?

We then try to connect that profession/area of research to contemporary culture, broadly speaking, to ask philosophical questions about subjects that affect all of us, regardless of our familiarity with or expertise in philosophy.

The conversations are informal, organic, and go where they go. We interview both professional philosophers, and people who majored in philosophy at one level of their studies or another and now pursue a path outside of the academy.

We hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening!

The Grindstone was created, and is hosted and produced by Matthew Kroll. Tommy Morley mixes, edits and produces the podcast. Intro and outro music is by Al Terity. Special thanks to Madison Maroney for voicing the intro and outro.

This podcast is supported by the Department of Philosophy and the College of Liberal Arts at Purdue University.

Matthew Kroll

Matthew L. Kroll is a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Philosophy and the Research Data Libraries at Purdue University. His areas of specialty include 20th Century American Poetry and Digital Humanities. He spends a lot of time listening to podcasts, much to the detriment of his general productivity.