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The Game Is About Glory (Spurs Podcast)


Season 1, Ep. 22

This week, Steff, Ram, Ricky and Milo engage in a full and frank series of discussions about the League Cup Final, Ryan Mason, the European Super League debacle, financially-doped football teams, AND wax-lyrical about Istanbul, Finsbury Park and the New Kids On The Block.

  • Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton
  • Ryan Mason
  • League Cup Final
  • European Super League
  • Financial doping
  • Our next manager




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  • 36. Growing Pains

    Steff, Gareth and Milo discuss our loss to Wolves, ask how long this has been going on and probe Sonny's finger and Jurgen's sackWebsite: @gameisglorypod.bsky.socialTwitter: @GameIsGloryPodMastodon:
  • 35. We Like Last Minute Goals This Week

    Steff, Milo, and Ram take stock of the 2-1 late show against Brighton, warm to the Sarr man and beautiful Tottenham skies, crow about Cuti, herald Sonny's return, and argue the toss over whether something can be 'nutshelled'...we might also touch on Luke Steele's shitty hair cut and ponder Pierre's contribution to the world in that regard.Website:
  • 34. Taupedoed

    Ricky and Milo go it alone after Steff was blown off course. We discuss our games against Everton and Brentford and look back at the January transfer window and ask, how well did we do?Website:
  • 33. Jesus, Eeyore and Tigger

    This week, Steff, Milo, and Ram look back at the 4th round FA Cup match against Man City, discuss Jesus, Eeyore and Tigger, analyze foul or not foul, ponder what the FA Cup really means at this stage, and check in on the rumour mill and latest newsWebsite:
  • 32. Half Season Review

    This week, it's our mid-season review, with Steff, Milo, and Ram looking back at what we've achieved, who's achieved it, who's stood out, what Ange has brought to the Lane, and where we currently are. Get a beverage and settle in because in the words of Crystal Waters, this is 100% pure love.Website:
  • 31. Smells Like Team Spirit

    Milo, Gareth and Ricky chat about our draw at Man Utd, ask if it is a sign of how far we have come under Ange that we are disappointed with just a point, and as we begin to see players returning from injury, we marvel at the team spirit that has got us through the last couple of months and where that can take us the rest of this season.Website:
  • 30. Porro The Leader

    Steff, Milo, and Ram look back at the FA Cup 3rd round win over Burnley, admire Porro's power, discuss Ryan Sessegnon's situation, dive into the Werner window action, listen to Milo state where the best Balti pie in football lives AND take the Tuchel in Dier fashion. Dig in!Website:
  • 29. You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angey

    Steff, Milo, and Ricky look back at a highly entertaining match v Bournemouth, offer some movie recommendations and spotlight the Hollywood blockbusters which have accurately cast Ange in their smash hits...all this AND Milo makes a stone-cold cast iron prediction! 2024 is off to a flyer!Website:
  • 28. Taupe Hazy Shade Of Winter

    Steff and Milo look back at games against Brighton and Everton, discuss the state of the squad (and evaluate early targets) with that January window around the corner, and we'll drill down into how different the game is when you're in row 4 right behind the goal staring at Jordan Pickford's arse. It's a leisurely, holistic and informative chat to close out the year, so do join us.Website: