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Pay it Forward

In each episode, our host Kate Bassett teams up two women from the same sector but at very different stages in their career. They share their wisdom and worries, highs and lows, leadership lessons and nuggets of advice –

How to command respect - when you have a baby face

Season 1, Ep. 2
In this episode…Shona Baijal lost her father when she was in her teens. “My mother was a qualified accountant but she gave up her career to raise a family,” she says. “When she was suddenly widowed at the age of 43, she was completely lost and bewildered.” Determined to be financially independent – and help other women with long-term wealth planning – Shona joined UBS Wealth Management straight out of uni and was promoted to managing director in 2013. Now in her 40s, she doesn’t want to slow down – so what’s next?French entrepreneur Juliette Souliman also has a big role at a young age. She founded two start-ups before joining Octopus as its youngest ever investment professional and now runs her own fintech fund, CRED. And she’s still just 25. “My family all work in fashion; I’m the black sheep that went into finance,” she says. “I adore what I do but am I prioritising the right things and will I have regrets further down the line?”Our finance duo discuss how to make sure you’re taken seriously as a young woman in a room full of men, how to stay sane(ish) and how to keep evolving and developing, even when you’re at the top of your game.Top three takeaways:• Don’t apologise for who you are. Acknowledge your own strengths and play to them.• Seek discomfort: if you want “abnormal” returns, you need to make abnormal decisions.• Find the right combination of people for your “personal boardroom” – and make sure your inner circle includes men.