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UK to host Eurovision 2023!

It's the news that we never thought we'd hear - Eurovision is coming back to the UK! The boys are back from their summer holidays early to bring you all the best reaction to today's news. The EBU's Communications Lead Dave Goodman tells us how we've got to this point, Bella Qvist tells us what it's like when Eurovision comes to your country, Fernand Frimpong Jr gives us an idea about the the scale of the event the BBC has on its hands, and BBC Radio Leeds journalist Pete Allison gives us his pitch for his city to host next year.

03:38 - Bella Qvist on what it's like for Eurovision to come to town

14:21 - The EBU's Dave Goodman

29:43 - Fernand Frimpong Jr. on the scale of the production

36:00 - Pete Allison on Leeds's bid to host

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