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The Gifting Game

Using Gifts to Boost Your Sales Strategy

Season 1, Ep. 3

In today's episode we are going to delve into the world of sales gifts. So, if you’re a sales person and you’ve been finding it a bit difficult to engage those leads and hit your intended targets - stay tuned because we’re going to help you maximize your efforts and be the most effective you can be as a sales representative. 

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  • 4. Campaign Ideas for Automated Gifts

    In this episode of The Gifting Game we discuss how you can use automated gifting to give you a competitive edge. We take a look at a few ideas you can use to create a positive brand image and increase ROI through automatically triggered gifts; which are gifts sent automatically based on a specific event. 
  • 2. A Guide to Sending Marketing Gifts

    In this episode we will be delving into gifts for marketing. As we all know, marketing is the action of promoting or selling a product or a service. But just how can we stay above the competition when there are so many brands that offer a similar service or product? The answer is simple. With marketing gifts. We provide you with some helpful tips on choosing gifts, when to send them and much more! 
  • 1. A Guide to Sending Client Gifts

    Find out everything you need to know about sending client gifts. We talk you through the benefits, how to choose the right gifts, when to send gifts and so much more.