The Euro Trip | Eurovision Podcast


Jowst & Calendars

Ep. 46

A bumper episode of the podcast as the Norwegian DJ and songwriter discusses his love for Eurovision and his quest to return to the contest. There's also the inside track on two big Eurovision stories, namely, who'll be representing Greece? And what changes can we expect from Melfest 2022?

There's also a lot of talk about calendars... and the conversation returns to everyone's favourite listener, James' Grandma.

06.49" - The latest Eurovision news

12.03" - Who could be representing Greece in Turin?

20.57" - Tobbe Ek joins us to discuss changes to Melfest in 2022.

36.51" - Jowst tells us all about his experience in Kyiv, and love of Eurovision.

59.22" - Rob challenges James to the One Second Song.

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