The Feminine Art of Radicalisation


Kill all femoids

Season 1, Ep. 4


In the penultimate episode of The Feminine Art of Radicalisation, Lo explores how women are treated within alt/far-right communities. Joined by Daniel Lombroso, Jake Hanrahan, and Dr Eviane Leidig, this episode covers the kind of abuse women in the far-right face, mostly from the men within their own communities.

About Lois Shearing:

Lo Shearing is an activist, freelance journalist and writer based in London. Their writing has been published by The Independent, The Advocate, DIVA magazine, Gay Star News, INTO, and Openly and their first book Bi the Way, is available now. They are the founder of the Bisexual Survivors Network and are the founder of the #DoBetterBiUs campaign, which aims to challenge biphobia.



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A huge thank you to my voice actors, Alex Dytrych, Saddie Clark, Sophie Connor, Tom Naylor-Clements, Polly Davies, and Dr Pip Williams.

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Taking the Pink Pill

Season 1, Ep. 3
In this episode of The Feminine Art of Radicalisation, Lo Shearing explores the how and where of women's radicalisation. Join again by Emily Gorcenski, Jake Hanrahan, Dr Eviane Leidig, and Daniel Lombroso, they deep-dive into what platforms, topics, and types of content is used to lure in women. About Lois Shearing:Lo Shearing is an activist, freelance journalist and writer based in London. Their writing has been published by The Independent, The Advocate, DIVA magazine, Gay Star News, INTO, and Openly and their first book Bi the Way, is available now. They are the founder of the Bisexual Survivors Network and are the founder of the #DoBetterBiUs campaign, which aims to challenge biphobia.Book: https://faithfullwords.wordpress.comTwitter: @loshearingKofi: Emily Gorcenski - www.emilygorcenski.comJake Hanrahan - www.jakehanrahan.comDaniel Lombroso - http://www.daniellombroso.comDr Eviane Leidig - www.evianeleidig.comQuoted sources: huge thank you to my voice actors, Alex Dytrych, Saddie Clark, Sophie Connor, Tom Naylor-Clements, Polly Davies, and Dr Pip know the %HESITATION joke that if you quit dating is kind of like finding a job you have to do it online or you get referred by friends well the same could be said about radicalization but luckily I like finding a gay hookup radicalization is a long process the company achieved through the internet hello in the process of radicalisation is often conceptualized as a spectrum which is why the animal populace at the less extreme at it gets less populated and narrower the fed but you go along this is commonly illustrated as I have a a pyramid all status with the highest level being terrorists and those who commit acts of violence he's a summation from the Barcelona center for internal offense terrorists and radicalized groups resembling I spoke only a small minority of radicals you strategic violence to attract media attention the majority of extremists and not visible and use non violent methods which more effective in achieving their stated goals below the water level there is a support base which occasionally agrees with the actions of the most committed militants and even largest silent minority with a distaste for targeting noncombatants women are less likely to fully ascend to the top of the pyramid also says all ice buckle whatever you call it but I feel more terrorism is not completely on her of the radicalized women in those upper levels but not at the very top then they propagandize encourage actors tacticians and helped to radicalise of it as we've seen in the last two episodes women's roles within the oil and far right have mainly been as figures of propaganda who had a veneer of respectability which helps to normalize and spread the hateful ideology so here's where things become interesting while most researchers agree that the internet has made the top of the radicalization funnel much wider helping groups recruit people they may not have otherwise had access to most also agree that someone cannot go through the entire radicalization process via the internet alone in passing connections we've recruited as a still needed in order to incite acts of terrorism his part of the results from a study by rand Europe into how the internet is used for radicalization firstly our research supports the suggestion that the internet main Hans opportunities to become radicalized as a result of being available to many people and enabling connection with like minded individuals from across the world twenty four seven secondly our research supports the suggestion the internet may act as an echo chamber the extremist beliefs in other words the internet may provide a greater opportunity the offline interactions to confirm existing beliefs they go on to say the evidence does not support the claim that the internet is replacing the need for individuals to meet in person during that radicalization process instead the evidence suggests that the internet is not a substitute for in person meetings but rather compliments in person communication so if women are less likely to make it to the end of the radicalization process and commit terrorism but they still pose a threat by playing a role in radicalizing those who do how would they themselves reaching that point I love sharing offered journalist and activist based in the UK in this series I'm exploring how women are radicalized into a life of far right violence and hatred this is the family know of radicalization at the start free taking a peek tell now in twenty twenty one we seem to have a pretty good grasp on the fact that young men are being groomed and radicalized into far right politics by internet forums M. Mackey semi private channels known as doc socials many comfort anti feminist roots like we discussed in the previous episodes all the way back in twenty sixteen journalist Abby Wilkinson wrote in her investigation of the menace via reading three the pasting history of individual aliases as possible to chart the progress from fake dissatisfaction and desire for social status and sexual success to full blown attainments to occur he said ideology of white supremacy and misogyny yes fascist treaties websites as recruitment grounds they find angry frustrated young men and free them in that image while women make up some of the most prominent %HESITATION and FireEye influences that journey into extremism is much less clear the most well known female far right influence %HESITATION is by far a twenty six year old Canadian woman code learn seven journalist Daniel numbers I spent four years shadowing the U. Chiba for his documentary white noise he explains how Lauren rose to prominence Lauren meet her for her first viral videos when she was eighteen or nineteen you know one was called why don't need feminism another was her calling to the steps of an anti feminist March and holding a sign sorry feminist March holding a sign saying there is no rape culture in the west and shouting at %HESITATION you know families marchers and even sexual assault survivors which is just an obviously an awful disgusting thing to do but many prominent far right man said well we have this new this firebrand woman and she's young and she's charismatic one we use her and she got elevated she got a job at rebel news which is kind of the the Canadian Breitbart Sir you too focused and all the sudden Lawrence %HESITATION career took off and it's a similar pattern with faith Goldy who is another far right woman who worked at rebel music many of these other women get elevated much more quickly than the men because they have such an import because there are so few of them and having them is so important to the narrative before being launched a far right fame Lauren grew up in a day bus and metropolitan city when she was in middle school her father became frustrated at what he perceived as being an outsider in his community because of his whiteness I move the seven family to one of the whitest cities in Canada often in the radicalization process that's what's referred to as a catalyst event some think which shocks or destabilizes the person enough to make them question that well if you will seek out answers to grievances they have level it just tomorrow or not Fullerton seven this was a teacher allegedly dividing cut class by race and telling the children of color your repressed and the white children your privileged the teacher has since denied that this ever happened you've probably heard of catalyst events under another more colloquial name started by the %HESITATION right which has become ubiquitous across the internet getting red tailed this is your last chance after this there's no turning back you take the blue pill the story ends you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want you take the red pill you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes each female far right influence that has the own red pill moment the white nationalist you Juba lawn the look tough it seems to have been hearing the Muslim call to prayer in Bethlehem as well as what she perceives as anti white sentiment within the media so often and commentator Candace Owens it was getting ducks during gamergate when she ran her own doxing site social autopsy dot com although it is still unknown who talks tough %HESITATION into self blame liberals which and has support from Milo Yiannopoulos a Mike Cernovich in twenty seventeen she said I became a conservative overnight I realize that liberals were actually the racist liberals were actually the tros social autopsy is why I am a conservative the lesbian youtuber area scar sela it was receiving backlash for her transphobic content of course no %HESITATION redpill stories as a crystallized the other right wing influences it was growing up in conservative households watching fox news and listening to Rush Limbaugh take a lower limit for example you may recognize her name as the person who has often self to put its headquarters after she was banned but only locked herself to one door so everyone just reference Laura describes a childhood in a somewhat conservative home spending a lot of time alone watching fox news will have parents cat for her mentally ill brother I just want to say as someone who also has a sibling with mental health issues it's not an excuse for becoming a white supremacist Laura anyway when someone has a red pill moment and start to seek out content online to reinforce a New World view they are met by a divest and deliberate content pipeline Emily goes can ski a day to reset to an activist who created the site fast Mitchell explains further there's there's a very strong bonds and by applying for the state there's Adam a very active network %HESITATION or loosely connected network of people generating this type of content and they're targeting it all over the place and targeting each of two women were targeting it to teen girls attacking it two children are of every gender targeting it to I'm too other folks are targeting it to %HESITATION the sort of middle class you know middle aged a demographic and what we're seeing is that this is not a there's not like a single uniform strategy right this is different for everyone and you know somebody like Brittany Pettibone Lauren southern and some these sort of you know white identitarian as they like to call themselves %HESITATION who are very active in in those movements that's going to be a different sort of messaging in a different sort of content than what we see for example with the at U. S. capitol insurrection where there were quite a number of women who were either arrested or played central roles in the organizing of what went down there and that's two very very different types of radicalization we also see lots of younger teenage and %HESITATION early twenties women engaging in some of the sort of acceleration as to content the the more violent you know Nazi content because it's the most edgy and it gets a lot of attention so there's lots of different types of messaging one of the things that I've been working on is this model of how media radicalized people into white supremacy through various sort of Adam finals are axes of hate and it appeals to different types of news you have anti semitism that appeals to certain types you have misogyny that appeals to certain types one of the things that I think is the most concerning right now is the use of transphobia to radicalize women and as a transgender woman myself this is concerning but what is I think the most concerning %HESITATION the factor in all of this is you have this messaging that is very prominent in almost every reactionary movement even when those movements are otherwise very different so you see this transphobia and for example violent neo Nazi groups you see it and I'm the sort of %HESITATION she went on conspiracy theory you know populist right wing groups you see this and %HESITATION the identitarian groups you see this and white power groups and you also see this in these sort of groups that you would otherwise think are left wing %HESITATION left wing oriented circles are the sort of trans exclusionary radical feminist movement over the turf movement %HESITATION is trafficking in a lot of transphobia and there there's a lot of interconnections between these groups and far right evangelicals I'm in this to me is disturbing the reason I bring this up is because even though these movements might are extensively seem like %HESITATION work radical feminists clearly were left wingers I'm I root for the Green Party how can you say that I'm a white supremacist how can you say that I'm a bigot I am there's a what's happened if you track this is a clear evolution that a lot of these people start out with what is just asking questions you know about trans people and whether or not our kids should be exposed to this or whatever you know it might be and it has devolved over the past few years and we're starting to see very deep in violence Islamophobia and antisemitism within these movements were seen very deep anti migrant sentiment in these movements M. and so I think that it's impossible to say that there's a single way that women are radicalized in these movements but rather that this sort of broad multi spectrum white supremacist movement has master the art of tailoring content to different types I'm to make it to to appeal to them in ways that don't make it obvious that they're sucking them into white supremacy but then once they hit the slippery slope it's it's too late what Emily has highlighted that several so called debates that have been used to manufacture culture awards within mainstream discourse by framing the idea that minorities having equal rights and liberties it's a fresh to the majority to that way of life to freedom of speech and the common sense itself the far right has legitimizes bigotry and created more puff ways to lure people into extremist views the wikipedia entry for culture was surprisingly informative and succinct interesting extract this broad understanding of cultural issues in the mid late twenty tens and twenty twenties is associated with a political strategy called owning the lives conservative media figures employing the strategy prominently Ben Shapiro emphasized and expand upon cultural issues with the goal of upsetting liberal people according to Nicole Hemmer of Columbia University this strategy is a substitute for the case of conservative ideology that existed during the Cold War it holds a conservative voting bloc together in the absence of shed policy preferences among the bloc's members and it goes on to say sociologists Scott Melissa says but culture was created by conservative reactive organizations and movements members of these movements possess a sense of victimization at the hands of a liberal culture run amok in their eyes immigrants gays women the poor and other groups are undeservedly granted special rights and privileges no the rights about the example of the national rifle association which he says intentionally created a coachable in order to unite conservative groups particularly groups of white men against a common perceived threat as we discussed in the last episode gamergate was seen as a test run for how well these culture wars could work as a strategy for the far right including by former trump adviser and Breitbart co founder Steve Bannon Dr every lighting a researcher focusing on the far right agenda and radicalisation explains how content propagating coach awards and other divisive topics is spreading among women online so I look at online recruitment radicalization and propaganda use email all right influencers what I find is that they tend to recruits both women and men in very different ways so for women it's a lot of %HESITATION discussions of narrative surrounding sisterhood and stay at tributes Argus falsehoods that makes women competitive and caddy and that's becoming a woman and the old right to the far right Smith offers them the space fights with other like minded women who aren't %HESITATION competitive against each other and so forth %HESITATION what I found is that they're also trying to recruit different types of women so on the one hand they describe how they're reaching out to a woman in her early thirties who's sort of a quote on coach recovering feminist and sort of looking towards more traditional gender roles arm and on the other hand they also tend to yield to a woman who they might attribute to be like Catholic or traditional %HESITATION who sort of already %HESITATION visions a life for himself according to these theories type of nuclear family units she also explains how the content needs influences produce most aimed at women is effective at radicalizing met and I did it first initially think about how they were clearly meant that I actually found the research that they recruit what they tend to have more male viewers and female viewers which I found interesting %HESITATION so for me it's a lot about %HESITATION how society supposedly %HESITATION emasculated men and that that may need to take on this issue of biological natural corn quotes %HESITATION masculinity and sort of a certain songs in these %HESITATION traditional masculine and feminine gender roles when it comes to spaces like YouTube and Twitter %HESITATION they tend to have more male viewers in the U. S. influencers have admitted it themselves so I went in for instance was saying that she was looking at her viewer analytics the other day and that's like eighty five percent of your viewers are male %HESITATION so I think it's very interesting to see like how you know they're they're sort of attracting a male audience %HESITATION and even created like you two logs %HESITATION deals for the male viewers so for example one of these influencers I was looking at %HESITATION solicited topics on her Twitter page and she's not a banned from Twitter she solicited topics about what she should make for her next one and she had so many requests from men asking how do you why %HESITATION it's a radicalized my my girlfriends my sister my mother %HESITATION my wife exciter so she actually need a blog for her male viewers about how to do that %HESITATION when it comes to Instagram which is the other pop online look at its predominantly I assess a lease that is dominantly female %HESITATION viewers a look at their content that's because like their conscience on Instagram isn't necessarily about things like politics but it's more about she didn't document team there like everyday life and and I should also note that %HESITATION they can also shift over time as well so some of these influencers tend to discuss you know politics quite heavily and then once they become mothers just sort of like the primary duty for women in the far right to become mothers and wives must become mothers love their constant lawsuits have changed to reflect that as well what's most