The Green Step


2.1 Listening Anew / Salmon of Knowledge

Season 2, Ep. 1

Welcome to Tales From The Land our community research inquiry to help us engage with the public consultations on land use in Ireland. To launch this 10 week inquiry John and Mel take a look at the roots of this project, our intentions, love for the land and how we can make a difference. Woven in is a retelling of the Salmon of Knowledge but from the Salmon's Perspective! How might we reposition our human selves in the interconnected web of life where we are in right relationship with the earth and the more than human world? John brings his expertise as an ecologist while Mel weaves in her storytelling magic and deep healing perspectives. We look forward to hear what this conversation alights in you!

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2.10 Closing Thoughts / The Sacred Water Cycle

Season 2, Ep. 10
On week 10 we bring you the final episode of our Tales from the Land Community Research Inquiry. We've been probing into the 21st century realities of land use, farming and food production here in Eiré. This week John & Mel reflect on the process, the lessons learned and their experience of the whole process. Join us as we read some of Rumi's mystic poetry, sing a song and review and laugh about all that has come to pass in these past few weeks with the sound of lapping waves in the backgroud.Our final community event and closing ceremony will be held in the Magic Forest on Sunday July 18th from 2-6pm. Please send us a message if you'd like to be there with us! :)Le grá agus meas,Mel & JohnMentioned this week:Find Sophie Strand on Instagram @cosmogynyAdemara Kirrane's Book 'Love on Fire: Waking Up to Divine Love'The Water Blessing Song Magic Forest's Beautiful words invite us to surrender into love as the raindrop falls from the heavens"you've been fearful of being absorbed by the ground or being drawn up by the airNow your water bead let's go and drops into the ocean where it came fromit no longer has the form it had but it is still waterthe essence is the same this giving up is not repenting it's a deep honoring of yourselfwhen the ocean comes to you as a lovermarry it at once - For God's sakedon't postpone itexistence has no better giftno amount of searching will find this"

2.8 An Talamh Gaeilge / Food Ferments

Season 2, Ep. 8
Dia Daiobh!This week we're joined by Michael Cronin and Niamh McDonnell to dive deep into the richly pluralistic lens and microbiomes offered to us by an tanga ghaelige (the Irish language) and fermented foods.☘️What have Irish and Fermented foods have to do with a healthy food system?🇮🇪What does Irish have to teach us about the land? (Or more accurately what doesn't it have to teach us?!)🥬How can fermented foods help us address the root problems in our bodies and the food system?🌟How can Gaeilge and Fermented foods help us challenge the monoculturalism suffusing our society?Niamh is the founder of Plentitude Ferments where she makes and swell Sauerkraut at the local market. As a researcher and artist she has been particularly interested in the power of fermented foods to transform society and empower people. She's on a mission to welcome Umami as the 5th taste of the Irish palette and reinstate Uisneach as the 5th province and heartlands of Éire. Michael is the author of Irish and Ecology - An Ghaeilge agus an Éiceolaíocht. He is Director of the Trinity Centre for Literary and Cultural Translation and passionately works to prevent the monolinguals, monocultural modes of thinking. He advocates for a revolution in outdoors teaching where Irish is brought back to the heart of the land that birthed it.This week Mel shares some insight into the realm of the Dagda, the all powerful Father god of the Tuatha de Danann 🍃 and Niall Cutler joins us to share his heartfelt rendition of 'The Incantation of Amergin' by Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin.Thank you to all of the contributers of this weeks podcast.Le grá agus beannachtí,Mel & JohnTo contact the speakers you can email:Niamh - plenitude.ferments@gmail.comMichael -