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Shalom Auslander - What Does G-D Have To Do With It? - Episode 46

I am really excited to bring you to today's guests actually since the moment I picked up his book, Foreskin Lament, last summer, I was stricken by this man's way of storytelling, his personal journey. As I began to learn more about him I found out there was a lot of which I related to him. We did grew up in similar backgrounds in Orthodox homes. And though his journey and specifics are very different from mine, there was a lot that I connected with and the way he expressed his feelings and his emotions.

Shalom Auslander is an American novelist and author and he has written many essays, short stories, and a few novels, most recently, Mother For Dinner. I just finished reading Mother For Dinner and it's a fantastic creative novel, a great story which has many, many layers to it. I highly recommend you reading it. Shalom's work has been described, "Dark Jewish humor, as masochistic and taboo possible."

On todays shows Shalom lets us delve into his process, what inspires him, his journey, his relationship with God, and several others of his releases. Shalom is a really real and raw human being, and it's really cool to have been shares to share space with him.

You can click the links below to check out several of Shalom's writing and I highly recommend you purchase one of his books.

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Today we have Charlie Harary on the podcast. Charlie Harary is driven by the belief that the potential for greatness resides in each and every one of us. By integrating wisdom found in science, psychology and spirituality, he believes each person can live a more fulfilling life and in turn, impact the world. Charlie co-founded E3 and Company, a multimillion dollar venture capital and advisory firm. Previously, he was the first vice president and legal counsel at our X-Rite Realty, a billion dollar real estate firm in New York. Charlie is a lawyer, sought after motivational speaker and a mensch in every sense of the word. Leveraging his unique expertise on personal success and social impact, Charlie has become a sought after speaker featured each year by almost 100 different organizations, businesses, conventions, and academic institutions. He has created TV media and online video campaigns that have inspired hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.It's an honor to share todays podcast guest who truly is a lamp lighter, Charlie Harary.This episode of The Great Day Podcast is brought to you by The world's largest Kosher Wine retailer. The holidays are coming up and no matter which holiday you are celebrating for yourself and others bring your friends and family the gift of KosherWine.Over 50,000 customers trust them to be a part of their lives, celebrations, shabbos and yom tov meals, weddings and other simchas. They partner with the best wine producers in the world to provide the best kosher wine buying experience.Elevate your shabbos with a bottle from KosherWine.comSkip the schlep to the store All cases of 12 ship for free directly to your door with contactless delivery.Use coupon code: MEIRKAY for 5% off any order at KosherWine.comConnect with CharlieInstagramFacebookTwitterWebsiteDon't forget to subscribe to The Great Day PodcastDid I mention that I am now an author?! Check out my new book "A Kids Book About Optimism"And be sure to follow myInstagrampage andFacebookpage to stay up to date on everything I'm working on.I'm Meir Kay and Have A Great Day!

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After struggling with addictions and mental health issues, James decided to make a change. "Chasing The Present", (his film) documents the process, a journey of self-discovery that gave him the opportunity to question the nature of his suffering and ways to break free from his addictive patterns. Within the film, there are some incredible deep points about mindfulness and removing, "The I", the ego, and identifying where our pain comes from and how to release it from our lives. In this podcast we talk and we chat about healing practical tips on how to become more self-aware and of course, presents. My producer mind goes on a little jumble and its own takes over for a bit, and we talk about the behind the scenes of the film and he and some covering some technical questions as to making of the documentary itself. James is now dedicating his life to facilitating change, by way of healthy restaurants and yoga studios. He is also a qualified yoga teacher and currently studying psychology at the University of Colorado. I do hope you find some value in this and so without further ado thank you for tuning in to this Great Day podcast episode.Connect with JamesWebsiteInstagramIMDBDon't forget to subscribe to The Great Day PodcastDid I mention that I am now an author?! Check out my new book "A Kids Book About Optimism"And be sure to follow myInstagrampage andFacebookpage to stay up to date on everything I'm working on.I'm Meir Kay and Have A Great Day!