discussions around radicalisation of young people online tend to focus on platforms such as eight coon for chance sub reddit discord twitch and gaming lobbies female influences seem to use more visual platforms like YouTube and Instagram in order to double up the hatred in more feminine aesthetics I would say that %HESITATION you know the type of platform ready choose resent this content is also pretty important as well so you brought up someone like Mrs Midwest you %HESITATION I've read about the book and you know if you look at the content that she's written on like the rental wives right right a woman sub reddit it is very different than the Titan continent she puts on her YouTube channel which is things like how to speak them and me just a minute set her up and she don't miss is Midwest %HESITATION house immediate results that you know she is trying to work recruits a larger following by condition you too or she can you know going to discord or telegram and find his conscience but he should have to actively go speak out for it and so I wanted to show how the recommendation algorithms on mainstream social media really like leads into this type of art content on the second reason why I decided to focus on YouTube and Instagram is because I really wanted to emphasize the visual aspects of art forms %HESITATION and the way that these women really exploits these platforms %HESITATION visually or choose to promote their propaganda really despite their propaganda %HESITATION now it comes to women being on some of these %HESITATION other alternatives like discord and telegram I do sort of see them on these platforms but I I do question to what extent they're actually able to recruit new followers and audiences on these platforms lookouts public facing some for me they do have on some of the mainstream sites the far right has always been ahead of the curve in terms of adopting new technology for spreading that bile Nazis were uploading entire manuscripts and databases of propaganda to dial up bulletin systems the precursors to the modern world wide web as early as nineteen eighty free a white supremacist named George Deitz was uploading Holocaust denial literature to DBS spreading it to countries where where it had previously been banned such as Germany this trend of early adoption has continued throughout the rise of social media from Ellie forums to the current most popular network tick tock put a finger down if you're an anti feminist and a fundamentalist who believes that traditional American values should be brought back into the household because your husband is the sole provider of your home the micro video platform is one of the fastest growing platforms with five hundred million active users per month having only launched in twenty seventeen tick tock has exploded in popularity and has already become a breeding ground for far right content Kevin Hickey wrote for wired several key features distinguish tick tock from almost every other social platform on Twitter Instagram Facebook and what's app uses make active decisions about who to friend who to follow on what groups to join which define and limit content's reach tick tock is different the for you page is a personalized feed videos from users you follow but it also includes videos from accounts that you've never heard of the have characteristics the algorithm thanks so much for you your taste the effect is similar to YouTube's much maligned recommendation algorithm which notoriously leaves uses to more and more extreme content of course I need cheap you can de activate autoplay nor recommendations and use the service just like Netflix to be specific videos he came to watch which tech took the recommendation system is the interface from the minute you enter the platform you're riding through the one home the serendipity of the next video is what makes take took special but unchecked it may also serve to radicalize audiences more effectively than YouTube ever it's also a visual medium which asked up to lead eight points out is a popular and effective tool for women on the far right in the same article Cameron explains why this method is so potent what makes it tick took video more potent than a hyperpartisan meme shared on Facebook or retweeted hash tag mac a slogan it's the intimacy when you make a video on the platform you're staring at a mirror image of yourself you're having a personal conversation just like face timing a friend these visual mediums give far right female influence as even more power to spread that message as studies have shown that conventionally attractive Finn says and white content created as a less likely to have that content struck down for community guidelines violations and I'm more likely to rise up the recommendation Ladda this is because of the way human bias sees have seeped into the algorithms that silently dictate esto show media experiences Salma el watery explains for finery twenty nine the truth is the Instagram like a society is biased against anybody who doesn't look like Emily Ratajkowski or Nick Bateman if you step outside that mold a subtle QoS of defensive is launched by Instagram's technology which involves shot a burning flag two counts and breaching community guidelines so undeniably pretty on the outside at least white women like Mrs Midwest classically Abby and go to find a less likely to have that content stripped down no matter what kind of dog whistles a using the captions the creators of color calling out discrimination or even just trying to post a selfie by the way on Instagram Mrs Midwest classically Abby and go to find have a combined following of one hundred and thirty seven thousand the use of these visual mediums by far right female influences also increases their appeal to men because they as women being seen and not heard after all it's much easier to project your trap Y. fantasies onto an Instagram picture of a slender woman doing laundry or pretty girl in America hat lip sinking someone else's audio so social media is an haunting tactic but the thought and felt right has been using for decades employing women as a respectable smiling faces of the movement hello in a wide audience Daniel Lombroso explains all of these individuals are creating an on ramp to radicalization and making it infinitely exponentially easier for a young person at home to become radicalized %HESITATION it also merely happens that many of the women are the most effective propaganda so of the three people in my film Richard Spencer Lawrence up Mike Cernovich and Lauren southern Lauren is by far the most skilled propagandists she's able to walk the line between dog whistle white nationalism and you know the real stuff she's able to deny it while also pushing it %HESITATION in a weird way the the you know the women who really built viral followings are kind of untouchable in a way that is the Dennis Spencer instance Richard Spencer is so laughably ridiculous he stole performance no one in the movement like Sam but in a way the women almost have a god like status even though Lauren as my as my article shows very clearly is filled with hypocrisy she's filled with confusion she almost expresses regret in and takes it back and now she's worse than ever she's now pushing coal but she's now pushing anti masking %HESITATION she's pushing narratives about black on black crime and and you know all sorts of old school racism %HESITATION you know even still like she has a keen eyed idealist position in that movement you can raise Lauren carries hundreds of thousands of dollars for any project she wants to do %HESITATION I watched her make two films over the course of my film one was a %HESITATION wasn't a movie in Russia that was basically like a pro Putin stupid silly thing and Lauren chucked out the window because you know she's an entitled girl who didn't didn't matter to her that she was throwing away all this crowd funding %HESITATION and the second one was a racist propaganda from about the migrant crisis called borderless and that's in the film both during the film but you see borderless eventually screens of the European Parliament which is really really troubling and Lauren is basically treated like a head of state and she goes there people love who they want pictures with her they wanna be tagged in her social media %HESITATION she has immense Cole and even after my phone came out in the end the article came out which is so damning she was still able to raise money for her third film once I think eight of these inferences unacceptable platforms like Instagram and YouTube women can then make their ways into what are known as doc socials these are channels that aren't publicly visible such as telegram channels what subgroups or secure service his family again one path is through the sort of %HESITATION radicalization %HESITATION ladder so to speak %HESITATION where they will start off in fairly %HESITATION accessible I want to save the nine but less extreme online spaces that try to be a little bit edgy and then from there it's really easy to follow the trails to be eight eight chance R. A. Kerns %HESITATION too in a sites like Stormfront to more radical right wing content where they can really hone their their skills we do see that women in online spaces do know how to wield influence over men M. we see this in %HESITATION in gaming spaces we see this in forums going back to the early days of the internet that's not to say that they are respected and it's not to say that they are we see it but there are some women who have learned how to %HESITATION how to navigate the social dynamics of the spaces in the next empanada episode of the feminine out of radicalization will explore what it's like for women once they've reached the inner circles of far right extremist groups this was a long one so thank you so much for listening and putting up with my voice if you want even more of my content you can find and cancel me on twitter at @loshearing. See you next time.

Forward to the Past

Season 1, Ep. 2
There's a strong precedent of women in far right communities, but what roles do they play in them? In this episode, Lo is join by Emily Gorcenski, Jake Hanrahan,Daniel Lombroso, Jane Fae, and Dr Eviane Leidig to discuss the gender ideology of right wing extremism, from tradwifes to neo-nazi mysticism. About Lois Shearing:Lo Shearing is an activist, freelance journalist and writer based in London.Their writing has been published by The Independent, The Advocate, DIVA magazine, Gay Star News, INTO, and Openly and their first book Bi the Way, is available now. They are the founder of the Bisexual Survivors Network and are the founder of the #DoBetterBiUs campaign, which aims to challenge biphobia.Book: https://faithfullwords.wordpress.comTwitter: @loshearingKofi: Emily Gorcenski - www.emilygorcenski.comJake Hanrahan - www.jakehanrahan.comDaniel Lombroso - http://www.daniellombroso.comDr Eviane Leidig - www.evianeleidig.comJane Fae -^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^authorQuoted sources: huge thank you to my voice actors, Alex Dytrych, Saddie Clark, Sophie Connor, Tom Naylor-Clements, Polly Davies, and Dr Pip Williams.Transcript: it started with concerns about ethics in gaming journalism %HESITATION well accurately it didn't gamergate as it came to be known was started by Erin Joni when he posted a blog falsely accusing his ex girlfriend so we Quinn of sleeping with a journalist in exchange for positive reviews of her in the game it snowballed into months of targeted harassment against several prominent women involved in gaming at its core gamergate was a right wing reactionary backlash against feminism is growing influence on gaming culture it was in this fertile soil the sum of the seeds of what would become the old right sprouted many of the figureheads and tactics used in gamergate became key components of the movement also mixed into the shit he put the %HESITATION right grew out of was of course the menace fear as we discussed in the last episode the man is fair has played a key role in the radicalization of many young men into the open spot right in twenty nineteen U. K. anti extremism charity hope not hate included the mantis Faye and estate of hate report here's a quote from that report one influence on the contemporary far right understanding of gender politics is the manifestation of this collection of websites forums blogs and vlogs concerned with men's issues and masculinity oriented around opposition to feminism and within pots embrace of extreme misogyny the prevailing interpretation within the menace that is the feminism is about promoting the Sandry contempt of purchase of men rather than gender equality and later on in that report they say the ministry is core ideas have snowballed into an ideology that has taken on a life of its own outside of its online each in part because the rejection of feminism a broader conspiratorial outlook continue to find resonance with the wide at contemporary far right ironically a big seller in in the pipeline from the menace fit to the all right what's the website and community known as P. U. a hate dot com that's pick up artistry hate dot com well this might sound like a group of sensible people rallying against creeps who've game ified human intimacy and deeply walked the way that many young men view women it was actually a group of guys frustrated with pick up artistry because it didn't work for them and somehow that's women spoke you may recognize the name P. U. a hate dot com from being name checked in the manifesto of the Santa Barbara Modra and the Raja Nicky Woolf wrote in twenty fourteen I need some of these forums and subreddits was P. way hate dot com which one user described as one of the few truly Redhill communities founded to such rise and discredit pickup artists it became a place by sexually frustrated men could go to vent and show students scientific theories about within so unlike traditional far right movements which it deeply misogynistic often more driven by white supremacy and hatred of ethnic minorities reactionary misogyny anti feminism is baked into the foundations of the old right don't get me wrong all right is a white supremacist movement but whereas no such me could be seen as more of a by product of the far right ideologies it's a core component of the %HESITATION right yet women play crucial roles within these communities often in ways that seem to contradict what they themselves as saying I'm also sharing I'm an old five journalist and activist based in the UK in this series I'll be exploring how women a radicalized intellectual far right hatred and violence this is a family of radicalization episode two went to the pub all right has always been a male supremacist movement which views women as subservient however what exactly that subservience looks like defense lightly between the different groups %HESITATION within the alt right it's more of a kind of %HESITATION these pathetic loser this is so it's so cringe but you know these kind of tried to you know traditional %HESITATION ideology where they they basically want to live in a kind of world where women stay at home and they cook and they have only one sexual partner and you know it's it's that kind of I was like living in the forties or something and it would be like to weeds on Twitter that kind of say they want to live like that was really be an absolute like sexual deviants on pornhub was quiet when it so you get that side of it with them they will accept women within the all right if they kind of fit into that gap like if they do you know if they kind of fit within the metal prime as well they want to be like but I'm generally aware the more extreme like neo Nazis knowledge optimal from the seeds the conical cultists Satan is no Nazism that is different that's more like all women I just objects and we will treat them as such and if they wanna be treated any other way than that useless and they should be killed or whatever you know what I mean it's very doc that was J. Kammer hand a journalist who spent several years undercover investigating neo Nazi and far right groups the view that we need to return to a world where women and just how many kids and baby make is is known as a trad wife movement and is surprisingly popular with both men and women just a note I'm going to be talking mostly about men and women in this series because those are the only genders that these groups recognize the far right's world view doesn't have much room for non binary and gender non conforming individuals I will be talking about transphobia a little later back to trap wives in article red pill factories just custom sums up the truck wife movement as such like the other groups that make up the misogynistic online community known as the man is fair tried wives believe the heterosexual world to be a market place where women of the sellers and man the buyers of sex a woman's sexual market value will SNV is a measure of her appeal to men only appearances matter a sense of humor and education or exotic interests are irrelevant the tribe wife movement isn't strictly out right it doesn't necessarily have a political position of the advocating for a return to traditional gender roles I love the track wife movement overlaps with the fundamental Christine right which is probably what go to find Celinda in general that's a lot of overlap between these groups of in the five right but many of them having similar ideologies and visions but different plans of how to achieve them the Christian right movement was started by Jerry Falwell senior who mobilized white Christians to oppose desegregating schools since then it has fought against pretty much any kind of progress in regards to human rights by claiming that they infringe on religious liberties office Sarah Posner explains today trump space echoes similar claims the prosecution came in the LGBTQ plus rights for example infringe on Christians religious freedom all the state governors restrictions on large gatherings during the cave in nineteen pandemic infringe on the fast and the rights of churches throughout his candidacy and presidency white evangelicals a step behind trump because many of them say his teammates privileges freedom president in history so while the tried wife movement stretches across the spectrum of the political right the %HESITATION right view of womanhood it's pretty much built on its ideas women are objectified not only as sexual objects like Jake mentioned but as pellets of western civilization that not only need to be protected by men but also a reward for the man the fighting to uphold west in society his doctor even leading a researcher focusing on gender on the far right and who has an upcoming book exploring female far right influences I think the message to these men as fast you know if you join our movement of five other women like us so it's sort of like this attention may try to offer %HESITATION and in many ways you know these women are seeking to delegitimize a generalized %HESITATION far right narratives and ideologies which are harmful %HESITATION because you know they're not too boisterous and they're not like sort of aggressive and violent out there as you might think about sort of male organizations like the cowboys for example this idealized version of womanhood is a common theme amongst memes and images shad all right platforms images often include drawings or photos of smiling white families in typical nineteen fifties attire attending church %HESITATION doing other traditional activities like having barbecues all looking for corn fields together these images sometimes have