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Spurs In The 90s

Season 2, Ep. 21

This week Steff, Milo and Gareth jump in the Game Is About Glory time machine to go back to the 1990s. What was it like being a Spurs fan in the 90s? Was Alan Sugar really that bad? Which players typified 90s Spurs? Our best and worst games of the decade? All this and Steff regales us with tales of his encounters with Nick Hornby and Sir Alex Ferguson.




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  • 45. How We Watch Football

    Steff, Milo, and Gareth discuss how we watch football, what we look for in a game, what we want from the experience, how we use data and stats, how changes in football coverage has altered how we watch games, and other angles and ingredients which make up our personal matchday perspectives. Website: @gameisglorypod.bsky.socialTwitter: @GameIsGloryPodMastodon:
  • 44. Taupe Haze On The Tyne

    Steff, Milo, and Ricky reflect on getting taupedoed on Tyneside, why the panic is unwarranted, where we are in the football gym process (metaphorically!), and take a look at our final 6 matches. We also rejoice in the fact that surely that 'shirt' has seen its last appearance!Website: @gameisglorypod.bsky.socialTwitter: @GameIsGloryPodMastodon:
  • 43. Mettle Micky

    Milo and Ram discuss our win over Nottingham Forest, Micky's thunderbastard, the mad 15 minutes at the end of the first half, half time subs, and moving into the top 4.Website: @gameisglorypod.bsky.socialTwitter: @GameIsGloryPodMastodon:
  • 42. Johnson & Johnson

    Milo, Gareth and Ricky discuss our draw at West Ham, our win over Luton, the financial results and we hear from Steff from deep behind enemy lines in StratfordWebsite: @gameisglorypod.bsky.socialTwitter: @GameIsGloryPodMastodon:
  • 41. Is Gascoigne Going To Have A Crack?

    Steff, Gareth, and Milo discuss the forthcoming book by Gareth Dace about Spurs in the 90s titled, Is Gascoigne Going to Have A Crack? Spurs in the 90s, Magic, Mayhem and Mediocrity. For those who remember the era this is a belting conversation, for those learning about it, 'tis an entertaining education. We also pick our best 90s Spurs team, and learn the exact location of the physical book via Mr.Dace's shipping GPS tracker! There's also word of the next great Spurs dressing room DJ; you won't guess who it is!Is Gascoigne Going To Have A Crack - pre-order now's Spurs - our earlier episode Whiteman's DJ set @gameisglorypod.bsky.socialTwitter: @GameIsGloryPodMastodon:
  • 40. A Bad Day At The Office

    Steff, Milo, and Ricky conclude that sometimes, football can just be a shit-sandwich, albeit we take the time and care you've come to expect to both analyse said-sandwich from Craven Cottage on Saturday night, and explain why we will all be eating far tastier sandwiches again in the future. We will also be discussing Ange's response to the 'plastics' question posed to him during last Friday's press conference, and explaining why Tottenham Hotspur belongs to the world and not myopic, traditionalist grumps. One and all from everywhere, step onboard...Website: @gameisglorypod.bsky.socialTwitter: @GameIsGloryPodMastodon:
  • 39. Heroes and Villains

    Steff, Milo, and Ram bask in the warm glow of a heroic thrashing of Aston Villa, pay homage to Pape Sarr's incredible balls, celebrate Brennan Johnsons' development and point the finger at the villainous John McGinn. There's order, there's chaos, and there's laughter so come on in and join us!The training drills Milo was blathering on about @gameisglorypod.bsky.socialTwitter: @GameIsGloryPodMastodon:
  • 38. Low Blockbusters

    Steff, Milo, and Ricky look back at the 3-1 win over Crystal Palace, learn how to break low blocks with aplomb, offer an appreciation of Timo Werner, hail the card-free Romero, and take a peek at Palace manager Oliver Glasner's head (inside and out). Plus, did Hugo Lloris really need a carrot in his face this week? We think so...Website: @gameisglorypod.bsky.socialTwitter: @GameIsGloryPodMastodon:
  • 37. The Dream Academy

    Milo and Steff look into the Spurs academy sides, the u21s game against Fleetwood and the U18s game at Manchester City. We take stock of who we have in the ranks, discuss the shift in structure which has led to these exciting days, focus on the importance of academy director Simon Davies, and ponder why evaluating youth players is not anywhere close to straightforward.Website: @gameisglorypod.bsky.socialTwitter: @GameIsGloryPodMastodon: