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Stitch Fix’s Elizabeth Spaulding on retail’s “seismic shift”

Season 2, Ep. 12

After 10 years and taking her company public, Stitch Fix founder Katrina Lake is stepping down as CEO. Taking her place this August is Elizabeth Spaulding, who joined the company shortly before the pandemic hit, rocking the online retailer’s business. 

Now, Stitch Fix is in rebound mode, and Spaulding is laying the foundation for the company’s next 10 years. Already, Stitch Fix has begun adding new features to its try-before-you-buy model that put e-commerce more at the centre; the goal is to build a new way to shop online that gives customers a range of options focused on personalisation. Spaulding joined the final episode of this season of The Future of Fashion: The Innovators podcast to discuss why media companies aren’t competition to commerce, the way people are shopping now and the overall health of the retail industry