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How Service Providers Can Engineer The Royal Treatment From Clients

Ep. 30

Do you continue to work with clients that undervalue and underpay you for your services? Being self employed comes with many obstacles, but a major one is overcoming self doubt in order to charge the rate you deserve and receive the royal treatment from clients. 

Today, we’re talking with Samar Owais, an email conversion strategist and copywriter. Samar ​​specializes in creating email journeys that turn your subscribers into recurring customers. She does this by analyzing  customer data, designing a conversion-focused email strategy, and writing email copy that speaks to your subscribers and free trial-ers but converts for you. Throughout her copywriting career, Samar has created an amazing work-life balance andlearned how to appropriately set boundaries to receive respect from clients. 

Tune in and listen to episode 30 of The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem. We talk to Samar about her experience growing her social media copywriting content, what she has learned since launching her course, two tactics that have changed her process working with clients, and more. You will even hear her answer to the ultimate copywriting question - is a 100% conversion rate possible?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What has led Samar to create her work life balance  (9:54)
  • About Samar’s copywriting journey (15:25)
  • About Samar’s experience building her Twitter account (24:26)
  • What Samar has learned since launching her course (37:14)
  • Two tactics to ensure the royal treatment from clients (48:06)
  • If Samar believes that 100% conversion rate is possible (55:36)


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