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Leadership and Making an Impact with Frank Kitchen

Season 1, Ep. 20

Hello friends and relatives!

Very honored to have Mr. Frank Kitchen on our show for Episode #20!

Frank is founder of Frank Kitchen Enterprises, he is Keynote Speaker, Author, and a Leadership Coach.

He energizes, educates, and empowers leaders all of the world and has done work in Indian Country and the Yaqui Tribe!

He shares his story with us in this episode, along with some of leadership tips on how you can make a positive impact in the world.

At the end of the episode Mr. Frank Kitchen has a special surprise for our listeners!

Thank you!

Visit for more information.

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Yaqui History/Life - Book Recommendations

Season 4, Ep. 1
On this show, we kick off our new season 4 with a listener's suggestion on books to read to learn more about Yaqui history, ceremonies, and the struggles our ancestors had to endure to ensure our way of life would continue. 5 books are highly recommended in this episode! The 1st 2 books are based on historical accounts during the Spanish/Mexican genocide of the Yaquis Indians in Mexico. The 3rd book is a fictional book based on historical facts of 2 Yaqui children's survival and of their people living in Sonora during the time of the Mexican revolution and extermination of indigenous Indians. 4th book is all about Yaqui beliefs and ceremonies that take place here in modern-day Arizona. The last book is a fun little book about Yaqui Lore, legends, stories, and accounts. Barbarous Mexico - John Kenneth Turner The Yaquis and the Empire: Violence, Spanish Imperial Power, and Native Resilience in Colonial Mexico - Raphael Brewster Folsom Hill of the Rooster - Curry HoldenWith Good Heart: Yaqui Beliefs and Ceremonies in Pascua Village - Muriel Thayer Painter (Free Online Copy)Yoeme: Lore of the Arizona Yaqui People - Mini Valenzuela KaczkurkinA couple you may be able to find on Amazon, but some are out of print and with some luck, you can pick one up on eBay or other book sites. Enjoy! Happy reading, and let me know in the comments or send me a DM on Instagram if you would like some more information. Thank you! Chokoie Uttessia'vu!