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Ana Andjelic on Setting Your Own Expectations

Ep. 3

One of the things we value most as Freelance Founders is, well, the freedom—not only to choose our own path, but also from the expectations of a corporate title. The most important thing we can do for ourselves as freelancers is to embrace our own vision of success and prosperity, regardless of the ideas that have been set in front of us.

Welcome to episode three of the Freelance Founders podcast. We’re talking to Ana Andjelic, brand executive, doctor of sociology, and one of Forbes’ most influential Chief Marketing Officers. She is also author of The Business of Aspiration which explores the modern aspiration economy and shifting brand narratives.

Today, Ana is talking to us about how her life in academia informs her career, the shift she’s seeing in power from corporations to individuals, and why excitement and inspiration are the most important factors for her in her work. We also discuss her book, the shifting economy that inspired the idea behind it, and why she believes that, at the end of the day, the only expectations you need to meet are your own.

Some Questions asked:

  • What made you decide to go off on your own and become a brand executive, write your book, and start consulting? (02:39)
  • Who were some of the big influential brands or dream clients of yours? (04:59)
  • What made you decide to go back and get your Master’s and your Ph.D.? (10:25)
  • What does success mean to you? And how do you measure it for yourself? (21:52)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why Ana believes our economy is now creator-focused (03:43)
  • Ana’s philosophy that there’s no point in spending time analyzing the past, especially when you were confident in your initial decisions (07:39)
  • Ana’s book, The Business of Aspiration, was conceived to capture the changes in how people spend their time and money and how that relates to an aspirational economy (12:50)
  • A bit about Ana’s role as an advisor to Dematerialised and her involvement in the NFT space (17:05)

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Aundre Larrow on Having Grace with Yourself

Ep. 9
When we start off as freelancers, it can be easy to take on an every-man-for-himself philosophy. We feel like we’re working solo and don’t need the same team-oriented spirit we might have otherwise. But as creatives, this attitude only serves to alienate our collaborators when we should be doing everything in our power to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible—both for ourselves and everyone else involved.Welcome to episode nine of the Freelance Founders podcast. We’re talking to Aundre Larrow, a Jamaican born, Florida raised, New York-based photographer known for his work with portraits.Today, Aundre is telling us how he takes his inspiration from the people around him, the disservice that carrying around a camera in our pockets does for our photography, and the effort and skill it takes to make sure his subjects are comfortable on set.Some Questions asked:Can you share a little bit more about your career and your story? (01:22)Do you feel like the relationship between you and the people you're shooting is a really important element to have when you're taking photos? (07:09)How did you find your type of photography style? (08:58)How has your upbringing influenced your career? (16:46)Could you share your top two to three tips for up and coming photographers? (23:30)In This Episode, You Will Learn:How Aundre got started in the field of shooting portraits (04:53)About Aundre’s first major shoot (08:22)The way Aundre knows when he’s got “the shot” when working on portraits (12:40)Why it’s so important to avoid transferring negative energy down to others (16:00)About Aundre’s experience as an Adobe Creative resident (20:13)Connect with Aundre:WebsiteInstagramTwitterLinkedInLet’s Connect:WebsiteLinkedinInstagram

Sam Lee on Knowing When to Say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’

Ep. 8
As freelancers, it can be easy to revel in the freedom and independence of the work style—but what happens when we start to crave that nurturing environment of a community? In order to build ourselves up, oftentimes it takes a bit of a push from others who understand exactly where we’re coming from and exactly where we want to go.Welcome to episode eight of the Freelance Founders podcast. We’re talking to Sam Lee, founder & CEO at IndeCollective. IndeCollective is a community that specializes in helping top independent workers develop the know-how and network to translate their skills into financially rewarding, personally fulfilling careers.Today, we’re discussing with Sam his mantra and how he uses it to keep himself in a spiritually abundant state, the extreme importance of setting intentions, and why the Great Resignation is all about flexibility.Some Questions asked:What was your very first freelance rate? (01:17)What, exactly, is IndeCollective? (07:57)Will you share with our listeners what the three L's of goal setting are? (17:28)What are some of your predictions and trends that you think are coming for the future of work? (22:31)In This Episode, You Will Learn:Sam’s career path and where he started when he decided to go freelance (02:50)Some of the common struggles Sam sees freelancers and founders dealing with (11:00)Sam’s belief that knowing how and when to say “yes” and “no” are equally as important in the freelance world (16:38)Sam’s advice for those just starting out networking (29:37)Connect with Sam:LinkedInIndeCollectiveLet’s Connect:WebsiteLinkedinInstagram