a glitch filter over them and the Everest with phrases like this is what they took from you all forward to the past it's also what we see in the region a well Jack name you know that crudely drawn blonde couple of the man who strong Jordan he's concerned looking wife in a floral dress Daniel Ambrose %HESITATION the journalist behind the document you white noise which focuses on free call figures from the old right including factually pin up girl learn seven explains the goal of having a woman in the movement is to show an avatar of traditional femininity so you can say you know we have strong men we have warriors but we also have these perfect women who fulfilled the ari an ideal of course announcing only Anderson western or whatever euphemism they choose to use but everything from the iconography you know like the blond hair in the build down to the words they're using about baby making and whatever really harkens back to like traditional the role of women in traditional fascist movements in the twentieth century where women really saw the role as a being in the home but if they were public the public role of a woman must chat with to talk about domesticity in the role of domesticity %HESITATION in the written piece I did online southern I talked about how she's in a way sort of like a modern Phyllis Schlafly who is a conservative activist in the eighties seventies and eighties very pro Reagan very crucial question but also played on race issues as well and Lauren and and Phyllis Schlafly embody this very similar contradiction which is you know Phyllis Schlafly believe that women that feminism was horrible and women shouldn't be working in women should be in the home and yet Phyllis Schlafly was spent her entire life on the road giving speeches he was the most ambitious career woman of her of her for age and you know she was first off we always struggled with reckoning that contradiction that was inside of her and and Lauren in two years I spent with her also could never really figure out how this fit knowing very publicly says you should be having kids you should be married at twenty two %HESITATION you know we should be at home and yet she's out in the world making racist propaganda films and she's on the road Mr crested view and Genda relies on essentialism to explain the inalienable differences between men and women often this is biological essentialism and an example can be seen in a blog post by right wing philosopher and coma patient Jordan Peterson called magenta scandal he writes where are the largest differences men are less agreeable more competitive harsher tough minded skeptical I'm sympathetic critically minded independent and stubborn this is in keeping with their proclivity also documented cross culturally to manifest higher rates of violence and anti social or criminal behaviour such that incarceration rates of men versus women approximately fifteen to one women are higher in negative emotion or neuroticism experience more anxiety emotional pain frustration grief self conscious step and disappointment something in keeping with their proclivity to experience depression at twice the rate of men these differences appear to emerge appeared wraps it's a consequence of women smaller size and the danger that posed a conflict perhaps it's a consequence of their sexual vulnerability perhaps and this is the explanation I favor it's because women have taken primary care of infants who are exceptionally vulnerable I must therefore suffer from hyper vigilance to correct the factions of the far right gender differences a down to mystic essentialism that means that the differences between men and women and I rose in society I'm not down to social conditioning or even biology the intelligent design of I make is for the Christian right this is of course caught but another strong through line in far right propaganda and ideology is the Nordic pagan ideals of the mother and the hunter Nordic mysticism is very popular in the all right you may remember that the Q. anon chairman who turned up at the January sixth insurrection wearing horns and Sarah Jane fae activist and journalist explains further right you see a I did some of her strongest state desired returned all schools will start war world fifties some traditional values this sort of mysticism mystic essential core that's where the male version is %HESITATION minus hunter %HESITATION Bahria well didn't help zone which I think the house he said and women side but you you're actually sometimes there was never a niche market helps you referenced a sacred menstrual blood yeah so what is gender rose trapped wives and the %HESITATION right also see women's attractiveness as determined by buff these groups see women's main worth as SO called sexual market place value which is mostly determined by a woman's looks although see although these can be slightly in Hans by being Finn and feminine it's mostly dictated by that genetic makeup however a woman's S. M. V. can be depleted by doing things like cutting out Heschel getting tattoos and piercings being competitive having a high powered career getting old and of course sleeping around I personally take several of those boxes I'll leave it to you guys to work out which ones in her book going dark the secret lives of extremists Julie Epona shares her experiences in the sub reddit reddit paled women's like P. and G. T. O. W. men's rights activists these women perceive gender roles as the result of sexual economics the heterosexual community they play should be seen as a market place where women SLS unmanned buyers of sex a woman single most important resource is that for according to them S. M. V. this radically simplistic view of gender relations is used to legitimize the objectifies ation of women to make it acceptable even necessary to rate trade and replace women like market goods women's highest value to men is huh sexual values and she's most valuable when she's in her sexually pristine state this kind of essentialism is also how the %HESITATION and far right views other aspects of identity particularly race by making these characteristics immutable they can then use them to create hierarchies his chain again M. I. C. superior about rice has to be in the area cases where it counts runs what I see this is main street what is going on with the all right is a must reject sure all units seventy when it comes to rights a rejection of the idea of rights inalienable what about you the sanity says everybody has rights so what seems to me very yeah is that once you start going down the sensuous few centrist views on a jeep a woman is exactly like this she almost defined by all G. is very similar to a racialised racist view of the world it's saying that people this because they all it starts hierarchies the stock was very easy to say people American horror what's women's role as the wife and mother to be protected is also often weaponized to enforce these hierarchies for example an incredibly common far right talking point in Europe is that refugees from Muslim countries like Syria pose a danger to women the commission for countering extremism said some groups deliberately distort the truth to persuade the audience to adopt discriminatory and hateful attitudes and warned that the tactic was drawing in white communities he would not normally support the five right journalist Eleanor penny notes those who claimed the mantle of defender of women tend to talk about women and girls in the same way they talk about land and territory this is not new and it's not a coincidence this faux concern rooted in a toxic mix of misogyny and ethno nationalism gives us a peek into the warped far right world picture which considers women and girls to be exactly that land %HESITATION tree property to be defended by force in other words sexual violence against women and girls is not considered bad because it's horrifying violent act a system of global domination it's bad only because it's an infringement of white men's property rights this strategy is very effective especially given how mainstream anti Muslim views off journalist Lizzie Dearden explains those who publicly limit that racism to Muslims the nine the suppose suppression of the rights and freedoms and came to represent the oppressed people this is a corrupt elite echoed the views of much larger sections of the British public and also found success in attracting large numbers than any time since the nineteen thirties of course these men's desire to quote unquote protect white women from immigrants and outsiders it's also deeply rooted in protecting racial purity as well as viewing men of color as dangerous and sexually aggressive the %HESITATION and fall right view women as promiscuous and unfaithful throwing themselves at the nearest alpha male despite the very real and violent hatred for women the far right also knows that it needs six white women to continue the white race Alexandra Minna stern writes for Cylon one response to looming white extinction anxiety is to produce white babies many more white babies principally of northern and western European ancestry unlike immigration or refugee bans forced deportations or the reintroduction of racial segregation which require heavy handed policies white nationalism Colm Gorey three procreative means tested by pro naturalist programs as one contributor to counter currents proposes having three or five oh eight white children is probably the most pro white thing a passing can date on the most resistant to any charge of racism so the role of women in the far right is something of a contradiction women are expected to only be wives and mothers yet the movement