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Shalom Auslander - What Does G-D Have To Do With It? - Episode 46

I am really excited to bring you to today's guests actually since the moment I picked up his book, Foreskin Lament, last summer, I was stricken by this man's way of storytelling, his personal journey. As I began to learn more about him I found out there was a lot of which I related to him. We did grew up in similar backgrounds in Orthodox homes. And though his journey and specifics are very different from mine, there was a lot that I connected with and the way he expressed his feelings and his emotions.

Shalom Auslander is an American novelist and author and he has written many essays, short stories, and a few novels, most recently, Mother For Dinner. I just finished reading Mother For Dinner and it's a fantastic creative novel, a great story which has many, many layers to it. I highly recommend you reading it. Shalom's work has been described, "Dark Jewish humor, as masochistic and taboo possible."

On todays shows Shalom lets us delve into his process, what inspires him, his journey, his relationship with God, and several others of his releases. Shalom is a really real and raw human being, and it's really cool to have been shares to share space with him.

You can click the links below to check out several of Shalom's writing and I highly recommend you purchase one of his books.

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Yoni Z is a Jewish-American recording artist, songwriter, dancer, actor, and an entertainer from Brooklyn, New York. He has been working as a musician since he was 15 years old. Experience gained from performing at weddings and other events for over a decade enabled him to begin touring in 2012. A Jewish music performer who has toured worldwide, Yoni’s versatility has since earned him the reputation among fans and critics as “the walking jukebox,” and his YouTube channel has amassed over 5.1 million views. On July 26, 2018, Yoni released his self-titled debut album, consisting of 14 original songs. He was involved in the songwriting and production of all album tracks. Diverse in style, it has been dubbed a revolutionary album for Jewish music. The album was very well received - after selling out during the pre-order, the album immediately went into its second production. Yoni also released music videos for six of the album’s songs. Yoni is an international speaker who kicked off his career at the age of 15 years old. He's built himself quite a reputation with his ability to reach new heights vocally and creatively. It is a pleasure to host this podcast buts it an even greater pleasure to host my friends on this podcast. This show took place in an actual recording studio and it truly is a completely different energy. On the podcast today Yoni and I talk about his breakthrough at the age of 15 and how he hopes that people of all faiths will turn to Jewish music for entertainment and guidance as he envisions a worldwide acceptance of his work. All right. Let's jump right into this podcast with Yoni Z. Connect with YoniFacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeSpotifyDon't forget to subscribe to The Great Day PodcastDid I mention that I am now an author?! Check out my new book "A Kids Book About Optimism"And be sure to follow myInstagrampage andFacebookpage to stay up to date on everything I'm working on.I'm Meir Kay and Have A Great Day!

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Brandon Farbstein inspires millions of people across the globe with his universal message of living life on your own terms and building the framework for personal growth. At just 20 years old, he is a renowned empowerment speaker, Gen Z activist and author.Brandon was diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism at the age of 2, and has turned his life experience of suffering, isolation, and victimhood into empowerment, impact and influence. After a severe battle with cyberbullying in high school, Brandon decided to share his story – to both offer hope and to enact change.Whether on tour with his recently published bookTen Feet Tall, sharing his message with students at schools across the country, or working with Fortune 100 companies like Facebook and HP, Brandon consistently delivers tools to audiences of all ages to shift perspectives and strengthen their mindset.I've come across some of Brandon's accomplishments through social media, but as fate will have it, we both ended up in the same incredible program by the Rudiment Foundation. The program at MIT seeks to bring together social influencers who work in the areas of inclusion, leadership and advocacy. We participated in a highly unique program that teaches strategies and builds an incredible network to equip participants with a new sense of community and power to make this world brighter and more inclusive. After graduating from MIT, that's right. We are actually graduates from MIT. I invited Brandon on the podcast, which leads us to this very moment, which I'm very grateful for and thankful to you for taking the time to listen and learn from my new friend, Brandon Farbstein.Connect with BrandonWebsiteFacebookTwitterDon't forget to subscribe to The Great Day PodcastAnd be sure to follow myInstagrampage andFacebookpage to stay up to date on everything I'm working on.I'm Meir Kay and Have A Great Day!