cover art for #1 - Sy Sable (Mark Merlino)

The Greymuzzle Archives

#1 - Sy Sable (Mark Merlino)

Season 1, Ep. 1

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Greymuzzle Archives! For my first episode who better to go to than one of the literal founding members of the furry fandom as we know it, Mark Merlino. Tune in to learn about what fandoms and geek culture were like in the pre-internet days, how LGBTQ+ members of nerd communities were treated during the AIDS crisis, and the experience of adult animation fans when anime and CGI first appeared on the scene.

To listen to Mark and his partner Rod O'Reilly talk more about their own experiences with furry fandom over the decade, check out their podcast Two Old Furry Fans at

If you're a furry elder and interested in being a guest on a future episode of The Greymuzzle Archives, please get in contact because I would love to hear from you! Contact links are on the main page.

The artwork featured in the episode cover is by Ken Sample at

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  • 5. BitterKarella

    I sit down with Hugo-nominee BitterKarella to talk about the Midnight Pals, comic strip adaptations, an old furry community we both frequented, and talk shop about having a fat fetish in a society that hates fat bitterkarellaTumblr: bitterkarellaYoutube: bitterkarellaP@treon: bitterkarellainstagram: bitterkarellamastadon: @bitterkarella@sfba.socialFuraffinity: agouti-rexsubstack:
  • 4. Jack Newhorse

    Jack Newhorse is an American-born immigrant to the Netherlands who runs, a furry dance party,This is the first time an episode's subject approached me instead of the other way around and it has a different but fun energy.Jack has a lot of interesting thoughts about human self-perception and sexuality, and he actually managed to turn things around and get me to talk about some of my personal experiences and perspectives at points. This was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it! to check out and register for Jack's furry events. big thank you to for submitting a logo for the show! I've got other submissions I will be using in future cover art, I really love and appreciate that this show is connecting with people enough that they're willing to make these wonderful pieces of art.The Greymuzzle Archives has a Telegram channel now! Feel free to join to be notified when new episodes release. I am trying to use my FurAffinity more so if you want to follow me I'm at artwork by ToonFX
  • 3. Tazel Sixpaws / Prismo Decatur

    In this episode we hear from Tazel Sixpaws, formerly Prismo Decatur. This four-armed fox or hermaphrodite hextaur has been a bright-indigo mark on the furry community for over twenty years, and it was really great to sit down and talk shop about the creative process with an experienced improviser, writer, and roleplayer. This was also the first time I was able to explore a paraphilia in depth, as Tazel is well-known for her love of multiplicity whether it be multiple limbs, multiple heads, or even multiple bodies whether they be individual clones or a shared hivemind. Also unexpectedly we got to talk a bit about independent local professional wrestling and 80s television, this is a wild one! In a good way! Catch Bloovoop Plays on Twitch, Sundays at 3pm EST, Noon PST Tazel's FurAffinity page The 'At Arms Length' webcomic by Darkwing, mentioned in this episode.The artwork used in the cover art is by Kobi LaCroix.The Greymuzzle Archives has a Telegram channel now! Feel free to join to be notified when new episodes release.
  • 2. Roxikat (John Barrett)

    For episode 2 I sat down with Roxikat to talk about working in the comics industry, participating in online communities like Tapestries and City of Heroes, and starting HRT in late middle age.She also lends some insight into her current project acting in a VR sitcom called Cleanup Crew, and how virtual reality helped her experience gender euphoria and decide to finally begin transitioning.Roxikat's various social media accounts can be accessed at watch Cleanup Crew, visit