needs visible women at a veneer of respectability women a sexualized and objectified and slut shamed it resented for their attractiveness and lack of availability to men just because the movement tolerate some women in positions of authority doesn't mean they actually have any power Emily this can ski a day to researcher and activist who created the site first vigil explains further I think most of the far right groups are a bunch of rampaging misogynists and they do not respect women %HESITATION that's not to say that they don't respect some women or that they don't let someone into their inner circles and like everything else %HESITATION it is we have to understand the identity based forms of oppression are not rooted in discrimination they're rooted in subordination rooted in power dynamics and it's possible for this for example a Jewish person or a black person to join what is otherwise considered the white power movement I'm because fundamentally if they're willing to act in the service of white supremacy does want to promises groups are often more than willing to accept them %HESITATION for that sort of %HESITATION that form of of %HESITATION that former subordination right they they even just allowing them into that circle is an act of dominance over that person the same is true with with sex and gender I'm women can sometimes enter these movements and it's viewed as they're being let into the movements right the men still have the power and the women are being let in these movements will then turn it around and say look we're not sex is we have a woman you know we're not white supremacists we have a black man you know we're not a white power group were led by Hispanic dude and this is this is true for women as well that's sad when we look at the chat logs me at goes through these these sort of leaks %HESITATION we do see that there are a number of people who are just violently misogynist and are they outright curse women they disrespect them they say horrible things column slurs %HESITATION and that's extremely common in the next episode of the feminine out of radicalization we'll be looking at the house of how women a radicalized into five right exploring the types of metrics and platforms used to love women in thanks so much for listening I'm I'm sharing and you can cancel me on Twitter at at low shearing

Girl-fascism Defined

Season 1, Ep. 1
The radicalisation of young men online is old news in 2021, yet we still seem surprised that women are also falling into these content pipelines and joining extremist groups. Why? Women have been a part of radical and populist politics for decades, from the KKK to the Nazis. This episode explores the history of women on the far right and why it is often overlooked in mainstream conversations. About Lois Shearing:Lo Shearing is an activist, freelance journalist and writer based in London.Their writing has been published by The Independent, The Advocate, DIVA magazine, Gay Star News, INTO, and Openly and their first book Bi the Way, is available now. They are the founder of the Bisexual Survivors Network and are the founder of the #DoBetterBiUs campaign, which aims to challenge biphobia.Book: https://faithfullwords.wordpress.comTwitter: @loshearingKofi: Jake Hanrahan - www.jakehanrahan.comDaniel Lombroso - Julie Gottlieb - sources: huge thank you to my voice actors, Alex Dytrych, Saddie Clark, Sophie Connor, Tom Naylor-Clements, Polly Davies, and Dr Pip Williams. Transcript: the video starts in the way most makeup tutorial to do two blonde conventionally attractive young women to sit speaking to a camera the background which in soft focus is blind of inspirational quotes and framed isn't until the two women start talking the video divergence from the norm in today's blog I am practical how to wear make up in a god honoring way thinking back to when we first started wearing make up and just experiencing with make up we get like a little the accommodations washing our old videos yeah that video like most people I faster it when it went viral back in twenty eighteen and I thought it was pretty funny for those of us who didn't grow up in evangelical households we always pretty shocked and amused by these little glimpses behind the curtain the video was ridiculed in parity to within an inch of its life and it's still a cool to touch point today even in twenty twenty drag queen Trixie Mattel made this video reacting to it video twelfth what proof mascaras for where to house if I get that start I use the stuff it's gonna be hard to see but if I'm not it's a laptop concealer because Max like cover up his media coverage natural finish concealer is it's not like most people who just watched it means that a move done I ended up falling down a bit of a rabbit hole of the sisters friend go to find I like sharing offset journalist activist based in the UK in this series I'll be exploring how young women a radicalized into a life of far right violence and hatred this is the family of radicalization one girl fascism to find the first one to go to find YouTube channel could be any of the of the hundreds of thousands of lifestyle blogs at alpha topics covered include fashion dating marriage and social media but when you look closer you start noticing something a little bit odd behind the fairy lights and quirky thumbnails like this Montevideo we dug into genesis and genesis wanted to what we saw from the very beginning of time that god had a blank slate he chose to create whatever you want if you meet a man a woman he designed them to be fully sexual like you made it this way I work at TI designer sexuality than minimum and put them in a permanent relationship so I think when women they set my alarm bells ringing I started digging a little deeper into my blog which is also cool go to find an over that's where things really took a test for example in a book published in twenty nineteen entitled same sex attraction and the Christine go the girls right sister regardless of your daily temptation and struggle with same sex attraction your temptations are not beyond the reach of god's power in him there is true hope freedom and new life sadly that the society that we live in will not point me to this awesome Medina okay see the voice he just had that wasn't actually go to find that my roommate Alex I've been listed the help of some of my friends to voice the written sources that I'm going to be using for out this podcast series listen out for when I say so and so right also insider explains because you'll be hearing a voice actor back to the blog though it continues in the usual patronizing the homophobic way that a lot of us have come across but my taking only uncovered more trash from that when I first started exploring that plug straight after the video went viral I found a lot of instances of transphobia and Islamophobia just right there on the pages but since looking back may seem to have been deleted I'm guessing because of the backlash they experienced from that video going viral unfortunately for them I'm pretty good with the way back machine is what Kristin had to say in twenty sixteen if a man wants to change his gender to be female that's accepted right but what if he wants to have surgery to take on the form of a gorilla well maybe a dog what he what if a person despises being male or female and invents a new gender would that be okay what if a sixty year old woman decides that she is actually a ten year old little boy in her personal reality can she be true to herself would surgery POK why wouldn't it be yes you guys remember that famous age reversing surgery that trans people made SO had right obviously that's pretty gross but it wasn't what shocked me when I first started exploring the blog after all we all kind of know that evangelical fundamentalists up pretty quick phobic but it didn't take very much digging for me to come across the kind of hate the company's backward over a live nice lighting and a sympathetic smile in an article published in twenty sixteen entitled how to show love towards prostitutes homosexuals and Muslims Bethany writes all be totally honest with you in the past and still at times I've struggled to view lost people with compassion and love when I hear the words homosexual prostitute or even the word Muslim I cringe inside in my sinful pride I wonder how those people could choose that lifestyle or religion I think to myself don't they know how wrong that is turn the understand how I'm feeling that is the experience of starting a ludicrous viral post and quickly falling down a rabbit hole of bigotry and hate felt oddly familiar in fact the exact same thing happened to me just a few years earlier let's take a journey even further back in time in my teens and early twenties I struggle with something that could fall under the umbrella known as digital self harm I would seek out content and websites that I knew were going to cause me psychological distress as a way of kind of torturing myself for me this obviously involved a lot of homophobic and bi phobic content but the website said drew me in the most with the loose constellation of sites that make up the menace via the modest fare is made up of websites blogs and forums %HESITATION belonging to quote unquote men's rights activists including pick up hottest men going their own way and of course in cells if that constellation of idiots doesn't make it obvious the main expo of the mantis Faye is anti feminism and misogyny I found my way on some medicine after stumbling across an article called five reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder which has gone viral in a similarly ironic way to go to find