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The Adventures of Pinocchio- Part 2

Season 3, Ep. 2

You join us for Part 2 of The Adventures of Pinocchio. It's Pinocchio's first day being alive, and he's got a lot to learn! Gepetto tries his best at teaching him but things go a little bit wrong as Pinocchio gets very hungry... (also see if you can spot a podcast "Easter Egg")

The Adventures of Pinocchio is a 7 part series adapted from the book by Carlo Collodi. It's based on a theatre production by Goblin Theatre, and features the voices of Michaela Bennison, Dan Bottomley, Lil Davis, Will Dollard, Mary Erskine and Barry Shannon. 

Suitable for all ages.

A Goblin Theatre creation. Music & Lyrics by Will Dollard & Mary Erskine, Written by Matt Borgatti, Directed by Kate McGregor. Audio produced by Mary Erskine & Will Dollard 

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