The Euro Trip | Eurovision Podcast


Rewind 2020/2021 & Presenter Malfunctions

Ep. 81

This week we rewind just a tiny amount to the cancelled contest of 2020. We look at why the decision was made, how they started to plan for 2021 and what it was really like when all those nul points votes started to come through - all with help from Exec Producer Sietse Bakker. We also analyse the new voting changes for Eurovision 2023 and our favourite Swede Tobbe Ek stops by and gives us all the gossip on Melfest 2023.

04:52 - Voting changes with Ben Robertson

17:31 - Eurovision news roundup

21:27 - Tobbe Ek on all things Melfest

32:00 - Rewind 2020/2021

52:03 - One Second Song

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