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GWU Professor John Helveston on EVs in China

Season 1, Ep. 40

We came across Prof. Helveston first in this piece in Axios on prospects for EVs and AVs in China given a rule change on how foreign carmakers must operate in the country. The rule had required joint ventures with Chinese firms for all foreign car companies looking to make and sell vehicles in China. Now it's easier for foreign carmakers and aerospace firms to own factories in China. According to Prof. Helveston's research, the rule may have hindered tech transfer from the global brands while simultaneously spurring innovation in China's domestic EV market, one of the most vibrant in the world. In this episode we walk through this 2019 research paper in the journal "Research Policy" by Prof. Helveston documenting the phenomenon. The paper includes interviews with more than 50 people, from industry and government, lots of data on vehicle sales in China, and four case studies of independent domestic EV firms in China. Prof. Helveston is joined in this episode by Puneet Sinha, past guest of the show and frequent blogger on the topic of EVs. Here's one look at how electrified cities of the future will look and sound.

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Q&A with Gernot Spiegelberg

Season 1, Ep. 46
Fifty years from today, what will the world look like?On this podcast, we discuss the future of the automotive industry, the development of different types of cars, and how infrastructures in cities will need to transform. In this episode, we’re taking it one step further. We’re tackling a specific vision of how cities will transform, both above and below ground, as a result of the rapidly changing automotive industry.This episode features Gernot Spiegelberg, from the corporate research office for Siemens in Germany. He was one of the very first people interviewed on this podcast, and he’s back for one last episode before he retires. Before he starts the next chapter of his life, Gernot shares with us his specific vision for the future, including underground roads, a city filled with parks, and breathable air devoid of automotive-related pollutants.Together, we discuss how interconnected the automotive industry is with the rest of the world. From jobs inside and outside of the automotive industry, to the state of our world, to the ways we move around inside of buildings, Gernot paints us a picture of how the world is expeditiously changing.Some Questions I Ask:What are the most impressive things to happen in the automotive industry over the last decade? (1:09)What will cities look like in 50 years? (5:43)How will transportation technology improve accessibility? (15:50)What will the future of work look like as a result of the future of mobility? (20:26)What role do you think Siemens will play in making your vision of the future reality? (24:35)If you could give Siemens one piece of advice, what should they do to prepare for the future of the world? (28:38)What are you looking forward to as you go into a new stage of life? (30:17)In This Episode, You Will Learn:What part does Tesla play in driving electromobility in Europe? (4:01)How the roads will change as a result of our evolving travel needs. (8:25)How Gernot’s vision for the future of cities, roads, and autonomous vehicles will make traveling exponentially safer. (11:15)How society will transition from private ownership of cars to full mobility as a service. (18:15)How the insides of buildings will change over time as a result of the evolution of transportation. (22:54)What new challenges Siemens will have to face in the future. (25:14)Connect with Gernot Spiegelberg:LinkedIn