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The Ghost Files

The Message

Season 1, Ep. 19

Kelli-Jo Hoffman tells Karina Machado an astounding story about a medium, a message and a mother-child bond that not even death could break. 

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  • Walls That Talk – Haunted Police Stations

    Last October, Virginia came on the show to share wonderful stories of strange phenomena she’s experienced for most of her life. Now, the former police officer returns to The Ghost Files to reveal her spooky encounters in haunted police stations.
  • The Strangers in the Hall

    Liz Gall was only 13 years old when strange things began happening inside her modern family home in Brisbane. Decades later, Liz looks back on the haunting, and recalls the terrifying night it all came to a head.
  • I grew up in a funeral parlour

    Medium Ronda Robertson shares stories of her unique childhood home and mystical moments from a lifetime spent tuning into the other side.
  • He came to take her home

    Today my guest Albena shares two chilling encounters she had as a child in Bulgaria. Once when her great-grandfather came to visit her grandmother to 'take her home'; and a mysterious and very real hooded figure. Albena knew in her heart it was death.
  • 18. Finding solace after stillbirth

    Today, my guest is Tarni, a mum and nurse from rural NSW, who’s going to tell us a story that proved to her that life - that love - goes on, even in the wake of deepest grief. After the tragedy of her daughter Ava’s stillbirth, Tarni found solace in a series of inexplicable events and beautiful signs, all of which culminated in a profound realisation later on, following the birth of Ava’s brother. Before we start, please know that if you find any part of today’s episode distressing, please contact SANDS, an organisation who offer support for anyone dealing with Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Newborn Death. Their 24-hour helpline number is 1300 072 637. Now settle on for my life-affirming conversation with Tarni.
  • 17. He came to say goodbye

    My guest this week, Rebecca Coomes, is the host of The Healthy Gut podcast, as well as an author, speaker and mentor. Rebecca has had a lifetime of paranormal experiences; in fact, she was first on The Ghost Files in March to share the creepy tale of her weekend away in a very haunted house in the English city of Bath. Today, she’s back to tell us about an incredibly moving encounter involving the spirit of a friend who sadly took his own life. You won’t want to miss this story, or its uplifting postscript.Before we get started, please note that if this issue raises concerns for you, support is available. You can call Lifeline in Australia on 13 11 14.
  • 16. A mother's message

    When Michelle’s daughter was in pre-school, she would obsessively collect rocks. “One in particular, a large shiny one that she painted, she had me place on the kitchen window sill,” remembers Michelle. “It stayed on the kitchen window sill for at least two years before I realised what a treasure it actually was.”That moment came after Michelle’s beloved mother passed away in 2012. “Mum and I shared a strong belief in the spirit world and the continuance of the soul/consciousness after physical death, so I was satisfied, at the time of her passing, that I would ‘hear’ from her again,” explains Michelle, who recently shared her story with me on The Ghost Files podcast.When three months passed without any sign, Michelle felt stricken by doubt, panic and grief. One night, she put out a desperate plea: “Please mum, if you’re there, please just send me a sign.” That night, she dreamt she was standing outside a cordoned-off area which she knew to be some kind of memorial for her mum. There was something on the ground, and Michelle understood she was to take note of it. Looking closely, she realised it was the painted rock from her window sill.Upon waking, Michelle went straight to the kitchen window – and gasped. “No way, no way,” she marvelled. Here at last was the sign Michelle wanted, but it wouldn’t be the only time her mother communicated. Tune into The Ghost Files podcast for the full story.
  • 15. At 19, Tom had a premonition that would change his life

    Tom Priestley is a 29-year-old Ghost Files listener who reached out to me to share some of the extraordinary experiences he’s had over the years and I’m so glad he did. There’s a moment in Tom’s story which jolted my heart. I don’t want to say too much more. Rather, I’m just going to let Tom unravel it himself for you... Before we begin, please note that the number for Lifeline in Australia is 13 11 14 if you need support. 
  • 14. “I saw angels in the sky” – a story of hope

    I have a treat for you today, a return guest. If you’re a longtime fan of The Ghost Files, you’ll remember Maggie, who back in September shared the story of her historic home in Broome which was haunted by the wife of Captain Goldie, the master pearler who’d built the home back in 1919. If you haven’t heard that one, I encourage you to scroll back and listen to the episode called Haunted By Love.Today, I’ve invited Maggie back to share another story with you, one that we didn’t have time to cover last year, an absolutely enchanting experience that reminds me of the old TV show, The Twilight Zone. I really wanted to bring you an inspirational story to offer a bit of a lift in these uncertain times, and Maggie’s encounter fits the bill. Here she is to tell us all about it.