god honoring makeup video most people even dunking on at all pointing out how fucked up is but in doing so many others including myself will lead back to the original site return of kings the site that became my drug of choice for when I wanted to you know psychologically torture myself I visited the site pretty regularly for a couple of years between twenty fourteen and twenty sixteen and in that time I watched it slowly in both from articles about the problems of modern women and how to date game goes to white feminists were responsible for the downfall of western civilization and why middle eastern refugees and the reason that white men to date can't find a good wife I watched in slow motion as young men who were looking for ways to get a girlfriend in a very misguided place was spoon fed a diet of bigotry which slowly developed into more all right and neo Nazi ideology for example in twenty eighteen they posted a blog coat how to overthrow the new master race Weston women which ended like this when the Islamist or my group uprising goes into full tilt in the west refused to fight it and just let it be hostile outside forces of the means to re masculine Ising the west use these enemies of your enemy to do your dirty work for you because when it is all said and done western men will rise to the top of any male dominated society yes that's extremely mosques off white supremacy by time these ideas had gone from some kooky cold over the internet but no one really took seriously to mainstream talking points buoyed up by the coverage of the twenty sixteen election I was already pretty well acquainted with all the major players from the menace fish such as Milo Yiannopoulos Jordan Peterson Paul E. lamb and even Steve Bannon I'd watched as a load in sad lonely boys and spect out angry violent young men but none of that is news right now in twenty twenty one it's pretty mainstream knowledge that the internet is one of most effective tools in the far right armory over the last year as a what's not season tiki torches much for Portland attacked black churches and even as I faced off against Tommy Robinson's supporters in the streets of London I kept noticing a demographic but surely hadn't got messed up in the misogynistic cesspit of the menace fit and I couldn't help but think back to that go to find videos and is bigotry don't often fairy lights and tips on hosting the best in the party in twenty sixteen forty seven percent of white women voted for Donald Trump compact to forty five percent who voted for Hillary time magazine writes that's still a plurality and still makes white women more trump positive than the overall electorate we supported Hillary Clinton by a forty eight to forty six percent margin as if trump's racism sexism and general incompetence wasn't obvious enough in twenty sixteen exit polls suggest that up to fifty five percent of white women voted for him in twenty twenty given how damaging his four year reign was for women why did so many of them thanks to him well if you look at previous elections it's not actually that surprising in fact white women supported previous Republican candidates including from the bush and Reagan by even bigger margins in Osco Haas with white women continue to vote Republican what's wrong with them Moira Donegan writes white women's identity places them in a curious position at the intersection of two vectors of privilege and oppression they are granted structural power by their race but excluded from it by the SX in the political system where racism and sexism both say deeply ingrained white women must choose to be loyal to either the more powerful aspect of their identity the race or to the less powerful less sex some Republican white women might lean into racism not only for racism sake but also as a means of avoiding or denying the realities of how sexist oppression makes them vulnerable but just because millions of white women are willing to vote for an authoritarian populist despite the friend he poses to the rights and liberties doesn't make them %HESITATION all right radicals what does maybe make them racist but before we dive into that we should probably clarify what the alt right actually it is show full alternative right the %HESITATION right was first coined by white supremacist Richard Spencer an article he wrote for the far right publication techies magazine into fascinate in the asco Spencer uses the term to distinguish a group of people on the right who differs from the traditional conservatives by opposing egalitarianism multiculturalism and open immigration among other things the seven Poverty Law Center that explains it as the alternative right commonly known as the outright is thus far right ideologies groups and individuals his core belief is that white identity is under attack by multicultural forces using political correctness and social justice to undermine white people and best of lies ation there are several subgroups in the oak right including the identitarian and the radical traditionalists but the overarching ideology is the same the supposed superiority of white people and the general inferiority of women anti semitism and Islamophobia also key tenants of the movement leading some people to argue that it's just neo Nazism we branded the anti defamation league explains ultrices used terms like culture a substitute for more divisive terms such as race and promote western civilization as a code word for white culture or identity they tend to avoid explicit white supremacists references like the fourteen words slogan used by neo Nazis and other hard call white supremacists while all rights his share the sentiment behind the fourteen words that more inclined to talk about preserving European American identity J. camera hand a conflict journalist who spent several years investigating atom Waffen and several other neo Nazi groups point out that it's important to differentiate between the alt right and neo Nazis he explains I've been investigating neo Nazi militant groups for like four years now longer even you know my work is because some of them put in prison people planning terrorist attacks so I don't take this lightly however I do understand that the language you use has to be very specific why because they define themselves by it right so for example like we've one of the main kind of neo Nazi guys he's got a big swastika or his chest and he's in that scene he defines himself as a Francoist which is a very you know kind of kind of knee shit far right ideology well it's it's good to understand that I know that because then we can see who is he probably lightly to associate with what kind of ideals you gonna have easy more inclined towards militancy and terrorism were you going to be a lone wolf guy you know what I'm saying it's when you understand what they're about you can start building a web we just scream not see everything that we don't like that is racist that just isn't useful it's like oh people saying trump is a Nazi I don't like trump but it's trump national socialists now of course did not national socialist you know what I mean it's just not helpful and actually the American neo Nazis absolutely despise trump because he's been extremely kind to Israel sorry I think I understand that it is really necessary so the old right in my opinion at the kind of I guess they're a faucet of the far right but that the like I like the weed right lets the so called gateway drug and then like the neo Nazis the heroin you know what I'm saying it's like the old right there oh no we're not racist we we just whatever no we just conserve Avram you know which one to bring conservativism into like the mainstream American hip again and blah blah where is the %HESITATION not seasonal linear knots is like yeah we want to kill Jews and black people and gay people and you know what I mean there is a big difference between us and set to conflate the two I just think is a bit dishonest and I think a lot of the media is done not for a long time %HESITATION just because it's easy you know what I mean and it gets out right the %HESITATION right aims to recruit and tends to be made up of young college educated men it is heavily influenced by online culture the use of memes messaging boards and I run a Cuba a key ways in which the ideology is spread well the %HESITATION right mostly exists online there have been several tentative but significant steps into the real world the most notable of which was a twenty seventeen unite the right rally in Charlottesville which resulted in the death of counter protester heather Heyer then of course there was a January sixth insurrection in Washington which resulted in the deaths of five people in twenty sixteen the institute for family studies found that about six percent of Americans agreed with the free core tenants of the oak right which they identified as a strong sense of white identity I believe in the importance of white solidarity and a sense of white victimization similarly in twenty seventeen a survey suggested that about ten percent of Americans identified with the alt right well that might not sound like much given that America has a population of about three hundred and twenty eight million that's about thirty two million people so the all right is a pretty sizeable movement and any sizeable movement is bound to have living in it no matter how openly misogynistic it is women I would say roughly one out of ten people at the average conference defeat the easiest example I can think of was the first conference I covered Richard Spencer through basically a coming out party for president trump twenty one %HESITATION and it was at that conference