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The Green Brick Road

Shari Greco Reiches: Maximizing Your Return On Life

Season 1, Ep. 8

Tune into The Green Brick Road podcast where Shari talks about how she became successful as an entrepreneur starting her own investment advisory company, her Maximize Your Return on Life book and podcast, and how to invest your time and money according to your values.

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Maximize Your Return on Life - Invest your Time and Money in What you Value most

Shari hasn’t just been a success in the financial world, she has gone above and beyond and truly made an impact on her peers in discovering what is most important in our lives!

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  • 11. Season Finale Recap: What We have Learned

    In this episode, Brady and Ben recap on what they have learned through the first season of The Green Brick Road Podcast, interviewing successful Men and Women on their path to success in the business world.
  • 10. Bernie Gonzalez: The Marketing Mastermind

    Tune in as we learn how important it is to have creativity and passion when thinking about marketing a business. Bernie takes us on his journey to becoming the manager of marketing at KSN law, along with how he incorporates his creative genius into his strategies.
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    This episode offers an exploration of Bill Lewin's remarkable journey to succeed as a private wealth manager during his 32-year career at Goldman Sachs. Delve into his unparalleled work ethic, enduring commitment, and the demanding hours that shaped his path to success. Gain insights into his strategies for navigating the complexities of wealth management and effectively communicating with ultra-high-net-worth clients. Discover firsthand accounts and invaluable lessons that illuminate what it takes to excel in one of the world's most prestigious financial institutions.
  • 7. Carey Cooper: The Management Genius

    On this episode, we embrace the incredible journey Carey Cooper has had from turning a family business into a management empire in the food industry. Whether it be his venture company investing in OLI POP, or managing an immense amount of food franchises, Carey does it all as the CEO of Cooper Management. Listen in to the serial entrepreneur mastermind who has crushed it in the business world throughout his lifetime.
  • 6. Laurie Price: A Blueprint For Success

    On this episode, we dive into the intriguing life of Laurie Price, a self made entrepreneur who created her own construction company called CDI. Her grit and "Never Give Up" attitude allowed her to dominate her competitors and become super successful in the construction field. We know you guys will enjoy this one!
  • 5. Neal Price: Transforming Dreams into Financial Realities

    In this podcast episode, we explore Neal Price's inspiring journey from humble beginnings to success in the financial world. Despite facing challenges, Neal's determination and smart decisions led him forward. Through his perseverance, he not only achieved his dreams but also empowered others through the creation of his company, Strategic Wealth Partners.
  • 4. Bill Reeder: From Campus Kitchens to Corporate Deals

    Join us on a riveting Journey with Bill Reeder, the mastermind behind Campus Cooks, as he unveils his process, and his of his journey to success. Reeder shares profound insights and recounts the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship, complete with ups and downs.
  • 3. Michael Zaccaro: Breaking Boundaries and Pioneering Success

    Tune in as we uncover the remarkable journey of Michael Zaccaro, the visionary founder behind Pharma Logistics. Despite struggles and setbacks, Zaccaro defied the odds, crafting his path to success through grit and determination. Join us as we delve into the fascinating insights and lessons learned from his entrepreneurial voyage.