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  • Online advertising - how publishers can survive a tsunami of change

    Online advertising used to support investigative journalism at digital-native brands such as Buzzfeed News and Vice. In the space of just a few years everything has changed, and thousands of journalists have lost their jobs as a result.Press Gazette editor-in-chief Dominic Ponsford talks to former Business Insider editor-in-chief Jim Edwards about what is going on and how publishers should adapt to an online publishing ecosystem which is being rocked by a tsunami of disruptive change.

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  • Beyond Google? Amazon and Microsoft are future says Ricky Sutton

    Former online editor of the News of the World turned tech entrepreneur turned future of news Cassandra Ricky Sutton joins Dominic Ponsford on the podcast sofa.The last year has been bleak for ad-funded news media but Ricky believes he has the solution. He explains why Google's reign as the most important tech partner for news publishers is drawing to a close, but more lucrative partnerships around AI and advertising with Microsoft and Amazon beckon.
  • Why Reach is upbeat about online ads despite the big cookie switch-off

    Reach group director of digital Terry Hornsby is at the forefront of the journey away from third-party cookies at the UK’s largest commercial news publisher.Hornsby told Press Gazette's Charlotte Tobitt the three pillars that will help Reach grow digital revenues through this monumental shift to the open web, discussed why trusted premium publishers will come out on top and issued a call for more industry collaboration.
  • Political reporting in an election year with Christopher Hope and Gloria De Piero

    In the latest episode, Press Gazette editor in chief Dominic Ponsford met GB News presenting duo Gloria De Piero and Christopher Hope at their new Westminster studio.They spoke about their new weekly show, PMQs Live, the future of political reporting in an election year and why they think GB News is striking a chord with viewers by offering them more of what they want.(As part of this podcast was recorded on location, apologies but the quality can get a little patchy)
  • How publishers can sell online advertising in an awful market

    Guardian US senior vice president for advertising Luis Romero talks to Press Gazette about what it is like to sell in the toughest ad market since 2008.He also shares some tactics and strategies the Guardian is deploying to persuade more brands to spend money on reaching its 40m US readers per month.His pitch is a simply one - stop supporting the dark corners of the internet on tech platforms and instead help fund a news business which is shining light on the world's most important issues.
  • Why bad news can be good for business publishers with Dow Jones CEO Almar Latour

    Dow Jones CEO and Wall Street Journal publisher Almar Latour spoke to Press Gazette about how the financial news division of News Corp managed to just achieve its most profitable quarter since 2007.In this edited version of his interview at the Press Gazette Media Strategy Network event in New York, he also spoke about what publishers need to focus on as global uncertainty looks set to continue in 2024.
  • How to make local news pay with Newsquest CEO Henry Faure Walker

    Last year UK regional news giant Newsquest made £40m in pre-tax profits on turnover of £190m.This year it is tracking to have ad revenue broadly flat over two years.CEO Henry Faure Walker spoke to Dominic Ponsford about how the publisher of 200+ titles is bucking the trend on both audience and advertising revenue decline. He also shed light on some fascinating experiments using generative AI in the newsroom.