I caught a room full of people breaking out and it's not the salute saying hail trump it was this big viral moment at the time and you know really help people realize what the alt right was about at the conference report two hundred fifty people %HESITATION was the rough math I did at the time and I think ten to twenty were women that was Daniel number so he spent four years researching the %HESITATION right and his documentary white noise is available now I highly recommend checking it out as well as his anecdotal evidence the I. FS actually found that women were more likely to agree with the alt right free call beliefs and their male counterparts I'll put the trust in the notes down below so you can see the full demographic breakdown for yourself so there's always a presence and they like to pride themselves something that there are women this isn't purely a matter of male movement %HESITATION but I think what's really interesting is that the women air tokenize their use as a way to say Hey we have women here %HESITATION but the like the women themselves have absorbed so much anti feminism that they really did they really believe that they have a duty in this movement and it's a duty that the men spell out and even the women spell out very clearly which is that they're supposed to be baby makers same with dobby off of the books sisters in hate which expose women in the oak right also highlights its pro natively stuns explaining that this appeals to women in a way that links both anti feminism and white nationalism in an interview with Rolling Stone she explains white nationalism as a movement a big theme and propaganda is about women's intrinsic value as wives and mothers sorry for women who might be seeking a sense of meaning or degree of power they don't have this is a movement that says we value in terms of how you look and he wa and what your body enables you to death at least on its face it's a pro necklace movement that encourages women to have as many babies as possible and that can be alluring to some people but women aren't just passive baby makers and housewives in these movements that also recruitment tools as well as powerful propagandist women have been used as the smiling faces of far right movements for out of history Linda Gordon historian and all four of the second rise of the KKK points out that women were instrumental in the resurgence of the clan several took on leadership and propagandists rose despite the organization's suppose it belief in traditional gender norms in havoc Gordon tells the story of Elizabeth Tyler a widower who remarried into the clan she had an affair with the second KKK founder Edward Clark I guess she had a bit of a type together they run the organization's P. off %HESITATION and newspapers such light they were arrested in nineteen nineteen when the couple's extramarital activities were discovered Edward resigned from the cloud during the hearings by lisabeth refused in fact she even used the publicity to drum up more interest in the KKK Gordon writes Tyler was finally forced to resign by accusations almost lost me tree of investing time money but she has been a gift to the national plan the organization my twelfth grade without this driven boat corrupt applications the entrepreneurial women thought it would likely have been smaller Elizabeth Tyler is just one example of the many women who took on rose as preachers and organizes within the second incarnation of the KKK Gordon claims that one in six clans members totaling anywhere between half and three million women on this side of the pond historian Julie Gottlieb explains how women were key driving force in the rise of fascism in the U. K. Judy literally wrote the book on the subject and the second edition of feminine fascism is available now I highly recommend checking out I'll post a link in the notes below his Julie women have been there from the beginning and fascist movements in nineteen twenty three hi Mr growth Aline torn Orman while she was apparently weeding the garden came upon the idea of setting up this organization she was reflecting on the news for her dramatic news that of the Socialist Party at Hanover the labor party had sent a delegation to a Socialist Party conference on the continent in Hamburg and this after all her with horror %HESITATION and she herself came from an ultra nationalist background she served during the first World War and a number of capacities and she was that a true patriot at least that's the language she would have used and she was very much on the right and she saw in the idea of fascism a way of providing some call it a bulwark against the encroachment of of the Reds and the pinks and again that's the language of the time so she founded this organization at the British she states she was originally just the founder because there wasn't a definite incongruity between women's leadership at a fascist movement which of course fascist movements are by their very definition macho masculine oriented even male supremacist women have also played a big role in the rising tide of far right ideologies and populism across Europe in the last decade as of March twenty eighteen populist parties have secured over half the votes in four countries in the European Union according to statistica one of those parties is French anti immigration policy at national rally previously known as National Front which is led by marine le pen marine is the daughter of national rally founder John marine le pen who is coincidently a convicted racist and Holocaust denier after rising to president of the party in twenty twelve which I'm sure was not nepotism asshole ring stated that her aim was to de demonise ation and softening the party's image politico journalist Michelle Carter claims that the fact that marine is a young woman who condemns racism and publicly spoke out against her father's hate speech which she puts his faults contributed to her success in twenty seventeen she ran for president on a platform of anti immigration economic nationalism and protectionism France's withdrawal from the EU anti globalism including withdrawing from NATO anti multiculturalism and frankly unabashed Islamophobia the pain has a history of implying most Muslims are extremists and following a terrorist attack in twenty seventeen she called for the closure of quote all extremist mosques which to her means all of them despite S. have presidential campaign emphasized the pen as a softer more feminine figure she went on to win thirty four percent of the votes lower than all polls had predicted but still over a third of those cost and here in the U. K. we have Jayda Fransen a woman I find so vile I want throughout my favorite place to after she made a media appearance wearing the same one J. to cut her teeth in the far right group the English defence league before becoming deputy leader of the British fascist political group Britain first in twenty fourteen she acted as temporary leader of the group for six months and twenty sixteen after the actual leader Paul Golding was arrested for breaching a court order banning him from entering a mosque or encouraging others to do so Jana and Britain first in general a best known for this so called Christine patrols and we stayed much fruit prominently Muslim areas carrying white crosses and banners which read we are the British resistance that even Paul bear on the ground outside of mosques in following years they also videoed themselves entering mosques to hand out bibles and leaflets on so called Muslim grooming gangs in twenty seventeen then president trump retweeted free videos posted by Jayda which she claimed showed Muslims committing violence against non Muslims %HESITATION free videos have been debunked but I have a J. to know trump apologized for sharing them that's plenty Preston of women playing active roles in far right groups despite or even because of their regressive views on gender so why is anyone surprised that women are doing the same within the all right opendemocracy notes women are more active and visible in political life all over the world perhaps it's not surprising at all they also represented in these movements to the idea that women and naturally peaceful or less likely to espouse hateful or divisive views is also an unhelpful stereotypes perhaps a generally ratio of women from history has also resulted in accidentally forgetting that women have been square in the middle of some of out west most atrocious moments perhaps the general a ratio of women from history has resulted in accidentally forgetting that women have been square in the middle of some about west much atrocious moments it could also be that the benevolent sexism of women being viewed as caring and motherly by nature has shielded us especially those of us who are white from being seen as capable of acts of hatred and violence but Julie disagrees in fact she thinks of the opposite may be true and that women in far right movements have been glamorized and sexualized has the history of fascist women been erased them I think that but maybe almost the contrary I think we we have given a lot of attention %HESITATION to fascist women because it's a sexy subject %HESITATION it's a sexy topic we have these again to a seemingly incongruous elements of of women and you know fascism and when we bring them together we figure they'll be fireworks in the next episode of the feminine up radicalization will dive deeper into what the alt right and the far right actually believe about women in order to better understand the role we play in this movement thank you so much for listening you can cancel me on Twitter at @loshearing