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The Friend Zone: Docuseries

Excuse Me Miss featuring Buried Pleasures, PollyAnnamazing

Season 1, Ep. 10

Welcome to our landmark 10th episode which is a special presentation by the Buried Pleasures podcast! In just 17 days since our premiere we've managed to accomplish some outstanding feats! We sure hope everyone is continuing to enjoy and support the show! For this episode: enter stage, Miss Pollyanna, one third Polly, one third Anna, and one third Amazing. As the host of the podcast “Buried Pleasures” she strives to meet new friends, and discuss topics that are both fun and intriguing. Pollyannamazing is also an Advanced Practice Nurse and Sexual Educator who is here on the show today to lend us all some useful relationship advice and a unique range of perspective… in the Friend Zone.

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  • 72. Go The Distance featuring Primetime Travvy-T, Debatable Podcast

    Listen to our episode featuring Primetime Travvy-T who is one of the brilliant minds behind the T1THREE Media Company, as well as one of the hosts of the Debatable Podcast which primarily concerns itself with politics, society, sandwiches and everything in between. Trav joins us today to give relatable advice to the people who need it the most If you're trying to get a girlfriend, then maybe you should take some advice from a guy who already has a girlfriend. Or maybe you should try to do the things that work for you, as opposed to the things that don't. You can't use something that you don't have in your arsenal, and you can't run plays from a script that you have never even seen. At the end of the day you have to know yourself and your own capabilities before trying to interact with others. Like two sides of a bridge, you'll eventually connect meeting each other directly in the middle. When that happens you'll realize that you were only one half the puzzle, simply waiting for that special someone willing to go the distance with you. Just do your part, try not to worry about the rest. It'll usually work itself out in time, especially within the confines of.... the Friend Zone
  • 71. Incognito featuring Mother Lisa

    We conclude our conversation with the Twitter famous personality known as @iHideFromMyKids who is a wife, mother, friend, and a master of the fine art of anonymity. She is here once mrore to show us how to be the best possible lovers, while maintaining what's left of your sanity. Like all other great quests in life, it really starts from within. After all, you can never accomplish anything outwardly, in business, in relationships, in any physical or intellectual space, until you start to answer the big questions rattling around inside of you. Although it is usually tough to get started, in time you'll realize that you just need to give yourself a nice push. Go ahead and give yourself a jumpstart, cables provided to you by.... the Friend Zone